Episode 500: The Top 3 Ways to Double Your Deal Size!

WI 500 | Double Your Deal Size


If you’re looking for effective ways to double your deal size, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s rockstar guest shared 3 top ways to double your deal size and then some!

Billy Bell is Brent’s amazing dispositions manager. Billy also owns Bell R.E.I., a reliable source for deeply discounted and off-market investment properties. Regardless if you’re looking for fix and flip opportunities or rentals to build your portfolio, Billy has a steady supply of properties at reasonable prices.

In this episode, Billy shared a lot of information and tips of massive value. Aside from learning how to double your deal size, you’ll also learn key tips that will not only guarantee your success but will also give you peace of mind (hint: you’ll know how to protect yourself when the seller backs out).

If you’re looking for effective tips from the person who single-handedly increased Brent’s average profit for each deal from $12,000 to $27,000, this episode is for you!

The Top 3 Ways To Double Your Deal Size! With Billy Bell

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