Posted on: August 06, 2020

When you’re new to wholesaling, it’s easy to get into paralysis analysis. However, once you get out of that trap, there is no limit to what you can do!

Today’s guest is a wholesaling newbie who just accomplished an impressive feat—he made $50k on his first wholesaling deal! John Greer is an incredible real estate investor and wholesaler from Colorado Springs. While his first two wholesaling deals fell through, he didn’t let it get to him and hinder him from giving wholesaling another go.

Undeniably, it’s one of the best decisions he has made ever made. From there, John made another another awesome decision: he’ll venture into wholesaling full-time!

In this episode, John shared the steps he took that has helped him land the lucrative $50k deal. If you’re a new wholesaler looking for your first ever deal, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!

Key Takeaways

  • How he found wholesaling and what he’s been doing prior
  • The importance of having a structure when running a business
  • How he balances wholesaling and his other business
  • How he keeps the quality of his responses high when text blasting
  • Specific list that generated more response
  • The lists he likes and where he gets them
  • Why text blasting is the day trading of real estate
  • Why timing is crucial when text blasting people
  • Why you need to get people on the phone
  • Breakdown of a lucrative deal he did
  • What he did when the seller ghosted him
  • His advice to those who would like to give wholesaling a try
  • The importance of investing in the right coaching/mentorship
  • The importance of taking accountability
  • How people can connect with him


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Episode Transcription

Welcome everybody to the Wholesaling Inc. podcast; America’s number one podcast for new real estate investors. Where we know that finding discounted properties is the most proven path to financial freedom. And I am telling you guys if I can do this, so can you. I am so excited. I have got an interview here with an incredible real estate investor out of Colorado Springs. I’d love to introduce John Greer to the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, say hello, John.

Mr Greer:
What’s going on, Wholesaling family? How you doing?

Well, I’m excited to have you on here. You were actually on site of a construction project that you’ve got going on right now. You’re building a deck.

Mr Greer:
Literally. Got tools, got a double layered deck, got the tools out and everything. That’s my mini me behind me. So yeah.

That’s incredible. So if you are just listening to this podcast, make sure you definitely check this video out. It’s at Brent Daniel’s YouTube channel. Check that out. But John talk to me, you’ve been a contractor for a while. You’ve begun to wholesaling. You’ve done some amazing deals. Talk to me about how you found wholesaling and what you’ve been doing and why are you a real estate investor?

Mr Greer:
Well, just background on me, I’m a remodeling contractor. We do everything from kitchens, baths, basements, and decks, and started as a handyman service 20 years ago. 18 years ago started growing the business. It was good. It’s allowed me to have freedom being self employed. So I always have been an entrepreneur. Back in the day, I was into some other things and a lifestyle when I was into street pharmaceuticals and stuff like that. Doing a little crazy lifestyle stuff. Had that entrepreneurial spirit and been doing this, but when I got married, see, that’s 17 years ago, me and my wife took real estate courses. We wanted to be agents.
So we always had real estate in the back of the mind. But as the remodeling grew, it just went on the back corner and just went back there. And then as time goes on, I’m getting older. I’m not the kind of guy to just send a job out and go pay somebody to do it. I’m hands on. I got a team, I’ve had teams and this, that and the other. But it’s just like, you know what? Being self employed is like; where’s the end game? Where’s retirement at? This, that and the other. And so we just came back to real estate and I started chiming in and listening to BiggerPockets, listening to the podcast on them. Then I found Wholesaling Inc. because I kept hearing wholesaling, wholesaling. And then, so I found Wholesaling Inc. Started just listening to the Spotify podcast, and so from there, I just went into YouTube university like everybody else.
I read the book, the main book, everybody done read; Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and said, man, something’s got to change. From there, I did my thing. I just studied. But the thing is; I got stuck into paralysis analysis. I got stuck in it for a year, literally a year. All I did was kept listening to videos. And what was crazy, because I have a young guy that was working for me and I turned him onto Wholesaler. And he got into it and started it. But then he started doing it and started doing contracts. He was like, “Dude, when are you going to do it?” I was like, you done get a contract already? And I’m sitting there thinking oh, shoot.
And honestly, I was stuck on the paralysis thing. And then I called in to get a talk with TTP. I knew I didn’t want to do the sending postcards out. I knew that was not something I wanted to do. And so when I heard you, and it was like, “Yo, be proactive. Yo, get out there and go get it.” Well, I’ve been doing that for 18 years, calling people about jobs. So I talk to people. That’s what I do. And so I was like, you know what? Let me look at that. I called in, had the first call, and I didn’t lock in at first. I was like, oh shoot, that’s a piece of change there. I don’t know if I’m ready to do that. After that, man, I just weighted in. I had my partner, the buddy of mine, the young dude I was mentoring in business, and he’s starting to try to do wholesaling. He’s getting contracts. He was like, “Man, what you waiting on?” I was like, “Man, I don’t know.”
And then my wife, we were both onboard, but what did it, and she was like, “Well baby, we need some structure.” Because being self employed has been good, but the structured part of my business ain’t always been the best. And she said, “Well, baby, I want to get in it. But if I’m going to be in it with you, we need some structure.” So that made me like, “Well baby, we got everything we need on YouTube.” She said, “No baby, I need some structure.” I said, “Well look, get another call in.” That’s when we called me and her beau. We got a chance to talk to you. It was like, look, that’s what we’re going to do. And so we was able to put everything we knew I’ve been learning and putting it all in one place, where I can just go. All the files are on my computer. I can go through the videos. That’s what did it, it put it all in one place. And so bam, just went from there and kept going, man.

