Posted on: May 14, 2020
WI 427 | Invisible Sniper Approach


For some people, finding and closing lucrative deals is a piece of cake. In fact, today’s guest already closed 12 deals this year. And we’re not even half of the year yet!

Juan Fernandez is Viking Real Estate Investment’s seasoned acquisition manager. Aside from being one of the company’s rockstar talents, Juan is also proficient in a lot of aspects, including team management, direct sales, management, software as a service (SaaS), and even coaching!

In this episode, Juan shared many of the techniques he used to effectively and easily find deals and successfully close them. If finding lucrative wholesaling deals has been a struggle for you, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!

The Invisible Sniper Approach for Pulling Deals out of Thin Air

Episode Transcription

I am thrilled because we have, in my opinion, and this is not arguable because I’m the best judge of this, but I don’t have the number one cold caller in the country. I have the number two cold caller in the country that gets the most deals and gets phenomenal deals and that is Mr. Juan Fernandez.

Thank you so much for having me, Brent.

This is incredible. The reason that I say that Juan is number two is he is humble here because he works with Luke Rotvold of Viking Real Estate here in Phoenix. If you have heard my interviews with Luke, he consistently makes about $800,000 a year all from his own cold calling, all from picking up the phone and being proactive in TTP. If you are not familiar with that acronym, that basically stands for Talk To People. Juan, how did you find Luke? Did you know going into your role with Luke’s company that you were going to have to make that many calls?

Luke found me. We went to the same gym together. We started talking. We started working out together and he asked me, “Juan, what do you do?” I told him, “My background is in sales.” Right away, he says, “I knew it. You got to come to my office.” I went to his office about two days later. I saw what he did and the success that he’s having. I thought, “I’m coachable. I could do this.” The following day, I went in and I jumped on both feet. I started running with it.

To set the stage for you folks, they have an office here in Tempe, Arizona. There are a few of you there. You and Luke are the powerhouses when it comes to making calls, but you folks have an incredible culture there where there’s music going. You folks remodeled the whole building. It’s phenomenal. It’s a fun and energetic environment. I’m leading you down the path here, but in my opinion, I feel like that helps you to be consistent with your calls every single day to have that environment. Touch on that. Talk about that because you folks go in and make calls from the office.

We do and 100%. The office that we have is like you said, it’s fun. We all get along. We all have that same mindset. There’s music going on, video games and we go to lunch. The office is beautiful. We remodeled. That plays a huge role in it because of the environment you are in, the energy you have, waking up and not dreading going to the office. We love to be here. We wanted to make it a place where we could go and have fun and make money.

With Luke’s business partner and who you work with, Jake Landis, you have a phenomenal environment there, but not only that. Talk to me about when you first started making calls, when you started reaching. You have done sales. You understand the sales process, but what was it like the first time cold calling distressed property owners?

With every other word, I fumbled. When I was with Luke, Jake Landis would hear me. They would hear me on the phone. They knew that with every phone call that I was making day in and day out. All I was doing was perfecting my craft. You have to get better. You have to have those phone calls, those days of trying to get through it. Eventually, it becomes second nature pretty much.

I remember when I first started out. I would make a couple of calls and I would stop. I would be nervous and then I would get on. I would do a couple more, stop, and get on. It got into the rhythm where I built up my endurance. You come to the realization at some point that people are truly pretty nice. People are kind and generous.

If you have a good tone of voice, if you are not coming at them in an aggressive, weird, low enthusiasm, then usually you can have a good conversation with them. Once you realize that, it gives you that confidence, like you were talking about, to be consistent, to get on there and have a lot of fun with it. We talked before we got on here. You have already closed twelve deals in 2020 and closed twelve deals, all from making cold calls, is that right?

It’s getting the confidence to be able to hop on, to make those cold calls. What I always like to pinpoint is to be able to mirror the seller. To be able to adapt, to be that chameleon. If this person is real cut and dry, be cut and dry. If this person wants to find out a lot about what we do and how we are, take the time. Slow the conversations down and explain. Mirroring the sellers is the big thing.

