Posted on: August 17, 2020
WI 494 | Motherhood And Wholesaling


Is it possible to successfully juggle motherhood and wholesaling? Today’s hardworking guest is living proof it can be done!

Sandra Luban is an inspirational mom and investor from California. While she struggled with wholesaling when she first started (just like most people!), she never gave up. Instead, she decided to take a chance, invested in Lauren Hardy’s Virtual Investing Mastery program, and the rest they say is history. Amazingly, her boldness and effort paid off big time as she closed her first deal after finishing Lauren’s 10-day course!

If you are a single parent looking for a foolproof way to achieve financial freedom, this episode is for you!

How A Single Mom Took A Chance And Landed Two $28k Deals With Sandra Luban

Episode Transcription

In this episode, I have one of my students, Sandra Luban. Sandra, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Lauren.

I am super excited to have you because you are a fellow mom and investor like myself. We have that in common. You’re a single mom too. We’ve got that single mom hustle in common, which is awesome. It definitely has some challenges but we’re doing it. We’re not letting it take us down. I’m excited to be able to have a student who is sharing something similar with me. Let’s get into it. When did you first start real estate wholesaling, investing and all those things?

When I came into the program, I started with Brent Daniels and I got the basics down. It was a great program. He is an amazing coach. I learned a lot. I live in California and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make wholesaling work here in California. For a couple of months, I was using Mojo Dialer and calling and people were yelling at me. I was like, “I don’t know if I can do this.” Once I saw this video between you and Brent talking about virtual, I thought, “This is my ticket.”

That’s the other thing we have in common. We’re both from California. You’re in LA. I’m in Orange County. We’re only about an hour away from each other. I was one of the TTP students as well. I love Brent’s course but I’m in California so I was doing TTP out of state. I’ve been virtual for several years but I started out here in California and I can absolutely commiserate with you. The California sellers are mean. They yell at you. They are so much meaner than Midwest or down South sellers. I totally could commiserate in that aspect.

What happened was, I wasn’t getting any leads after doing Brent’s program and shortly afterward, COVID started. I do marketing and sales. I’ve been doing that for many years. I’m doing very well but everything came to a halt on March 20th, 2020. The business I was working for with my partner now had to close and I was like, “What am I going to do?” My partner saw your video on Wholesaling Inc. and he’s like, “Let’s do it.” I was like, “I don’t have any income right now. I am going to press my luck because I believe in this and I know that I can do it.”

In two days, I decided to join your program and I was so happy. I loved all your coaching classes. I loved the videos that we were watching. I learned so much and I felt that this is my ticket. I was worried. When the government was still trying to figure out that stimulus checks, I’m like, “I’m a single mom. What am I going to do?” I had to hit it hard. Within two weeks after I finished your program, I got my first deal and I closed it within the first month.

Essentially, when you’re saying my program, it’s after you finished my actual ten-day course. Two weeks later, you got your first deal under contract. I remember you were hustling. You were on every call you still are. You’ve never missed one call. You are on everything. It gives me comfort because I know you’ve taken other courses. You also are very detail-oriented. You are listening to every single thing I say so I know that if there’s something I’m missing in my course you’re going to let me know. It makes me feel good that you went through my course and you would tell me, “Lauren, you should put a module on this and you haven’t yet.”

Your course is solid. I went to university. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I’ve taken a lot. I’ve been to school a lot. Your course is solid. There are things that come up and I have questions on situations but I don’t feel that there was any leaf that wasn’t unturned. You explain it well. I was able to grasp everything you were saying. I listened to what you said, I applied it and it worked. It’s a formula. It was a recipe. It works and I got the best cake possible.

WI 494 | Motherhood And Wholesaling

Motherhood And Wholesaling: If you’re trying to do this yourself and you can’t figure it out, you’re going to end up losing money because you’re going to lose deals.


