Episode 48: How to Get 115 Cash Buyers in 4 Days!

How to Get 115 Cash Buyers in 4 Days!

The secret to success in the Wholesaling business all comes down to cash buyers. He/she with the biggest cash buyers list wins!!

Of course you need to find great deals as a Wholesaler but without investors to sell those deals to, you have nothing!

How big is YOUR cash buyers list? What if we told you that by following the steps laid out in this Podcast you could add over 100 cash buyers to your list within one week?

Would you do it or would you make excuses?

Well not James Wyman!

He took the challenge and got on the phone making calls for 8 to 9 hours a day!

With sheer grit and massive determination, he was able to add over 100 cash buyers to his list within 4 days!! Think of this episode as a ‘roadmap” as we lay out the exact steps YOU need to take to add over 100 cash buyers to YOUR list within just a few days.


  • James’ story and how he got into real estate
  • Getting his first deal while joining the Rhino nation
  • Taking the challenge in getting cash buyers
  • Just making the calls persistently
  • Digging into the numbers: Details of the phone calls he made
  • Why property management companies can be a cash buyer gold mine
  • Direct mailing a cash delinquent list
  • Sensing the motivation of the seller
  • The beauty of calling back right away
  • 10 hours of work for a $2500 deal!
  • Why he thinks finding a mentor is key
  • and so much more…

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