Episode 501: How to Accurately Determine a Home’s Repair Costs in Under 13 Minutes

WI 501 | Home Repair Costs


Determining the accurate repair cost of a home is something many wholesalers struggle with. This is especially true among those who are new in the business. Fortunately, there’s a technology that can help you determine a home’s cost in under 13 minutes and you’ll learn all about it in today’s show!

Today’s amazing guest is Matt Hedstrom, a computer software engineer who joined the real estate space way back in 2002. Since then, Matt has rehabbed over a thousand houses and has completed over 100 transactions. Using his computer software background and his extensive real estate experience, he created Rehab Estimator Pro.

If you want to learn about a technology that will be a total game-changer for your business, this is one episode you can’t miss!

How To Accurately Determine A Home’s Repair Costs In Under 13 Minutes With Matt Hedstrom

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