It’s a recipe and you can get one thing wrong in the recipe. That’s the thing. You have the recipe. You did another course and that course is awesome. Brent’s course is amazing but what’s different is you lived in California and that’s the one ingredient of your recipe that’s a perspective issue. That’s why Wholesaling Inc. asked me to come on. It was because I’ve got this unique perspective of the high price market that not a lot of other educators have in the country because quite frankly, people like you and me try it in our market, give up and go into selling CBD or something. New York, Miami, Seattle orange County and LA, there are a lot of frustrated aspiring investors and now you were doing deals within two weeks of finishing the ten modules in my course. Tell me about the first deal.

The first deal that we got on contract, the guy was very motivated. He was an older man. He has several properties. He was tired. He knew that he had to put $30,000 into it. He was like, “I don’t want to do that. I’ll sell it to you for $80,000.” The next day, he came back, he said he talked to his wife and he wants $90,000. We did our numbers and we found somebody that could buy it for $118,000. We made $28,000 on that. It was smooth and the guy liked us so much that he referred us to one of his best friends. She’s very well off and has houses. Now we’re doing another $28,000 deal with his friend.

Your first wholesale fee was $28,000.

The second one too.

That’s amazing.

It has only been a month and a half.

A month and a half of finishing my course, you made $28,000 cash and you have another $28,000 in escrow. Before that, had you done any deals at all?

Zero. I was using Mojo Dialer. I don’t want to call people anymore. The texting thing solved it for me. It weeds out all the people who are interested and those who are not. If they want to get mad at me, they can get mad at me through a text and I can delete it but I don’t need to sit on the phone while they yell at me.

I heard about texting through Brent Daniels. He told me all about texting so I have him to thank. That’s my favorite thing. The cold calling thing is definitely another way to do it. I think it’s great to cold-call landlines because you can only text cell phones so there is a chunk of people that you are missing in that aspect. The texting thing is the easiest way to do it. We’re busy single moms so we need easy, quick and efficient.

Take a course about the lesson you want to learn. Learn the details.

I realized that I have to send out probably 2,500 to 3,000 text messages and I still have leads that I haven’t gotten to. I have a lot of leads. The key in your program, which I love is you gave us a ninja trick in order to find the best areas to pick my territory. I followed all these ten steps of what your city has to have to find buyers. I took a spreadsheet and I went through every city that I imagined would be good for my research on Google. I put the numbers in and I saw which ones lined up and the one that was the winner was a good market.

That’s awesome. What’s next for you? What’s your next goal?

We want to do about maybe 4 to 5 deals a month but I need to find a couple of JV partners because the worst thing that could happen is that I could get a lot of leads and I can’t handle it all myself. My next step is to get my team in place and have a lot of JV partners together so that I could start moving. I’m also looking at doing radio in Kansas City. In one of your videos, somebody talking about radio. I called up the radio station and I got info on that. It’s a lot easier than I thought.

That’s cool. Chris Arnold is one of our coaches on the radio. He knows all about it. It’s probably him. Check out his stuff on YouTube. You want to scale a little bit and you want to set up a team. We’ve talked about the JV thing. I always say with joint venture partners, it’s like the three little bears. You want three of them because there might be one that’s too hot, one might be too cold and there’s always that one that’s just right. You’ve got to have multiple.

Also, perspective. You might have boots on the ground that thinks the deal isn’t a deal, you show it to one other person, he knows that area better, he knows it’s a deal and it turns out it was a deal. If you’re only going to one person from one JV partner, one person, that’s the boots on the ground and your virtual territory, they only know so much. That might not be their area of expertise so try different people.

I want to share something important that I’ve learned too. I’ve noticed that a lot of people who are doing wholesaling, go online, might watch videos, might go into different YouTube videos and they go out and do it. From my experience because I’ve taken your course, I can see that I would have fumbled a lot more. I would have lost deals and money if I would have tried to wing it. If I could recommend and say things to people, “Take a course. Learn the details.”

You might think, “I’m spending on a course.” If you’re trying to do this yourself, you’re going to end up losing money because you’re going to lose deals. You’re not going to know how to be able to comp them. I can comp now better than my JVs that are on the ground because I’ve been watching some of the videos and I learn how to comp through the different methods that you’re teaching and it works.

