Posted on: June 03, 2020
WI 441 | Email Service


As a marketing channel, email is still considered by many as one of the most effective. However, while unfortunate to note, many companies make email marketing mistakes they’re not even aware of.

One of the most common mistakes wholesalers make is using the wrong email service. Sure, this can seem harmless but is it really?

In this episode, successful real estate investor and REI Radio coach Chris Arnold talked about the impact of choosing (and using) the wrong email service. More importantly, he also shared how he resolved said dilemma and dramatically improved customer experience.

If you’re new to the real estate/wholesaling game and you’re looking for a system that can help you save time and effort (and get ahead of the pack), this episode is for you!

Why Choosing The WRONG Email Service Can Destroy Your Business! With Erica Goldenberg Grodin

Episode Transcription

Welcome to the show. Let me tell you something. I love technology particularly when I come across technology that makes my life easier, makes the people in my company’s life easier and allows us to be more efficient. I’ve watched a lot of people complain about our social media particularly in Wholesaling Inc. going, “I’m tired of constant contact. I’m tired of MailChimp.

Is there something better out there?” I can tell you what happened to us. We had GetResponse and we needed to make some fast changes with COVID-19 and everything that was happening. When we made those changes, they shut our account down. On the worst part of that, we couldn’t get anybody on the phone because they don’t have a phone number.

My COO, Sierra, was like, “I’ve had it. I’m going in. I’m going to do some research and I’m going to find a great solution.” We now have a marketing platform that we can market our real estate deals to our cash buyers list and is something that has all the bells and whistles. We found it. I can’t wait to tell you more about it and on top of that, I have a very special guest, Erica Goldenberg, who works at ActiveCampaign. Can you believe this? Not only is their customer service so great that you can talk to someone but they are willing to come on and share with the tribe about this product and all of its bells and whistles.

Erica, I’m excited to have you on.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to be here. I wish every morning you could come to my house and pump me up like that to get my day started. This is going to be great.

We’re going to talk about the five things that set ActiveCampaign apart from the other email blast systems that are out there. There’s a ton of them You’ve created and are part of a company that’s created something that has everything in one place that we need.

People love it. We are in the process of making the customer journey the best that it can be through every phase of the customer journey and a big part of that is meeting people where they are whether it’s through chat, email or having a phone conversation. Whatever people need, we have our support people available. You can book time with our enablement team to have a one-on-one session if you need some help getting things set up.

The main core of any good marketing is to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

We’ll talk a little bit later about the actual setup process and the support that goes there but it’s something that we take seriously. The last thing that we want is for people to get signed up for ActiveCampaign and then take a look at it and say, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” It would be all for nothing so we put a lot of time and effort into our support and making sure that people are successful.

if you’re newer to the real estate game and you haven’t started picking up a lot of software, trust me. When you have a company, you can’t get on the phone. You’re running multiple different types of software in your company. It makes all the difference. GetResponse shut us down. We had properties we needed to market out and they shut us down. My chief operating officer found you guys and she went on a call that evening with you.

It was past work hours but she was active and live and we were ready to blast out the next morning. She was like, “I’m in. 1) I cannot believe they would talk to me after hours. 2) They got my entire system set up in the evening that quick.” For us, we were like, “You potentially have a customer for life here with that type of service.” Let’s talk about content. We understand that it’s important to be able to customize particularly when we’re marketing to different cash buyers that might be at different levels, different places and so forth. Talk to us a little bit about the customization. This is one of the things that’s unique about this.

The main core of any good marketing is sending the right message to the right person at the right time. The first part of that is the right message. It’s being able to send customized content based on the kind of things that your customers are interested in. I apologize. I’m not super familiar with real estate so you can correct me here but if someone is interested in buying a multifamily home, that’s going to be very different from someone who’s doing commercial real estate versus someone who is looking for their own property or investment property.

It’s being able to customize the messages that are going to those different people or people that are looking for more of an urban area versus suburban versus rural, knowing where they’re looking to buy and then being able to send them those fields. That content that’s going to be best related to what it is that they’re looking at before.

