Posted on: September 10, 2020
WI 512 | Massive Action


Just how important is having clarity about what you want in the wholesaling space? For today’s guest it’s everything. After all, knowing what he wanted (and writing them down) helped him close 3 deals totaling over $30k in just 3 months!

For others, Courtney Rollins’ experience has been nothing short of magical. However, for Courtney it is the result of all the work he put in and the faith he has in himself and the process.

In this episode, phenomenal wholesaler Courtney candidly shared how he turned his visions into reality, how he used affirmations to get what he’s aiming for, and how he balances everything and makes it sustainable.

If you love inspirational and almost magical real estate stories, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

How Daily Affirmations And Massive Action Led One Wholesaler To Over $30K In 3 Months! With Courtney Rollins

Episode Transcription

Let’s get this interview kicked off in the right way. I want to start this show with two quotes. The first quote comes from a great book that I love called Self-Made in America. Little known book. It says, “Before entering into a transaction or even making a telephone call, be clear in your own mind what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Let me hit you with a real-life quote from a TTP family member from Baltimore, Maryland. He says, “It’s crazy because I wrote back in April that I would close three deals and for a total of $30,000 by June 30th. I included it in my affirmations and repeated it day and night. I closed three deals on June 30th, for a $31,500 total profit. Think and grow rich!!” It is my pleasure to introduce to the show, Mr. Courtney Rollins. How are you? Welcome. It’s exciting to have you on here.

Thank you, Brent. This is amazing. This is another one of those affirmations. I said, “I will eventually be on this show if I do the steps and follow the instructions. Hopefully, eventually, maybe.” This is awesome.

I love that you texted me that. We don’t usually talk about an exercise on this show that is part of the TTP Program. It goes into asking the question, “Why?” to yourself seven times. If you want to accomplish something, you answer that question, “Why do you want to accomplish it?” You go seven layers deep. You sent it to me. You had this vision in your mind and you knew what your goals were. You knew what you had to do to get them.

You knew that you wanted to have that financial freedom, to get that freedom of schedule, freedom for your family, for sharing and providing value, and be an unbelievable businessman and a real estate entrepreneur. You were so direct. You confirmed it and you did it. Tell me, how does somebody become like Courtney? What’s your background? How did you grow up? How did this happen?

I’m from the South. I’m from Alabama. I grew up in North Carolina. My entire life, like many people, my parents emphasized education. The classic story, a lot of folks say. I was always a little bit rebellious in school. I love learning, but I hate the monotony of education, arbitrary authority, and all that. I would always rebel, but eventually, I found my way into the classroom. When I was younger, I always thought I was going to be a preacher, a teacher or an actor.

I was exploring acting for a good part of my life, and then I would always take tutoring jobs and positions with students. I found, “Maybe education is my calling.” For the past several years, Brent, I’ve been an educator in second grade, middle school, upper school, and high school. A few years ago, I ran into my now-fiancé, who we knew each other back in middle school. She was the big cheerleader and I was the nervous one. I’m still nervous. She didn’t know anything and didn’t think about me.

We reconnected a couple of years ago. I’m doing all this equity work in my school, but now I’m trying to figure out how do I establish a life for my family that I’m hoping to provide for. I realized quickly that my job wasn’t going to be able to do it. Even though I love what I’m doing and am still currently doing, it’s not going to get me where I need to go.

Like many people, a group of friends of mine and I had started reading books together, and we came across Rich Dad Poor Dad, CASHFLOW Quadrant, and many books that kept on going back to real estate. That was like a bug and bit me back around December of 2018. I started learning in January, and I learned enough to get myself in trouble.

I started doing direct mail, and we picked up two properties from there. Instead of wholesaling them because I have no money, I’m an educator, we held onto them using other people’s money, and then I was like the dog who chased the car and caught the car. Now I’m like, “What do I do with these properties?” Flipping and managing them is completely different from that hunt, talking to people, and locking things up, which I seem to have an affinity towards.

