Episode 508: The Unique Method One Wholesaler Used to Escape the Rat-Race and Land 15 Deals!

WI 508 | Method


If you are an ardent listener of the podcast, you probably already know that at its core, wholesaling is all about serving others. However, if you want to know what serving others at the highest level truly means, you should tune in to today’s episode.

Avery Smith is one of Cody’s favorite guests, and with good reason. Avery has a heart of gold, and it’s evident in the way he approaches the wholesaling business and the way he treats the sellers he comes in contact with.

In this episode, listen in as Avery shared how he served a seller to the highest level and the reward he got for his graciousness. If you’d like to learn a thing or two about serving others through wholesaling, don’t forget to tune in to this awesome episode!

The Unique Method One Wholesaler Used To Escape The Rat-Race And Land 15 Deals! With Avery Smith

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