If you want to see Juan, if you want to see this interview, make sure you go to Brent Daniels – Real Estate on YouTube to check it out. It’s worth checking out, putting a face to a voice. I went into their office and heard him on the phone and it was like my heart was singing because he would adapt to every call he was on. He would slow it down and speed it up. His accent would change a little. He would not be obnoxious with it, but it was enough so that people felt comfortable so that he could be versatile in these conversations and people would open up.

I tried to film you if you remember. The lights are too dark. It did not turn out production-wise, but we will have to do that because I’m sure people are going to want to see it. If you see Juan in action, it is incredible. He is adjusting on the fly. The only reason that he can do that is because he is paying attention to each call. If you get into that mode where you are on autopilot, it gets tough to be able to have a good connection with somebody.

The environment you’re in plays a huge role in the energy you have waking up.

What I like to do is, every time I make a phone call, when somebody answers, when I’m able to do that introduction and meet that person, I like to make it seem like that one person I’m calling is the only phone call that I’m making for that day. I’m not sitting in my office for 6, 7, 8 hours like I do every single day. When that person answers, I’m solely focusing on that one person. I remember when you came into the office. That was the day that I bought a four-bedroom, two-bath house for $1,000. It blew your mind. You said, “How much did you spend on that house?” I offered him $1,000 and broke everything down. He agreed and we got the contract signed right then.

Let’s break that down. We have discussed a bigger deal, which is fine. We can talk about it, too but let’s break down that deal that you got for $1,000 because I want to ring this bell for you because that was phenomenal. It’s interesting because the beautiful part about wholesaling real estate is that you could do it anywhere. If you were going to be proactive, you could get a list of distressed property owners. You skip trace it through and you call them up. I don’t care if you are in Phoenix, Arizona, and you are calling. Where was this deal at?

It was in Kentucky, in Louisville.

Have you ever been to Louisville?


You were calling in that list. Do you remember what list it was on that you were calling?

It was one of the lists that we have. We got the list like how you do it.

Absentee owner. Was it a tired landlord? Do you remember what it was?

No, it was owner-occupied, but he did not live there.

You were calling on an equity list, somebody with equity in a certain area you are going after. You call them up. I don’t think this was the first time you talked to him. Was this a follow-up that I heard?

This was a follow-up call. I stand corrected. He did live there because we helped him get some stuff out, but it was owner-occupied. He did live there.

You called him up and asked him if he would consider an offer on his property. How do you buy a property for $1,000? I remember pulling it up on your computer. This was not like a trailer sitting in a boat, swamp, or something. This was like a legit house. Talk to me about that.

It was a two-story, four-bedroom, two-bath. When I first called him up, it was an absolute cold call and he said no. When I asked him if he was interested in considering an offer on his property, he said no. I don’t take no for an answer. I always like to try to bypass that. I always like to follow up with, “Are you pretty happy there?” As soon as I asked that question, he started to open up. I remember the conversation. He was saying, “I’m not happy here. None of my family lives here.” I start to dive into the sales call.

WI 427 | Invisible Sniper Approach

Invisible Sniper Approach: Be able to mirror the seller.


Whenever anybody tells us no, because of what I have found and maybe you can confirm or give me your thoughts on it, the first like 45 seconds, there’s almost an invisible force field around them where they have that reflex no. They don’t want to commit to anything and they are not sure who you are. They are still feeling it out. They have had too many bad experiences of people calling them, not being appropriate or not being good on the phone and having skills. With any stranger on the phone, you almost naturally put this force field up a lot of the time, and this is what you are the master at. You break down that force field by your tone of voice.

I try to break it down with my tone of voice. I try to pick up on hints and tones of how they are. Jake, the other owner of Viking Real Estate Investments, always puts out a good point. He says, “If you want to go buy a car from a dealership when you go to the dealership knowing you want to buy a car. You pull up, all of these salespeople come out and you get defensive. No, I’m only here to look.” Even though you are there to buy a car, you automatically get defensive, but you have to find the right salesperson. The way they come across to somebody to be able to break that down.

You break it down. How do you get the price out of them? Did he own it free and clear?

Yes, he owned it free and clear. I break it down on all my calls by trying to find out as much information as I can. The condition of the home, as I’m here in Tempe, Arizona and they are in Kentucky, Louisville, I try to break down. I try to figure out what they would do to the property, how they would update it, and any major issues with it. Once I get all that information when I start to talk numbers. I bring out their words. I start to relay and start to repeat. “You told me it needed a new roof and the kitchen needed to be updated. What ballpark are you at?” That’s how I usually get the number from them.