Just like that. And it’s really interesting. Tom Kroll has a saying that people either turn you up or they turn you off. And it’s like, when people hear me talking about being proactive, it either hits them as like, “Oh yeah, that’s my guy.” Or they’re like, “Oh no, I don’t want to ever do that. I’m so scared.” So it really attracts really proactive people. A lot of business people, a lot of people that have been in real estate on some levels. It is, it’s about the structure. It’s about the system, the path that’s already laid out for you. So you don’t have to reinvent it. So that you can focus on having those quality conversations with distressed property owners and that allows you to get really big deals. So, how do you balance the two? How do you balance your current business and your wholesaling business?

Mr Greer:
Well, that’s been part of the issue, is; because, I mean, as a contract in Colorado Springs, it was a Lotto. During the time I was doing the analysis paralysis, we were rolling. I mean, I was doing three and four jobs at a time. So it was no big deal to … I didn’t have to press in, I mean, our average bathroom is 15. Average kitchen is 25, 30, our basement is 35, 40,000. So I was like, I’m good. And then it was like, okay, but I knew I had to, at some point make a cut. Like, okay, when are we going to pull the trigger? So when I bought the course, I went ahead and started going through it. And then I started getting into it. And I started off calling, and since I already had money a little bit, I had a little change.
I called a little bit, then I hired a VA. I’m like, shit, I’m just going to hire a VA. And even the young guy that I was talking about, I even brought him in and we were going to partner up. It was like, okay, you’re going to do this. I’m going to do this. Your wife’s going to do this. My wife’s going to do this. That was the plan. Didn’t quite work out. For lack of a better word, I’m a believer, I’m a pastor. So I believe in being equally yoked. And so we wasn’t quite on that same page. So it’s no big deal, but for me, I just had to say, “You know what? You go and do you, I’m going to do me, but we’re going to keep each other accountable. We’re just going to keep interlocked with each other.”
And he still does work for me occasionally when he can, even though he’s pulling away from it too. And so that’s what did it. And so from there, I just started doing my calls. I did the VA thing, did that for about a month. That didn’t quite work out for me because I don’t know, it probably was user error, some of the mojo stuff. And then I wasn’t following through with making sure she was doing stuff. And then when I finally did start listening to calls, I’m hearing all these things going on. Like, okay, you’re not doing this, you’re not doing that. And so I started looking more into what it takes to have a VA. It’s like, well, you got to be willing to commit and train them. And this, that and the other. And I was like, you know what? I ain’t up for all of that.
So I called your man [inaudible 00:07:45] I called him. So that was my goal, was to get on him, which I still am going to get on with him, with call tools and stuff. So we’re still going to get that worked out. Yeah. So I ended up start texting. I ended up just getting on a text [inaudible 00:07:56] I got on launch control. Was going to try to do Sherpa, but it wasn’t available there for my market. And so I got on launch control and everybody the list that I called on, I go to texting and they answer me. And of course, we still get them on the phone. And that’s what happened though. We ended up getting our first contacts, first couple of deals we locked up, it was through text.
And so unfortunately they fell through, didn’t do my numbers right. Had my numbers wrong. Had a couple of people here, shout out to Brent Powers, he said, “You need to check your numbers.” And I was like, okay, so my numbers wasn’t right. So I lost out on those two deals. And I finally came across a landlord, tired of being a landlord. They were ex-military. They had moved on the East Coast. Wasn’t coming back to Colorado. That was it, man. That’s the one that really did it. And so-

