Episode 424: Finding Opportunities Everywhere – Riding The Profit Wave

WI 424 | Finding Opportunities


While today’s recession has taken most real estate investors by surprise, some people actually saw it coming. Lauren Hardy belongs to the latter.

For those who are not aware, Lauren is Wholesaling Inc’s newest coach. She is also the founder of TMF Real Estate, LLC as well as Hardy Real Estate Investments, LLC.

Lauren also teaches virtual marketing mastery, and advanced online training that helps people know how to select markets to enter, understand the dynamics of said market, and test their potential, among others.

In this episode, Lauren shared her thoughts on the things that are currently affecting the real estate market. In addition, she also dished out some much-needed guidance on how you can best navigate today’s unpredictable times.

Plenty of practical insights and wise wisdom in today’s episode, so don’t miss it!

Finding Opportunities Everywhere – Riding The Profit Wave

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