Customization is important because, for most of us and those of you that are reading, you’re probably sending the exact same email template out to your cash buyers list. What Erica is saying as an option and something to really start looking at is would you consider the value in understanding that you can customize that? The thing that’s applicable to what you said is we’re going after residential properties. That’s what we’re marketing but there are people that buy in different types of locations.

Some are rural and some are urban so the ability to customize the flyer is something that will make us stand out versus the other wholesaler out there that’s just sending the same general flyer to everyone else. I think that’s a super cool feature and benefit that you have. Let’s talk about routing and what we’re talking about particularly is you allow us to do more than send an email. We realized as wholesalers that as the competition heats up, we might need to be able to communicate about the deals that we have more than email. Tell us what we have available here.

WI 441 | Email Service

Email Service: Active Campaign can send your emails at the recipient’s local time when setting up your emails.


Email is going to be huge. It’s always going to be a core part of your marketing plan but there are some times when email isn’t the right fit so by using ActiveCampaign, you can send a text message. You can have something pop up when they’re on the website even saying, “I know you’ve looked at X, Y and Z before. Here’s this other list that you might want to consider.” Sometimes, it’s not even an automated thing. It’s like, “This is a high-value, hot buyer. You might want to pick up the phone and talk to this person directly.”

We can work within our automated systems to send you a note saying, “This person has been on the website ten times in the last week. They are hot or they’ve clicked on a ton of your emails. You might want to pick up the phone and give them a call.” It’s being able to pick and choose how you’re getting in touch with people and not just relying on email. It’s meeting people where they are in the way that’s going to make the most sense for them.

That makes a ton of sense. I’m picking on GetResponse again. If they’re reading this, they’re going to be like, “This guy really doesn’t like us.” We were stuck with GetResponse with emailing. The other benefit that we’ve now seen on your platform is we can now begin to customize and communicate with each of our cash buyers in the way that they want to.

We know that this is important because some people prefer email and some people prefer a phone call or a text message. If you can begin to communicate through the venue that that person prefers, we’re much more likely to see that that can increase the probability of us selling our properties because we’re getting it in front of them the way that they like it, which is important. I love that.

It also protects your time because if someone prefers a phone call but they’re someone who’s maybe not so hot or is a small fish, you can decide how you want to approach that person. You’re not calling through your entire list all the time but you can prioritize your time and say, “I’m going to call the people that I know are going to be the most engaged.” As the agent, you’re protecting your own time and keeping it efficient.

Let’s talk about time. This is super cool particularly if you’re wholesaling in different areas and different time zones. I’m in Dallas. I have people that will buy properties in Dallas. They’re on my email list but they don’t live in Dallas. They’re in a different time zone. You have a cool feature here on having them drop at different intervals. Talk to us about this. These are cool bells and whistles here.

This is great. This is giving you the power to send people messages when they are most likely to open. On a most basic level, we’re talking about time zones. I’m here in New Jersey. You’re in Dallas. We want to both get our emails at 9:00 AM in our local time. When you’re setting up your emails, ActiveCampaign can have that setting where it sends at the recipient’s local time so they’re most likely to open and you’re not sending emails at 12:00 AM or 2:00 AM. It’s going to increase your engagement with the open rates of those emails. It’s a simple but brilliant feature that we have.

Meet people where they are in the way that makes the most sense for them.

What we’re realizing and liking about ActiveCampaign and why my COO and even my director of disposition has become a fan is this ability to customize. It has the ability to get in and rather than just send one thing, you can tweak this a little bit. You can play with the time zone. You can send a text and it creates a little bit more of a playing field for us to be creative on how we want to market these properties because we’re not locked into software that does it one way, which is important. Let’s talk about this bonus feature. You said it has the ability to have 200 pre-made automations. What is this? What are you working on? Is this a new feature?

Yeah. This is something that we’re excited about. We’ve been working on this for a couple of months. To be honest, as a new marketer or as someone who is not a primary marketer, it can all be a little bit overwhelming so we have these pre-made automations that come with the system. This is nothing extra that you have to pay for but it’s something that as you’re getting to know the platform, you can search for pre-made automation that says, “I’m specifically in real estate and I want to take people through this slow.”