Well before we break that down, I think it’s important. Here’s the thing. When you are getting addresses and you’re skip tracing them, typically a 10% contact ratio is normal. That’s good. That means 90% of the numbers that you call, they don’t answer. They’re not going to answer for an unknown number. So when the door closes, you got to go in through the window, and that’s through text messaging. And it’s really important. We use, just because it’s a really simple system to stack ours. You use launch control. Listen, find something that feels good to you, but just make sure that if you’re going to be making calls, you’re also texting as well. Make sure that it’s TCPA compliant and make sure that you are focused. Here’s the problem that I see a lot of times, John, is; people send out so many texts and they get overwhelmed that the quality of their responses back is really low. How do you keep the quality of your responses high when you were texting?

Mr Greer:
So I would only do so many. I would do like 50, 100. The most I would do is 200. And I very seldom did. It was usually 150, 100 or 50. And I would do it enough to where I could stay there and get some responses. One thing with them being they’re TCPA compliant. And so I wasn’t putting out a whole lot of them. And so I just did it part time, up to about 12, one o’clock. Every now and again, I might stay in there ’till about six or seven o’clock. Seven about the latest I would text. Because then if somebody gave me a response it’s not too late, but then the good thing is you can keep up with all those records and stuff what’s going on. So that’s the biggest thing. Being able to see what my response rate is, what my delivery rate is, knowing those things are on point and to making sure you’re formatting. I don’t hear that talked about a lot, but just knowing your formatting is right, so you don’t have no issues with stuff being downloaded. I did mess up a couple of times on some stuff like that, but got that straight, that was able to keep my numbers pretty good.

That’s great. And was there a specific list that you found were better than others that you liked? That you were getting more responses from or more positive responses from?

Mr Greer:
Well, it was the out of state owners. I tried the high equity list, that didn’t work for me. Not here, it didn’t, not for me. Because we could go from Pueblo up to Denver. We’d cover this whole front range area. So about 100-something miles up and down I-25. And so I tried high equity, that didn’t really work. I tried high equity out of state, didn’t really work. So I just went with out of state owners, and that’s really what did it. People who have properties, they really weren’t high equity, but they had decent enough equity. And that’s where I found the deals. A couple of vacants work too. That would be my sale. I would say the absentee owner and the vacants is what has been my good lists.

I love it. Out of state owners and the vacant. Where do you pull those lists from? What resources do you use?

Mr Greer:
I use PropStream analyst source. So I tried both of them, but for the most part, I use PropStream. PropStream works out pretty well for me because I can get plenty of them. But I do use the list source too, just because I want to make sure I’m familiar with it. So when I know I got people that I’m … Like when I was teaching the young guy to do it, I was able to show him how it works and stuff. And so I use them both, but here lately it’s been mostly PropStream.

I call text blasting the day trading of real estate because you’re just on your computer.

Mr Greer:
It is.