I decided, “Let me pull back, slow down and hyper-focus.” I was following Max Maxwell and all those great guys that have free education out of there. This hyper dude came on Max Maxwell’s show talking about TTP, talked to people, and he’s full of energy. I’m like, “I can dig that guy.” I saw you on there, and that took me over to Wholesaling Inc. I’m still snatching up all the strategies from you all, but I wasn’t gaining as much traction.

I was getting properties under contract but not being able to perform on them like I wanted to. I then decided, “Let me join the tribe,” in April and that made a world of difference. The confidence, the community, the specific strategies. That’s why I’m here now. I’m still growing, learning, and have so much to learn. I’m wet behind the ears, ready to soak it up and apply it.

You got out fast. You knew you were going to get out fast. You wrote it down. You told me you were going to get out fast. You told me, “In 90 days, I’m going to be on the show. I’m going to be talking about getting deals. I’m going to be going.” You did it. None of that happens unless you take action. Anybody can get on YouTube university or university when you’re driving around in your car or whatever, listening to great things. I highly encourage that.

Until you take that step to take action, before you start crossing that bridge of you having faith that you can do this, to you taking action and making it a fact, there’s a big bridge there and there’s a big difference. Ninety-seven percent of people will never do anything. You’re part of that 3%. You did it and you’re an inspiration. How do you balance your schedule? You’re a teacher and a real estate investor. You’ve got a logo. You’ve got a polo. You’re cold calling, getting deals, and holding property. How do you manage your schedule so that you don’t go crazy and burn out? How do you make this sustainable?

Teamwork makes the dream work.

One, teamwork makes the dream work. My fiancé is an amazing person. I’m shooting out the gates. I’ll build the bridge as I go. She’s that roadblock that’s necessary to help me slow down a little bit. I was diagnosed with ADHD, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it was like, “Now I understand so much about myself.” I would tell my friends, “Did you guys know that I was diagnosed with ADHD?” “Yes, of course. Courtney. We knew that.” Regardless, once I started following the blueprint of people around me, if you have ADHD and you have systems in place, take ADHD out. If you have systems in place, you’re able to replicate and get things done at a faster rate than if you’re going without a plan. It was having a plan, systems, and to seek help.

I heard someone from your show talk about hunting and gathering. I don’t mean to diminish what’s happening with COVID and everything, but I’m at home now, so I have the opportunity to spend the first three hours in the morning cold calling. I go for lunch, drive for dollars, and get at least 50 properties. I come back, and anything that’s in my CRM that I’m supposed to follow up, I religiously follow up on that day. That’s pretty much the day.

It’s because of the numbers that you all have encouraged me to track, I’ve been able to recognize, “How many calls do I need to make a day? How many yeses and maybes do I need a day that’s going to turn into a contract, that’s going to turn into a deal?” I have a set schedule. I use those tools and don’t divert from them.

Go back to April 2020. You joined the TTP family. You got a list. You got the numbers. You’re getting ready to press go. Were you like, “I’m a teacher. I can handle anything. I can talk to anybody. I’ve been doing this forever. This isn’t a problem?” Were you nervous? How was that first hour of making calls to your distressed list? How did that go? Can you go back in time to remember what that felt like?

It was a yes to all of that. I was nervous as ever. I have an acting and performing background, so I would try to get into the zone, rehearse and practice, which was helpful. I still say this, “I’m not going to stop this person or my nerves from creating the life I need or want for my family.” Especially on follow-ups, I almost talked myself out of making follow-ups, but I’m like, “You’re putting this in your brain. Call them. Make this happen.” Often, I’ve been surprised by, “I would’ve never expected this person to have this type of conversation with me.” I just try to do it. I was nervous, but still, it was not going to stop me from building what I needed to build for my family.

Now you’re starting to build momentum. When you started, did you have that headset that you’re wearing? Was that your uniform that you put on and now you’re like, “Now it’s calling time? It’s time to get in there.” Were you just on speakerphone?

