Episode 451: Failing Your Way to Success

WI 451 | Radio Marketing


Just like most successful wholesalers, today’s guest is brave enough to take risks so he can take his business to the next level. While he has tried several marketing channels, he didn’t stop until he found a channel that is not only super affordable but highly effective as well.

Chris White is a fearless wholesaler from Denver, Colorado. While he’s only been wholesaling for a year and a half, he’s not afraid to try new marketing channels so he can achieve his business goals. Fortunately, he discovered radio and it was a game-changer for him.

In this episode, Chris shared his experience setting up radio—the hurdles he encountered, what happened the first week after he launched his radio ad, and how much he’s paying for a 60-second spot, among many others.

If you are considering investing in radio as a marketing channel, you’d definitely find today’s episode of tremendous value, so don’t miss it!

Failing Your Way to Success

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