It is. I mean, you’re right there, you can do it from your couch. You could do it from your kitchen, you can do it from wherever. You can slide in an hour, get out, as long as you’re not sending out too many that are getting responses. But what I will tell you is a couple tips from my team is; timing is really important. When people are responding to you, it’s important that you respond back to them in a reasonable time. Usually, three minutes is the max because they assume that you’re texting them from your phone. So timing is really important. And the most important thing is; get them on the phone. People will mess with you. I can’t tell you how many times early on in our process we showed up at properties and it was the wrong person we were texting. Or it was the right person, but they were just messing with us. They just wanted to see if we would come over just to waste our time.
They would text us numbers and addresses to the police department or the FBI here in Phoenix. It was wild. So make sure that you get them on the phone and have that conversation. Make sure that you’re prequalifying them. And what I would say is; if you can just get one of the four pillars of pre-qualifying, every distressed seller. You need to find out the condition of the property, their timeline to sell, their motivation and their price. All the conversations come back to those four pillars. If you work on that, you’re going to have people that are going to do business with you. But when you’re texting, if you just get one of those, get them on the phone. Get them on the phone right now and see if they truly have a problem that you can solve.
Because these are really low hanging fruit. They really are. If somebody’s going to respond to texts and really invite you over, send you the price that they want, you know that this is going to be a really good deal. So let’s break down this deal because you did a massive deal, which in the TTP family, we talk about the 50K club. We talk about getting massive deals, at least every 90 days, doing a deal where you net at least $50,000. So let’s break down a deal. Let’s start with the whole thing. Give me the four pillars and give me how you text blasted them, right? So you’ve got them on text.