He said, “If you give me $1,000, I will sell it to you?”

No. It was because at the beginning of the conversation, he was not interested. He said no. I turned him around and got him interested. I found out all the information and he says, “What number are you in?” I said, “Give me a ballpark. You told me all the things that need to be done.” He says, “Make me an offer.” I said, “$1,000 would do that.” He sat there and it was dead silence. The next person who talks, in my opinion, loses in their calls. I sat there quietly and he said, “I think I might be able to do that.” I said, “What we are going to do is we are going to give you $2,000.” He says, “That’s great.”

If this property was in great shape, what does this property sell for fixed up? What’s the retail value of this property?

If I remember correctly, the ARV was right around the $80,000 to $85,000 in that area.

This guy took $2,000 because you threw it out and you threw out a number? Why not?

I was more than willing to get rejected. I was more than willing to get, “I’m going to laugh at you or I am going to hang up on you,” because he’s not the only person on the list. I’m going to call somebody else. If I did not say that, if I did not have, like you said and how we are talking, the confidence in myself to say that, I would not have closed the deal.

I want to know how much you folks made on this. You got it for $2,000. What did you folks sell it for?

I can’t even remember, but I know it was somewhere in five figures or something like that.


People want to buy from people they trust.

I think it was over $25,000.

That comes from asking the question. That comes from going out and reaching out to them. I know people reading this now are wondering to themselves a few questions. This is what I would be wondering so I’m going to ask them, too. What does your schedule look like? Do you call and do lead follow up at the same time every day? What does your schedule look like?

I have a set standard for myself. Luke, myself and Jake, all across the board, we hold each other accountable. Every day, I make sure I’m on the dialer trying to get those new leads, fish, and hunt. A big thing we do and focus on is follow-ups. When you say you are going to do something, you make sure you follow up on this specific day and time.

What time do you call from?

Usually, I get here at about 8:30 in the morning.

Do you start at 9:00?

As soon as I get in, I get everything set, so about 8:45 to 9:00.

How long?

I’m usually on the dialer myself for about seven hours a day.

That’s cold calling or is that doing some lead follow-up and everything else?

That’s cold calling.

Do you call seven hours a day?

No less than 6 hours but between 6 or 7 hours and when I need a break about 3 or 4 hours on the dialer, I go through my follow-ups and start to make my follow-up calls.

WI 427 | Invisible Sniper Approach

Invisible Sniper Approach: We hold each other accountable.


People can’t even make six minutes of cold calls and you are talking about doing six hours. That’s so incredible. You are built up to that, but during those six hours. Are you standing, sitting in your office, moving around, using the dialer?

Motion creates emotion. I sit and at the same time, I’m on the dialer. I’m looking through my follow-ups. If I can text somebody that I have been texting with. I will text them at the same time. If I have an email. I will multitask. I will get up and walk around the office. I will go watch Luke play video games while he’s calling. You have to keep your mind going. Sitting down for six hours, I don’t feel that is possible. You need to find other things to be able to do, like how we can do this is second nature. It comes to us, so it’s easy for us.

You are using Mojo Dialer or are you using something else?


Have you always used Mojo?

I only use Mojo.

Same with us. We have tried out a couple of other things, but Mojo is super user-friendly. In that time on an average day, how many people are you talking to? 50 to 60 new people a day?

Usually, no less than about 40. Between 40 to 45 and that does not include the people that will text you back. If I know it’s a cell phone, I will text them at the same time as I’m dialing because I can hear their voicemail. A lot of the time, they will text me back versus call then I will set up a call with them and get them on the phone.

When you get a lead, how long does it typically take you to go through the process with a cold called lead? On day one, you talk to them on a cold call. Do you know on average how long it takes to get paid on those deals?

Usually no less than 30 to 45 days. What we like to do is we like to set a precedent and the tone of pressure without the pressure of, “Let’s get this done. Things are going to change.” If we can do it on or before 30 or 45 days, that’s probably best for everybody.