I had my speakerphone. I had a version of these. I probably bought these 3 or 4 times and they faded out. I thought I was getting some noise reduction stuff, but no. As I said, massive imperfect action. I was doing it. One thing, I didn’t realize that I should have my Mojo Dialer on a three-ring dialer as opposed to one. I was sitting there like, “This is taking a while.” Stuff like that helps accelerate it. Even now, I don’t have an office. We have plans to grow, but we’re balling on a budget and making it work and happen.

You got to keep the money. This is for you and for the family. This is for your future wife, your fiancée. This is for your guys’ life together. You want to keep the money. You don’t need to throw it away at all these things. The distressed property owners don’t care. Here’s the thing that people don’t understand. People think that you have to have a website. You have to have Yelp reviews. You have to have Google reviews. You have to have a logo, business card, and all these things when you’re getting started. You don’t.

That seller is concerned about whether or not you can solve their problem. If they’re going too deep, “Give me some testimonials from people that you’ve worked with before,” they’re not going to do business with you. They’re going to end up hiring a real estate agent and putting it on the market or they’re going to re-rent it out.

If you’re going through some of these things and you’re feeling nervous, “I don’t have proof of funds. I don’t know all of the contract languages,” stop it. Our job is to help people that are in distress get out of that situation. You do that by being likable. You do that by your certainty in your process and what you can do for them.

You do that by communicating with them effectively and helping them out. If you communicate effectively with a distressed property owner, you will get Christmas cards. You will get thank you cards. You will get a hug at closing. Even if you make $10,000, $15,000, $27,000 on a deal, they were so fortunate that you helped them out.

I know that you know all this. It’s an exciting business. It’s a life-changing business and you’re doing it. You took action. You went for it, and you’re blowing it out of the gate. It’s an inspiration for anybody. You’re a teacher. You’re not supposed to be making $30,000 in three months and then doing it part-time and doing it during one of the craziest times in our country, in our world. You’re doing it and it’s an inspiration. Let’s break down a deal. Let’s sink our teeth into a deal.

We’ll talk about a bigger one that I picked up. It comes from driving for dollars, and it was a lead that I thought I secured back in March 2020. However, you talk about confidence and certainty. One of my gifts is connecting with people. I can connect well. However, one of the issues here was I wasn’t exuding certainty with the seller. I had spoken with them. We had a great rapport. I went to the appointment and thought I was locking it up, and he went with someone else.

When I went to ask for feedback, he said, “This guy seemed like he was going to be able to pull the trigger or do it.” I was like, “I could have done it,” but I wasn’t demonstrating that enough. I kept him in my follow-ups. Two months later, goodbye. I called him and I had my TTP drippings and everything this time. I’m able to step in and say, “I wanted to see if you were able to perform on that contract.” It was open. I said, “I would love to step in.”

WI 512 | Massive Action

Massive Action: The confidence, the community, the specific strategies. That’s why we’re here now, we’re still growing, learning, and have so much to learn.


I gave him the number, and he accepted right there because we had that relationship, that rapport. I knew it was a smoking hot deal. I put it out to my buyers. I have a ton of people biting. I was able to lock it up two days later. I still held an inspection period. This woman gave me the EMD there. I don’t have a transaction manager, so I was ushering him through the closing, and the seller said that several people were calling him because I kept the address on the contract. He said, “He’s going with me. He doesn’t care who’s presenting what offer. He’s going to stick with me,” so I was happy with that.

First of all, when you were building your driving for dollars list, were you using an app or were you just writing it down and doing the research?


If you want the biggest discount, the tribe gets the biggest discount. Use TTP as a coupon code. DealMachine is a driving for dollars app. It gives you all the information. Not to do an ad here on it, but it’s great. Check it out, You put it into DealMachine. How many properties are you adding to that? Do you feel like the driving for dollars list is one of the better lists that you’re calling?

For me, it is. I put 50 a day. I know some people put way more but up to 50 a day, Monday through Saturday, and I’m able to convert those. They give about 21 to 22 yeses or maybes a week, which for me is working and translating into contracts and all. I pulled from PropStream once. I had a good go with that. I have to go back and look at the numbers, but everything is coming from driving for dollars. We’ve closed 4, we have 8 in escrow with EMD’s, and about 10 contracts that we’re marketing.