Mr Greer:
Yeah. I texted out to them, and originally, the husband reached back to me. He said, “Yeah, we are interested in selling.” I said, “Yeah.” And I asked, “What makes you really want to sell? It seems like you got a nice property, it’s been renting.” And he said it had been rented for eight years. They were in the military for eight years here. They had it eight years. They’d been in and out of renting for eight years. I said, “Well, why would you want to sell it?” He said, “Well, it was sentimental value at first. But then it’s like, my first born was there, born there, but now we’ve realized we’re not come back to Colorado Springs. It’s just been okay, but we’re not coming back, so we don’t want it.”
So that was my motivation; that they’re never coming back. They was tired of just dealing with the rental, even though the rental property was doing good for them. But I found out later that the roof had had an issue and was supposed to replace. They didn’t replace it and kept the insurance money. And it was an unfinished basement. It was a two bedroom, two bath, it had 900 square feet of unfinished basement space. So they didn’t have the money to get it up to par to do anything with it. It would have just had to keep going as is. And so, after that, the first couple of times I spoke with him on the texting. Then after that, his wife stepped in and literally, it was a lot of texting between going back and forth with them. Man, I would say it was probably about a good couple weeks before I talked to her. But she had already said that they were ready to sell.
I threw out a number, of course. I did what you said, anchor them low. So I anchored low, and I had to go the route that, well, I say it’s a contract. I’m thinking, okay, unfinished basement, I know the potential. So I’m like, okay, I’m going to ARV it at what it would be if you finished the basement. So it was at 315,000 ARV. It was about 173 if I ARV’d it at two bedrooms, two bath. No, 223, 243, yes. If I ARV’d it, it was 270. Man, I’m tripping. 270 with a two bedroom, two bath, 315 with the finished basement. So it goes from a 22 to a 43. So that’s what I went with when I hit my buyers up. We locked it in, I knew that if I could get it at 190, I was good.
And so I said, “Well, look, I’m going to need to be about 155.” She was like, “Well, I can’t really do that.” She said, “Well, what about 195?” And I was already jumping through my skin when she said that, because I knew, oh yeah, she’s about to come down. And I said, doing the talk, “I don’t think we could do it with that.” She said, “Well, let me think about it.” A little on the phone. She was like, well, no, she said, “Call me back.” No, she said, “I’ll call you right back.” So I guess she talked to her husband, whatever. Called me back literally in a couple of minutes, she said, “Well, we’re at 195, you’re at 155. Can we meet in the middle at 175?” I said, “Well …” In my heart, I was jumping out my skin. I said, “I could do that.” She said, “Okay, good.”
And from that, we had the price locked in at 175. So I knew I’m good. I was like, if I did 190, I could pull 20 to 30 out of it. At 175, I was like, I’m about to be in the club! I’m about to be in the 50 K club. And that was in March. We didn’t lock the contract in ’till literally three weeks ago. We was kept texting, going back and forth about different stuff. She had a property manager dealing with it, so I had to deal with them, go visit with them, go meet them out there. This, that, and the other. Then she goes to me, I didn’t hear from her for like, two weeks, and I hit her with a negative. “Oh, so I guess you changed your mind on it.”
She instantly hit me back. “No, no, no, no. We’re still good.” Kept conversating a little bit, calling, talking about what’s going on with your kids? This is COVID time. “Hey, everything okay? You good?” “Yeah, we can’t find no toilet paper.” “Look, we can ship you some toilet paper, we got plenty out here.” I’m like, “Yo, whatever you need.” I’m just coming at her real. I’m going through a adoption for a newborn. So we’re talking about that. We’re talking about kids. She’s coming back from New Orleans, talking about her parents. We talking about parents. A lot of the time we was having conversation, really, we were talking about personal stuff. We had went so far past the house, the only time we were talking about the house was when she ghosted me and I said, “Hey, you [inaudible 00:17:44] You change your mind?” “No, no, no, no, I’m good.” Then it was back to personal stuff.
She ended up, it took another three, four weeks. She ghosts me again for about a week. I hit her again. “Well, it seems like you must have had a change of heart.” “No, no, no, no, no.” So I knew I had her, it was just a matter of the working it out. So then I finally sent a contract. I sent the little one page and I double spaced it out, made it look like three pages. Sent that to her, she had an issue with the contract. “Well, I didn’t quite understand this, didn’t quite understand that.” And honestly, I hadn’t had to explain a contract before with the other deals. So I was stuck on a couple of questions. She said, “Well, I’m going to get a contract.”
So she went online, found a nine page Colorado Real Estate, I’m like, okay. I said, “Well, I can’t really do that.” She said, “Well, just look over it to see what we can take out, this, that and the other.” So I found another contract that was on the TTP program that I was able to use that somebody else had put in there. That you let them put it in there. I tweaked it a little bit, and I turned that into a little five pages. Just spaced it out again. We call, we question, went though everything, walked through it. Once she felt good that I’d explained everything and she felt comfortable, she was good. Then of course, it took her about another two weeks to actually sign it. She was good with it, but it took her another two weeks to finally sign it.
And once she signed it, sent it out, that was a wrap. We had a couple of people that was like … And then we had the whole thing when somebody come at you, as soon as, “Hey, we want it right now. I can give it to you right now, but they were 10,000 lower than what I asked for.” And I said, “Yeah …” For the first guy hit me up, he said, “Well, I think I can do the full price.” But he didn’t hit me back right away. So another guy came, it was a big conglomerate. They can buy a lot of properties, and they was like, “We can close tomorrow.” And I’m itching now like, oh shoot, that’s 34,000. I can get that right now. And honestly, I mean, I ain’t bragging or nothing, but like I said, because I do the work I do, I’m used to big checks. So that didn’t excite me. The 50K club excited me.
And so from there, the guy said, “Look, I can’t close as quick as they can, but if you can give me an extra week to get my numbers, to pool my lines of credit, I’ll do your full price.” I said, “I’ll wait on you. You have my word.” And I waited on him. He brought it through. He said, “I got everything straight.” We went through. Now, what was crazy, the title company that we use, the title agent wasn’t that good. She literally kept us in the dark, literally until I got a check. So that was not good. That was the bad part about it. Because both of them asking me, “Hey, what’s going on?” This, that and the other. But I just assured them everything’s going to work out. I knew that they closed good. But that particular agent didn’t communicate well.
And then what was good about it, the guy was like, “Well look, it’s a basement renovation. I’ve done flips, but I’ve never did a basement renovation. Would you do the renovation for me if we did the deal? Would you do the renovation?” I said, “Man.” And then he wanted to do it for about, it was going to be about 10 grand less than what I normally would do it for, to make a good profit. So I literally did the job for him at cost. I think I’m barely making a thousand dollars over what it would be at cost just to be of service and say, “You never did a basement floor, I’ll take care of that. I’ll manage all this stuff for you. I’ll get my crews in there. We’ll get it done.” And it was about building the relationship with the buyer now. So, it just worked out. So we’re in the middle of that project. We’re in the middle of this deck project and these are going to be our last projects of Improvement Pros Home Improvement. So we’re done with that and I Pros Properties is going full ahead, baby.

