Episode 429: How To Do Real Estate Deals In ANY Market In The Country!

WI 429 | Virtual Real Estate Deals


At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were asked to work from home. Undeniably, going virtual is considered the next best thing to working in the office. Can you apply the same principle to your wholesaling business? You’d be delighted to know the answer is a resounding YES! 


If truth be told, even before the pandemic hit, some people have been wholesaling virtually. And they’ve been very successful at it. In today’s episode, virtual wholesaling coach, Lauren Hardy, talked to one of the biggest (and most successful!) virtual wholesalers in the country—Tag Thompson!


Tag is an economist, real estate investor, and successful entrepreneur. Prior to pursuing real estate investing full-time, he has started and sold 13 successful businesses. Since 2017, Tag has been operating in 7 different cities and has made over a million dollars in assignment fees!


If you’re considering wholesaling virtually, you’ll get a clear insight about its basics in today’s episode. If anything, listening to today’s show is a huge step in the right direction!


How To Do Real Estate Deals In ANY Market In The Country!

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