I’m like, “That’s too low. We need to hold our ground here.” If somebody is deciding whether they want to take a course or want to learn it themselves, think about this, you might lose some money and deals going through YouTube videos but you always have a coach to go back to. I have a situation where something wasn’t disclosed to us with a seller about the basement and now, we’re having to go back to the seller, renegotiate and ask for a price reduction.

I can always go to you and ask you now, “What can I do with this situation?” You don’t have a coach and you’re in a sticky situation, you could even get into legal problems. It’s best to follow people who have years of experience under their belt. Don’t think you can go out there, watch a couple of videos and open up your business.

WI 494 | Motherhood And Wholesaling

Motherhood And Wholesaling: Your coach is your go-to person. When you’re on your own, you’re spending a lot more money and spinning your wheels, and it’s a lot harder in the end.


I always say YouTube University gives you vision but it doesn’t give you direction. It doesn’t give you the recipe. It just shows you the cake. What happens is people go to YouTube University and they fiddle around and they waste money. They literally light marketing dollars on fire because they don’t have a direct linear plan to execute the marketing strategy and they don’t have their sales funnel figured out.

They don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t even know how to make an offer. They’re making low-ball offers and getting laughed off the planet by sellers. There are so many things where this recipe could go wrong. All twenty ingredients of the recipe go wrong on every little thing because they have the ingredients of the recipe but they don’t have the measurements right. I’m using this analogy of a recipe and I’m taking it as far as I can go but it’s true.

People don’t realize. We have a house on contract and we have squatters in the house so we had to get a lawyer. These are delicate things that you have to use kid gloves for. There’s always something different that comes up and when you have a coach, that’s your go-to person. When you’re on your own, you’re spending a lot more money, you’re spinning your wheels and it’s a lot harder in the end.

You’ll lose more money in the end not having a coach than having a coach. I 100% believe that. Also, that there’s also an emotional component where you guys have something that’s ruffling your feathers and freaking you out. I know that we have something that we’re going to talk about. You mentioned your feathers are ruffled. You’re freaking out about this thing.

Me being the coach, hearing “We go through that all the time. It happens about once a quarter. It’s not a big deal. Don’t stress about it.” Having that person to tell you it’s not a big deal is nice. I looked at my coaches as almost like therapy. They’re my therapist to tell me to calm down, don’t worry, it’s fine. You’re like, “Everything’s fine.”

If you read a lot of the best sellers on the shelf, all of them had coaches. This is a sound group of coaches. They know their stuff. They walked the walk. They’re walking the talk. They’re doing it, they’re out there and they’re showing us how to do it. I’m so grateful that one of the blessings of COVID has been that it pushed me to do it. I was on my second coaching program and I said, “Should I do this second coaching program?” When COVID hit, I said, “I’m going to do it.” I’m so grateful. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Thank you so much, Lauren.

That’s sweet. I’m so glad to have you and you have worked hard. You did this. You are responsible for your success. You’ve worked hard. You’re one of the hardest-working students in the group. You’ve not missed one thing and not one coaching call. The sky’s the limit for you. I can’t wait to see where you are years from now. We’ll have to have you back. We should definitely do a repeat. A year from now, where is Sandra? She’s killing it. She has a team. She bought the house she wants to buy. I’m excited for you.

That’s amazing. Thank you.

It’s best to follow people who have years of experience under their belt. Don’t think you can go out there, watch a couple of videos, and open up your business.

Are there any last thoughts that you want to leave the audience with?

In my quiet moments, I would take out a notebook and I would write what my goals and dreams are. After doing your program, I talked to my daughter and I see my dreams coming to fruition. It brings tears to my eyes because I see a method of how I can create a beautiful life and have the things that we want. We want to buy a house. My daughter wants a puppy and I see that path. Thank you so much. I’m grateful.

Thank you. Sandra, we love having you as part of the program. If you want to reach out to Sandra in any way, how can people get a hold of you? Are you on social networks?

I’m on Wholesaling Inc. and I’m on Facebook so you can find me.

Find Sandra on Facebook. You’re in the REI Freedom Facebook group. If you want to find her, find her on Facebook.

Thank you.

If you want to learn more about Virtual Real Estate Investing, check out my program at Thanks. Have a great day.

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