So you’re going full into wholesaling?

Mr Greer:
I’m going all in. I’m going all in. I’m downsizing my … I got a 13, 1500 square foot shop. We’re emptying it out. I’m giving away my tools except for my good to walk tools. Keeping my good tools, but I’m giving away all my extra stuff. I’m giving away, emptying my old supplies, find me a smaller office. And we’re all in, we’re all in.

So on that deal, and I want to break it down in a second, but what did you net?

Mr Greer:
I netted 50K exactly. I got the 7,500 down payment. Give it to me, give it to me! Yeah. Been waiting on that bell. Like everybody else been waiting on that bell.

That’s incredible.

Mr Greer:
So yeah, we did a 7,500 earnest money deposit and that was the thing. I was going to do a five K earnest deposit, and he said, “Well, can you wait another week?” I said, “I’ll wait another week, but it’s going to cost you 2,500 extra on the earnest to money deposit.” He said, “No problem.” He wrote me the check. I mean, he literally wrote that check to me personally, well, to our company. And I said, “Well, look, I’m not going to cash it. If something comes up, I’m not going to cash it. I’ll be holding onto it.” And I did. I held onto it until he said, “Yeah, we’re good.” And I went ahead and deposited it. And so then they closed and got the balance in. So total; 50K.

Incredible. So, a couple of things I want to point out there that is really important. One; John was getting ghosted by this seller. The crazy things that go through our head when we know we have this big, massive deal. And all we need to do is just get them on the phone. Just communicate with us, please, please, please just stay in the pocket. Stay confident. What John did there is; he pulled away a little bit. “I guess you guys aren’t selling, I guess it’s not the right time. I guess we’re not doing this. We’re not buying this house.” Whatever it is, you can pull away a little bit so that they’re chasing you. The other thing is; this took months and months and months. They’re dragging their feet and listen, this happens. These are people, typically it’s people that just aren’t great at making quick decisions. They drag their feet.
They have a lot of different dramas in their life that pop up, that become priority in their mind. Whether it be something small or something big, whatever it is, but just stay in there, stay in front of them until they tell you to go away and never talk to them again. Stay there, stay positive, stay optimistic, and you will get those deals done. The other part is; he stuck to his guns when it came to selling the property. Just relax, take a deep breath. If somebody is pressuring you, pressuring you, pressuring you to take their deal, it’s probably because there’s more meat on that deal.

Mr Greer:
I got that from you because I knew that. I was like, he rushing like that, yeah. And I lost out on my first two deals because of that. My numbers wasn’t right. And I didn’t have, but so when I knew my numbers, I knew my numbers was good on this. There was no doubt in my mind. After losing two deals, I had a fourplex and another single family and I lost out on them. And because I had some, like I said, some other wholesalers here hit me up, say, “Hey, your numbers are way off.” And when that didn’t work out, and I didn’t say this. After I lost out on the fourplex deal that I thought was a deal, and then the single play, I was a little down, man. I was like, dang, is this really going to work? It hit me in the foot for a minute. Like, okay. But once I knew my numbers was good, and if it’s a deal, it’s a real deal, after that, I knew. Then when he heard it and tried to rush me, he confirmed that there’s meat on this bone.