In Phoenix, my average day one to the day we get paid is about 92 days in Phoenix. When I call in Alabama, for some partners that we may call for in Alabama, it’s like 37 days on average. It is market by market. If you folks are reading this, it’s important to test out different areas you are interested in. If you have the opportunity to virtually wholesale in other areas, get a list of 1,000 addresses and call them. Start testing that out as you are testing in your backyard.

That’s important because if you are crushing it, your calls are phenomenal in Kentucky, but it’s like a fistfight in Arizona. You are making more calls in Kentucky as long as you can make the income you want and get the size deals you want and the net income you want from those deals. It’s incredible. Where are you specifically calling?

I spend a lot of my day in Kentucky, but at the same time, as you said, when I need a break, if I have been in Kentucky for 4 or 5 hours and I need a break. I will call Phoenix. I will call Mesa or Gilbert. I had two appointments that I had and set up in Kentucky, and then on a Saturday, I had an appointment in Mesa. I was doing both. I had held three appointments, two in Kentucky and one in Arizona.

If you want to go to the finish line with me, let’s go to the finish line together.

I think that this is important to know. This is not his first three months in the business. He’s been making these kinds of calls for how long now?

Since October 2018.

You have been doing this for a while consistently. Think about how many conversations you have had.

There are so many conversations.

This is something that I have found by having thousands of conversations. If you have heard me on the show or YouTube channel, before you know it, when you call somebody up and you ask them if they would consider an offer, there are only six responses. Yes, they will make an offer. No, they won’t. “Maybe I will in the future. How much will you give me for my property? Who are you? How did you get my number?” Is there anything else? You have talked to thousands of people. Is there anything else people say when you ask them if they would consider an offer?

I have been on the dollar for about four hours. I think those six responses, I have had all six now and that’s it.

That’s all you folks get. Get the answers, get the responses to those responses and you are going to feel more confident getting on the phone. I think a lot of people don’t make calls or are not consistent because they don’t know what to say. Go to You can download so many things and get all of the scripts and breakdowns, so you no longer have that excuse.

You get into that rhythm because you don’t read off a script. You could do this in your sleep. You could get this going. How long did it take you to internalize your calls’ intro and be nimble when you are having these conversations when you are getting objections? How long did it take you to feel like you were a gunslinger on the phone?

To be honest with you, I think every day. Every day I work on my craft. The scripts that you are talking about, the ones at TTP or you can download, you have to use those. You have to get to a point to where you know the information that you need to give out, then you can start to put your own spin, your own personality because they are not going to buy a house from somebody that has money. They want to buy it from somebody that they trust. They want to buy from you specifically. The scripts help, but to this day, I still teach myself. I still learn and read on a daily basis.

With as much craziness is going on in the world, we have to put good things in our brains. We got to read, listen to the podcast, be on YouTube, and be around people that are being proactive and authentically enthusiastic. It’s so important. You are around two of the best folks in Phoenix with Luke and Jake. You add to that team. You’ve got a phenomenal company there that you folks got rocking. From a financial standpoint, let’s pull back a layer a little bit. Where do you see this going? Where do you see your next five years from a financial standpoint, a real estate standpoint, a passion or purpose standpoint? What are you excited about?

Every day I’m trying to learn something, but for the next five years, something that Luke, Jake, and I do is write down our goals at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year that I started, we wrote down the things that we wanted to accomplish as a company. If we write it down and we have it on our desks every day and we are able to see it, it becomes a reality. In the next five years, I would like to get my own real estate.

I would like to get into the flip, buy a house, and get tenants in there. I would like to see the back-end things of how things work. I’m on the front end of making the calls and closing the deals, but as myself, I want to get financially free of going to the mailbox and collecting the rent check and passing my knowledge. As a company, we want to look for people who are as enthusiastic, as passionate, have that same drive to where we can teach them and the company continues to grow.

What I loved the most about that is it’s not like you jumped right in and you are like, “I’m going to start my own company. I’m going to do my own thing. I need to buy properties. I need to get going and make all these big mistakes.” Some people call it the stupid tax. What you did, is you are like, “Let me get in. Let me establish a skill that I will have forever. Not only that, I’m not going to think that I will establish it after 30 days or 45. I’m going to constantly add to my skills every day, a year and a half after.” That’s such an inspiration and you are around guys.

