Posted on: July 06, 2020

If you are having a difficult time reaching the number of deals you intend to close each month, there is one place you should look into first—your pipeline. Oftentimes, you fall short on your goals because you don’t have enough prospects to make offers to.

If you have a lead flow problem, you have come to the right place. In this episode, virtual investing mastery coach Lauren Hardy shared 4 easy strategies you can try to add 25 leads to your pipeline each week!

Don’t forget to tune in to today’s short but meaty episode. You just might discover the perfect strategy that will fill your pipeline to the brim!

Key Takeaways

  1. Text messaging campaign
  2. Direct mail campaign
  3. Driving for dollars
  4. Cold calling distressed lists


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Episode Transcription

Lauren Hardy:
Hey, what’s up guys? My name is Lauren Hardy. And today I’m here to talk all things virtual real estate investing. Today the topic is four ways to get 25 leads minimum this week. The reason I thought about this was I noticed that a lot of my coaching students were having a hard time making the amount of offers that they needed to make to reach their goals. And when you look back and you dissect what’s really going on is they had a lead flow problem. They did not have enough leads, so they didn’t have enough leads to make offers on. So I gave them some ideas. You got to go back and figure out how to put more leads in your pipeline so you can work them. And you can make more offers every week, which is going to lead to more contracts, which is going to lead to more deals closing.
So different ways that you could bring in more leads. Number one, a text messaging campaign. You could use a system like, and you could import a distressed sellers list, maybe something like a vacant sellers list or a tax lien absentee list in there. Text out 2,500 sellers and see where that gets you. With a 1% response rate, you should get 25 rough leads just from that. You may even get more to be quite honest. Number two, you could do a direct mail campaign. So let’s assume a 1% response rate. If you mailed out 2,500 yellow postcards that say, Hey, Mr. Seller, I am interested in purchasing your home at 123 Main Street. I can pay all cash. I’m buying six homes in the area and I need six more. Please give me a call, put your phone number in there, say some other great, nice things to get them to call you.
And boom, there you go. If you have a 1% response rate and you mail 2,500, that’s 25 leads. I would say maybe mail a little bit more because you may struggle with a 1% response rate, but hey, start with 2,500. The next thing you can do is driving for dollars. You could get the deal machine app and you could virtually drive for dollars. And let’s see, in about 45 minutes, you could probably pin 25 houses and you can cold call, or you can send a mail piece out to those 25 homes that are run down. A unique list that nobody else has. And right there, you could do that in 45 minutes. So if you did that, say an hour a day, think of how many extra leads you would have every week. The next thing you do is just cold calling a basic distressed list, like a vacant seller list or a tax lien list.
If you cold called for say one to three hours every day, and you were averaging maybe one to three leads an hour, think of how many more leads at the end of the week you would have. So these are four ways that you could bring in more leads. And these are ways that you don’t necessarily have to do yourself. You could absolutely hire this out. You could have virtual assistants help you on your driving for dollars campaign. The mailing is easy. You could definitely outsource mail. That’s very easy to do. You could outsource your text messaging campaign. You can hire a virtual assistant to text for you. So then all you have to do is focus on the leads that come in and making offers every single day. I always tell people, I need you to stick with an offer goal every day, minimum three offers a day.
I would love to see you doing five a day. That gives you 25 offers a week. If you are doing 25 offers a week, you should absolutely be closing a deal a week. If you’re not, then we need to talk. If you guys like today’s advice and you want to learn more about my virtual investing program, I want you guys to go to I would love to talk to you and teach you more about different ways to market to sellers in a virtual market. So I would love to hear from you. Thank you guys so much for listening.

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