Yep. Yep. And you got past the three Ds. We talk about it a tonne. It’s doubt. Doubting does this work? Doubting am I going to actually find the right deals? Doubting are the cash buyers going to be paying what I think that they should be? The disappointment and the distraction. I mean, you’ve got all those things in the mix there, but you pushed past all three of those Ds, and you were able to get this thing done. Now you set yourself up to go full time in this business, and really take your business to the next level. So John, speak to somebody that has never done a deal before. That is just starting out, that’s hearing your story. Give them some advice on what they should do to get their first deal.

Mr Greer:
Well, I think the first thing is just mindset. You got to get your mind right. You really got to get your mental in a place that says; this is something I really want to do, and whatever the steps needed to do it, I’m just going to go ahead and do it. I did that year of analysis paralysis because I was still dipping in data. Do I really want to? Yeah, I know I want to, but I’m but, but … And then just make up your mind. Once you make up your mind, really, you could go and learn all this stuff on YouTube. But if you can afford to get some … And this thing, because I’ve already been in business and I mentor other people in this type, in the remodeling business, I mentor people. I knew that when I came into this, it was already in the forefront of my mind.
Well, I don’t want it to take 10, 15 years to get to the [inaudible 00:25:48] in this business. We do fairly well in this business. I ain’t trying to wait that same amount of time to do well in ’07. So I’m going to jump ahead of the game and go ahead and invest in it. And that’s where TTP came. So I encourage you, if you can afford it, man, get on TTP. And don’t get me wrong, I’m biased to TTP of course, because that’s my man’s in them. But if that amount, if you’re going to get a coach and get some mentoring, but vet them out, make sure they good. Make sure they just ain’t somebody throwing out a bunch of courses, but ain’t really doing it. We know Brett get down. Brett get down the wholesaling team. Wholesaling Inc. The [inaudible 00:26:22] trial. We know they get down. That was the biggest thing. I listen to enough podcasts to know these jokers is for real. So I say do that.
And the other thing is; get some people around you to encourage you. Even though the young dude that we run together now and we back and forth, we eating off of each other and we … He was a business mentor for me in remodeling. And then when I turned him onto wholesaling, that dude was on fire. He’s still on fire. He done got two deals too. And so now we keep each other lit like, “Yo, come on, dude, you got your list ready? What you waiting on? What you waiting on? Let’s do this, man.” So have some accountability to make sure that somebody can put that fire to your tail and keep this thing hot, baby. You feel me?

Yep, yep. I love it. John. How do people reach out to you if they want to just say congratulations or maybe they’re in Colorado Springs? They want to buy some deals or they just want to connect with you. What’s the best way to connect?

Mr Greer:
Yeah, they can hit me up on my email. It’s iprospg. It stands for I Pros Properties Group. So it’s an I P R O G S P G at Gmail. iprospg@gmail. They can hit me up there, and I don’t even mind if somebody called me. I’ve had a couple people reach out to me because they’ve seen it and they had some questions. So you can hit me up on my phone. 3369889654. So yeah, hit me up.

Get ready, John. Oh, your phone’s about to go bananas. That’s crazy. Well [crosstalk 00:27:43].

Mr Greer:
It’s all about family, man. And it’s all about giving back, and this is a team sport. This is community. This business is community. I mean, it ain’t about individualism, it’s about community. Shoot, if I can help you get a deal, so be it. If you can help me get a deal, let’s do it.

I love it. I love it. Guys, absolutely incredible. John, thank you so much for sharing your story and breaking down that deal. I mean, there’s so much in there. A couple of resources, PropStream through, You can pull all the lists. It’s a really, really incredible resource. And if you want to join the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family. Go to That’s Check it out. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. It’ll either be with me or my right hand guy. We look forward to speaking with you. But John, thank you so much for spending some time here being on the podcast, a true inspiration. 50K club going full time in this business.

Mr Greer:
Thank you Brett, for everything you’re doing man, keep it going.

Thank you, John. And everybody out there, I encourage you, as always, to talk to people. See you, love you.

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