Episode 421: 4 Unusual Strategies Guaranteed to Explode Your Real Estate Results

WI 421 | Real Estate Results


Undeniably, when this COVID-19 pandemic started, no one anticipated how much impact it will have on businesses and the economy in general. If you’ve been complacent, you’re probably all stressed and anxious now, scrambling to find ways to keep the business afloat.

Today’s remarkable guest however knows what it’s like to go from top to bottom and get knocked out (was left with $14 million in debt and had to file for bankruptcy at one point). The good thing is, the whole experience has also taught him how to prepare for business challenges of epic proportions and come out of it victorious!

Billy Alvaro is the President of Max Returns Real Estate Investments and a coach at Flip Masters. He is also the host of Real Estate Investing Radio. The visionary, serial entrepreneur, and practitioner of the law of increase has started and built numerous real estate related organizations and has done over 11, 700 real estate transactions!

In this episode, Billy candidly shared how he transformed his self, body, and mind to prepare for economic downturns, the shifts he did to adapt to the changing economic climate, and the mindset that has helped him stay on top of things. If you need expert, no-nonsense, and wise guidance as you navigate these trying times, this episode is for you!

4 Unusual Strategies Guaranteed to Explode Your Real Estate Results

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