Episode 482: How One Scrappy 19-Year-Old Just Closed a $45,000 Deal!

WI 482 | Wholesaling Deal


Ever wonder what wholesaling is like for someone so young? Today’s guest is a proactive and determined 19-year-old who’s killing it in wholesaling. Zac Kehren and his partner, Alex are the owners of PGH Investors. Thanks to Alex’s real estate IQ and Zac’s proactive efforts, they’ve been consistently closing deals in their area. Recently, they even netted $45,000 from a lucrative deal they did! If you’re curious how to make a partnership work despite the age difference (Alex got into real estate 8 years before Zac was even born!), you’d love today’s awesome episode!

How One Scrappy 19-Year-Old Just Closed A $45,000 Deal! With Zac Kehren

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