Episode 433: 2 Deals to $98,000

WI 433 | Finding Deals


If you think being a spectator and playing it safe is the best thing to do in today’s market, think again. Today’s guest just proved that you can still help and solve people’s problems despite the current situation and get rewarded handsomely for your efforts!

Mark Dunn just accomplished something truly fascinating—he closed 2 deals that made him $98,000 richer! While having the luxury to spend quality time with his family was his primary motivation for getting into wholesaling, Mark eventually found out he gets to enjoy another enticing benefit: a massive income!

If you need some motivation to go out there and make things happen, today’s episode is for you. You will not only be inspired by Mark’s hustle, but you’ll also learn many actionable items that can help you get your wholesaling business back on track!

2 Deals to $98,000

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