Episode 437: Doing Massive Real Estate Deals in Philadelphia

WI 437 | Deals In Philadelphia


If you’re truly passionate about wholesaling, you can surely attest the business can reward you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Case in point: today’s guest earned a massive $85,000 assignment fee from just ONE wholesale deal!

Max Fisch eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate. The great thing is his efforts never go unrewarded. Over the years, Max has learned so many techniques that have helped him run a really thriving wholesaling business. The good news? He shared many of the techniques he has learned (and used) in this episode!

In addition, Max also dissected a lucrative deal he did and how he made it happen (hint: never underestimate the power of doing multiple follow-ups!). Can’t wait to do those massive deals? Start by listening to this episode!

Doing Massive Real Estate Deals in Philadelphia

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