Eighty percent of people’s first deals come from driving for dollars. The first 50 deals that I did were driving for dollars. It is powerful. For anybody reading this for the first time, building up your driving for dollars list is a must because it is instantly showing you that this property is in physical condition distress. These are the opportunities that we’re looking for. Typically, the worst they are, the more spread there is because the seller wants to get rid of it, and a buyer wants to buy it and completely renovate it. That’s how flippers get their big spreads. The uglier it is, the better.

Definitely go after and start building your driving for dollars list now, so then you can start going after those properties. You have your driving for dollars list. You skip trace it, put it in your dialer, and you’re pressing go. You call them up. Was this something else? Did you get ahold of this person back in March 2020? Was it a cold call?


The deal fell out.

I was there. It was in my CRM to keep following up. Following it up is key. It’s crucial. Everything comes from follow-up for me.

Most people would have been like, “No, I’m not messing with that deal. He’s got an offer. It’s probably somebody that’s experienced and way better than I am. I’m just getting going.” That doesn’t enter your mind. You’re like, “I love lead follow-up. I’m going to call them until they tell me not to.”

It does enter my mind, but I don’t let it stop me. I’m like, “I hear you. I see you there. There’s another part of me that wants it even more. I’m going to go get it.”

What’d you lock it up for and what’d you sell it for?

I locked it up for $51,000 and sold it for $78,000.

Did you assign it?

Be careful what you ask for because the mind is a powerful thing. If you put the time and energy into it, it will happen.


How many cash buyers are you working with?

That’s another interesting story. My cash buyers list is anemic, but what I’ve been able to do, not for this deal, is connect with a big player in town. Shout out to Ultra Investment Group. They are awesome. They’re a disposition team. I’m able to focus on marketing and acquisitions. I put a lot of my deals and leads over there, many of the ones that are in escrow. UIG, you guys are awesome over there.

This particular one came from my follow-ups, my leads, my buyers. I used my Mailchimp and sent out about 350 lists of buyers that I’ve acquired, but I don’t have strong relationships with all of them. One of the gentlemen was able to pick it up. The funny story is that he happens to be someone that I’ve become friends with through real estate investing. He asked me as the buyer, “How much are you making on this deal?” Something in my spidey sense was like, “Maybe I shouldn’t say this.”

We’ve become friends, so I told him. “Great.” He wasn’t as happy as I thought he would be, as I’ve heard some stories told. After a while, he kept looking at the numbers. He congratulated me. He called me up and said, “Please keep sharing these deals, and I hope you get to make a ton more off me because the numbers work.” Initially, he was like, “Whoa.”

It’s so funny. When I was first starting out, I sold to the same three buyers every single time. They would complain, they’d be like, “Can I get some off? It’s a little bit this and that,” and whatever else. I’d see after they got the deal, and when they fixed and flipped it or sold it or wholesaled it to somebody else, they had these big, huge spreads. I’m like, “You complained that I made $22,000 and you made $47,000.” “No more complaining. I have the best deals. You know it. Don’t beat me up on price or I’m going to sell it to somebody else.”

That’s how it’s been, and that’s what took me from going from an average of $12,000 a deal to over $27,000 a deal. It was because of the buyer base. It was because I was able to expand and work with companies that have huge buyer bases similar to what you’re working with that are dispositioned. What’s important is building that up. I highly suggest you start the process of getting deals first and rocking and rolling. What does it look like now? First of all, you netted how much?


$27,000 from one phone call. It starts with the seed that you plant in that first conversation. Quality conversation with distressed property owners is the key. Courtney knows it. I know it. People around the country that are winning understand that you win by having consistent quality conversations with distressed property owners. Once they’re in your world, you latch onto them until you pre-qualify them out or they tell you to leave them alone. That’s exactly what Courtney does, and it turned into a $27,000 deal. Absolutely incredible. How many deals do you have going?