Instead of having to build it yourself, for example, you met them at this event and then you’re going to follow up and have a meeting, we have that already made for you. You can customize it from there. It’s giving you that groundwork so that you are not having to reinvent the wheel for all of these different things that you want to set up. It decreases the time that it takes to get to know the platform, get in there and get up and running. We call them our pre-made recipe automations that you can use for yourself.

That’s super cool. I love it. You’ve got the customization. You can do more than just an email. You can change the time zones. You’ve got the pre-made automation or the customer service. I did something that I didn’t tell you I did. Before we got on, I told my COO to email me what she liked most about ActiveCampaign.

Let me touch on her perspective of utilizing this day-to-day and what she liked. She said, “I love the fact that it’s an easy import so there’s no guessing if your list is accepted. In comparison to GetResponse which we were using for the import, as we were adding more and more emails into the system of people we wanted to market to, that was an issue and now that’s easy.”

The second thing she said is about embedding the videos. You understand that social distancing is happening so our investors can’t access the products and do a walkthrough like they normally would. They have to make a decision off on the video. With your system, we’re able to embed the video in there and not just put a link. We don’t want to link where they have to make one more click to see it.

We want to lead them to where they would press play and automatically see it. She loved this too. She said, “The buttons are great. They’re easy buttons. If you want to submit an offer, whatever that looks like, I like how easy the buttons are laid out.” She told us already that our cash buyers list is interacting with your platform more by clicking those buttons whereas, on our other platform, they weren’t clicking buttons like submit an offer and different things like that as well.

WI 441 | Email Service

Email Service: We help you import your contacts, get your automation going, and send your emails.


Then, the last thing she said is she loves the reports for the newsletter. She likes the reports and how it’s laid out to understand what’s happening. The actual visual of the KPIs is more user-friendly. I thought you might find that interesting in what she likes best. For those that are reading this, it comes from someone that’s in there utilizing the system. We love the system. We wanted to share it with everyone because it has been a great find for us.

I still have a couple of things to say. Number one, you can always see the visual on this by going to YouTube and watching it there. If you want to see Erica and me, go to YouTube and subscribe at Chris Arnold – Real Estate. Secondly, if you’re interested in ActiveCampaign, I was talking to Erica and I was like, “I work on behalf of the tribe as a coach. If I come across something good, I’m always looking for the kind of deal that you can give us.” What you told me was, “Something that we’ll do is a free migration. It means that at no cost we’ll do the pain-in-the-ass hassle of taking whatever emails and contacts you have in your old system and migrate those over into the new system.” Is that right?

Yes. We’ll take care of it for you. We want to make it as easy as possible to get it set up so if you’re using another system, we’ll help you to import your contacts and get those automations and emails going. We don’t want you to have to wait days and weeks having to go through that process yourself.

My COO Sierra, when I told her that because she had already signed up, she was like, “I didn’t know there was free migration to get that deal.” That’s a deal for the tribe if you are reading this. The last thing I want to say is we are here to teach on Radio how to find discounted properties. You’ve got to have deals to be able to have ActiveCampaign to market to and we know that one of the best and most efficient ways to find deals is via Radio.

What I would tell you and I’m going to keep emphasizing it is I don’t know how much longer the window is going to last on Radio. The inventory is low for mass media whether it be television, radio or billboards. They are the most negotiable I’ve ever seen. We have students that are one-call closing these stations. I’ve never seen a one-call close. They’ll call in and they’ll give the price that we will advertise at, which is deeply discounted. Normally, it’s back and forth. They’re like, “We’ll take that,” and they lock that rate in for twelve months so that as things are turning, everything’s getting back to normal and people are starting to get back out and about, they’ll have something that’s locked in and ready to go.

As always, go to, book a call and see if Radio is available for your area. I know a lot of the areas have been locked up. Erica, you were awesome. Thank you for your time. Thanks for coming in to share about ActiveCampaign. To the rest of you, we will catch you later. Thanks for joining us.

Thanks. It was a pleasure.

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