Episode 426: Mastering YOU – The Secret Sauce You Need To Win!

WI 426 | Secret Sauce To Win


With all the worries, confusion, and anxiety brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for you to effectively bring your best self and rise to the occasion has never been more important.

Now, more than ever, you as a business owner should be able to provide a clear sense of clarity and hope and be able to effectively bring your team together. To do that, there is one thing you need to master—YOU! To help you achieve some level of mastery over yourself, our very own Chris Arnold talked to his personal leadership coach, Terry Walling.

Terry has a resume that’s nothing less than awe-inspiring. Terry has 30 plus years of coaching experience under his belt. He is also the founder of Leader Breakthru, a coaching and training ministry/organization that helps leaders who are called to make a difference in their missional ministries, local churches, and the marketplace.

If you want to have a greater mastery over yourself and a better understanding of your destiny and what you are called to do as a leader and as a person, this episode is for you!

Mastering YOU – The Secret Sauce You Need To Win!

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