Episode 512: How Daily Affirmations and Massive Action Led One Wholesaler to Over $30K in 3 Months!

WI 512 | Massive Action


Just how important is having clarity about what you want in the wholesaling space? For today’s guest it’s everything. After all, knowing what he wanted (and writing them down) helped him close 3 deals totaling over $30k in just 3 months!

For others, Courtney Rollins’ experience has been nothing short of magical. However, for Courtney it is the result of all the work he put in and the faith he has in himself and the process.

In this episode, phenomenal wholesaler Courtney candidly shared how he turned his visions into reality, how he used affirmations to get what he’s aiming for, and how he balances everything and makes it sustainable.

If you love inspirational and almost magical real estate stories, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

How Daily Affirmations And Massive Action Led One Wholesaler To Over $30K In 3 Months! With Courtney Rollins

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