Episode 502: The Unconventional Approach This School Teacher Used to Land a 21-Unit Deal

WI 502 | Unconventional Approach


One of the most important things you need to know about wholesaling is this: the road to success is not always linear. This is something today’s incredible guest can definitely attest to!

Natasha Turner is a driven wholesaler from Wilmore, Kentucky. This selfless teacher secured a massive 21-unit deal that not only put money on her account but also taught her so many invaluable lessons about the business.

In this episode, Natasha chronicled the excitement, frustrations, and triumph that lucrative deal brought. You will also learn how she effectively addressed the issues she encountered along the way.

If you’re facing a few hiccups in the business and can use some motivation to keep going, this episode is for you!

The Unconventional Approach This School Teacher Used To Land A 21-Unit Deal With Natasha Turner

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