Episode 493: How Fireman Aaron Gaunt Did His First Deal in One of the Most Competitive Markets in the Country

WI 493 | First Deal


If you are a new wholesaler with your back against the wall, what would you do? Today’s rockstar rhino chose to work hard and persist and he got $19,000 to show for it!

Aaron Gaunt is an admirable, hardworking, and steadfast rhino from California. While he’s only been a tribe member for 4 months, he has already closed his first deal. What’s even more impressive is he made it all happen in a very competitive market and while still working as a full-time fireman!

Ever the go-giver, Aaron not only talked about the steps he took to find and close his first ever deal, he also shared the mindset that has helped him move his wholesaling business to the next level. If you need a masterclass on persistence and hard work, this episode is exactly what you need to hear!

WIP 493: How Fireman Aaron Gaunt Did His First Deal In One Of The Most Competitive Markets In The Country

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