WI 427 | Invisible Sniper Approach

Invisible Sniper Approach: We want to look for people who are just as enthusiastic and passionate and have that same drive to where we can teach them and the company to continue to grow.


I know Luke and Jake are developing, building, flipping and wholesaling. You get to see all this. You are going to be a part of all this. You are going to see the mistakes they make and the successes they have. You get to be able to source your own deals. Now, it sets you up for life. We could do this until we are 90. We can do this forever. It’s important that you understand that being around the right people, squatting up with the right people, being consistent and not getting too crazy with, “I need to own 100 rentals in the next year.” No, you are taking it slow. You are building it, making sure you are making the right choices. I love it. What an inspiration.

This has been phenomenal. You are giving hundreds of thousands of dollars of advice literally in this show from your experience. I’m telling you, folks, you can literally take this as instruction. Listen to him. He’s consistently making calls, building his skills, being proactive, and staying around positive, uplifting motivated people. He’s constantly reading. He’s adjusting his tone, so he’s a chameleon on the phone and being versatile. He’s choosing the right markets where he’s making an impact. Speak to somebody that’s never done a deal before. You give them a list of 100 addresses and phone numbers. What do you tell them to do?

Pretty much breaking down what you said, but I think the biggest advice that I can give to somebody would come to me and say, “What can you do?” I hand them the list. The first thing I would ask is, “I need 200% from you. I can’t have 50%, 70% or 80%. If you want to go to the finish line with me, let’s go to the finish line together. I don’t want to drag you to do something that you don’t want to do.” If you can give me your all and know that you are going to fumble, know that I’m here to help. I have resources.” Every single day I ask Jake and Luke. I’m texting them constantly because I have a question. I need to get their advice. I need to pick their brains, but that would be the advice I would give to somebody. Utilize me and give me as much as you can give me and give it to me all.

Most of that 90%, in my opinion, is showing up consistently. It’s amazing how many people don’t text back, don’t call people back, don’t show up on time, or are not consistent. This business is super simple. If you show up every day, you talk to new people and you have true enthusiasm. You do that. You are a millionaire. I am telling you. You will become a millionaire if you do that. That is as simple as it gets. Incredible. One last thing I want to touch on. I know that sounded like I was ending it, but something popped into my head. Show me that stack that closed the deals that you have had for a little while there.

Folks, if you are reading this, get on YouTube. These are closed deals that are on his desk. These folks don’t elaborate with their lead follow-up systems, their websites, or all this other stuff. No. These guys made calls and wrote down leads on a piece of paper. He’s got a stack on his desk that he follows up with every single day.

Don’t let all of the little things create that creative avoidance in your life to stop you from having good quality conversations with distressed property owners. You do that and you win every time. Juan, that is incredible. How do people find you? Is there a way that they can reach out? An email, Instagram, or something. If people want to reach out and give you a high five or tell you things or ask you or pick your brain a little?

It’s funny because I only started an Instagram. I got on Instagram and I think it’s @Juan_WholesaleRealEstate. You can find me there.

Is there an email in case that’s off?

You can email me and ask me some questions, pick my brain. I like to surround myself with positive people who have the same mindset. We are all here to help everybody. We are all on the same network. You can email me at

Thank you. This is a long time coming, but I appreciate it. Anytime I get the opportunity to have Luke and now you, Juan. Phenomenal. We will have to do a follow-up here in the future. See how things are going and get some more but thank you so much for being on here.

Thanks for having me.

Folks, thank you so much for reading. I am telling you, there are eight billion people on the planet. There’s a tiny fraction that is reading, watching and getting the instruction that you have. You have a huge advantage to take action on what you are learning on this show and YouTube channel. Take the action. It does not matter. This is not about entertainment. This is about you getting the exact action items that you need to be able to get deals, to be able to solve problems in your community. That’s what we do. We source real estate opportunities.

Thank you so much for reading. If you guys are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP Family. It is the TTP Program. Go to, scroll down and check out what the program’s about. Look at the hundreds of testimonials. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally. Other than that, I’m going to end the same way I end every single time, encouraging you to talk to people. Love you, folks. See you.


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