There are eight in escrow that we’re trying to get across the board, so that’s great. Shout out to UIG, and being consistent. We have ten under contract that we’re marketing, and then, of course, our pipeline’s filling up. I have several phone calls to make and follow-ups to do. We’re trying to keep it going. We’re trying to stay consistent. It will work if you do.

What do you see? What do you think? You pulled out your crystal ball before and were like, “I’m going to make $30,000 in 90 days.” Are you going to stay teaching? Are you going to go to this full-time? What do you think?

I have a set date and time, and I have been transparent with them as well. I’ll be in the financial and mental position to leave my role at the Park School. I’ll be able to pick up two more cold callers. We have our plan. I’m hoping to expand to two cold callers, and then I’ll leave my role. I want to make sure the position is in a good space and not just leave the school.

I’ll be doing this full-time, but we have the numbers we want to hit and the profit margin we want to hit. Stuff that you guys are encouraging us to read, like Profit First and Traction, which both of those books are probably a little bit ahead of where I am with my business. It is awesome to be able to see, “Now, I’ve set up my accounts.”

My fiancée and I are like our own traction consultants. We set up our order chart. All the things that books and people out there in front of us that are encouraging us to do, we’re attempting to do it. Just copy and paste, and it’s been working so far. It’s hard work, but it’s so simple. We have our plans. Be careful what you ask for because the mind is a powerful thing. If you put the time and energy into it, it will happen.

WI 512 | Massive Action

Massive Action: All the things, that books and people out there in front of us that are encouraging us to do we’re attempting to do it. Just copy and paste, and it’s been working so far.


This has been said and some great books have been written. You become what you think about all the time. That’s something that I saw the power in you early on. You went for it and you did it. It’s exciting to see you blow up in this business. How do people get ahold of you? How do people reach out to you? If they want to say congratulations, they want to learn more about you, or maybe a joint venture in Baltimore, how do they get ahold of you?

You can send me an email at On Instagram, @AquaTeam_Properties. If you want to find my personal page, you can go to @KingCourtRollins. Please feel free to reach out. I’m figuring this out like everyone else. I love working with people. That’s one thing I also say. Shenita and I are trying to surround ourselves with positive, high-achieving, like-minded people. It’s a great journey. TTP gives me that community. Amazing people in there. I don’t want to start dropping names because I’ll forget someone.

It’s a phenomenal community. It’s incredible. Give somebody another resource. Maybe a book, a podcast, something that helps you out, inspires you, gets you, and has planted a seed in you, some kind of resource. Can you refer to the audience?

I’ll say two quick things. One is the classic Think and Grow Rich. Manifesting has helped me take intention and put it into a plan that’s going to lead to reality. The other thing I would suggest is honing in on maybe 1 or 2 voices. There’s so much noise out there. When I first got started that first year, I was listening to BiggerPockets. Every other day, I had a new strategy that I was doing. I said, “Let me focus on wholesaling.” It led me to Max Maxwell. It led me to Brent, to you, and Wholesaling Inc. I said, “Wholesaling Inc. I’m just listening to one voice now.” That has been the game-changer.

Congratulations. You called your shot, and then you did it. You absolutely went forward and you crushed it. I’m so incredibly happy for you. It’s just the start. You’re building the momentum. You’ve got eight deals going. You’re crazy. You’re absolutely on fire. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing with Courtney, with me, it is the TTP family.

Go to Check it out, scroll down. Check out all the testimonials. Check out what it’s about. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. It’s either going to be with me or my right-hand guy. We look forward to talking to you, and I look forward to working with you personally. Courtney, thank you so much for getting on here and inspiring people that are starting that you can do this business. You can do this when you have a love and passion for another job but you know that financially it’s not going to get you where you want to go or what your goals are.

If you set your goals, take action, and are intentional, like the quote from the beginning of this show, you will win. You’ll win big, and you’re going to be standing there at the top with Courtney. Courtney, thank you so much for being on here. For everybody out there reading, as always, I encourage you to talk to people. Until next time. Love you.

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