Posted on: May 05, 2020

Time for another installment of the 90-day action plan! In this episode, Mr. TTP dished out your manual for the next two weeks. That means another set of actionable items you can easily implement to get ahead of the pack!

In addition, you’ll also get some much-needed pep talk on mindset and positivity as we navigate this pandemic-fuelled economy. So much value in just 5 short minutes, so don’t forget to tune in!

Key Takeaways

  1. Make cold calls for 1 to 3 hours each day
  2. Do fanatical lead follow ups
  3. Drive for dollars at least an hour each day
  4. Start implementing text blasting


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels:
Hey, everybody. It is Brent Daniels, Mr. TTP, and we are on days 20 through 34, and this is going to be a really, really, really simple video because there’s four main parts, four main action items that I want you to implement over the next two weeks. We’ve gone over from days one to 20 for the next two weeks. We’re super, super, super focused, right? We read our one thing. We’re laser focused on four things, and make sure that you are keeping all of your notes in somewhere that you can organize and keep in front of you at all times because you’re going to look at this after this 90-day action plan, and you’re going to be blown away by how much progress you have made in your business, and that is what is all about. So, let’s go with the number one thing.
If you only do this, you are going to win, and that is you need to be making calls one to three hours a day. You need to be cold calling on distressed property owners. Okay? Quality conversations with distressed property owners is the foundation of this business. If you just do that, I am telling you, you are going to be doing so much business. It’s going to be incredible, but add that to number two, which is fanatical, fanatical, fanatical lead follow up. Every lead, every time gets followed up, and that means that you are pre-qualifying every single one of these leads every single time.
Every conversation goes back to the condition of the house, timeline to sell, motivation to sell, and their prices, the four pillars of pre-qualifying. If you are making sure that you are pre-qualifying and following up with every lead in your pipeline, you are going to be really, really, really happy with the results that you’re going to get.
Number three is we have two virtual drive for dollars an hour every single day. We’ve done a video on it. You can go check it out. It was a couple of weeks ago, but you need to sit on your couch and virtually drive for dollars every single day. Basically, what that means is you got to get the deal machine app. Use the TTP code and get it for $40 a month. Drive around, follow the instructions in the video, make sure that you are getting the worst houses in your community, in your marketplace, in your city, and keep building that an hour every single day. These are going to be the most likely people that will do business with you.
So, it’s absolutely critical that you keep building it up. That’s why I keep talking about it. Okay? The fourth one, and this is so important. We need to start implementing this now. Not only are we going to call these people, not only we’re going to have fanatical lead followup, not only are we going to build the list of the most distressed property owners in your area, but the fourth one is we need to start implementing text blasting. All right?
Listen, on an average, a good contact rate when you’re calling is 10% to 12%. Well, what do you do with the other 88% to 90%? We’ve got to get in front of them. A lot of people won’t answer calls that they don’t know. So, we have to text them so that we can have the opportunity to start a conversation with them. Go to, They’ve got an incredible tool for text blasting. If you use the coupon code TTP, you get it for a dollar for 500 texts. So, take advantage of that. It’s a pay as you go type of thing. It’s not anything crazy. So, get in there and start testing that today. I’m telling you, we need to get in front of the people that won’t answer their phone.
So, we’re calling one to three hours. 04:26We are following up on every single lead and we are pre-qualifying them. We are driving for dollars an hour every single day, and we are text blasting every single day. Just do it in 30 minutes, little time blocking. Time block 30 minutes. I don’t know why that was stuff. 30-minute time block, where you are texting and responding to people minimum every single day. So, test it out. That might only be 10 to 20 texts at a time and get the responses back. You can expect really good response rate right now, and then you’re following up.
As soon as they say yes, they would consider an offer or are thinking about selling their house, you got to get them on the phone right away. That is the secret to text blasting. Get them on the phone right away. That is it, guys. That is for the next two weeks, that’s what I want you to focus on. Remember, we got to be putting great things in our mind. We need to be reading at least 10 pages of a really good book every single day. When we’re in our cars, we do not listen to anything but a really great podcast, the Wholesaling Inc. podcast or an audible of really great books. We need to be positive right now. We need to be optimistic.
We are coming out of this. I’m telling you, we’re crawling our way out of this situation, and we are going to be so far ahead of our competition because we are taking action right now. Make sure you check out the TTP program and, Check it out. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. Other than that, talk to, all the free resources you could possibly need.
Guys, this for the next two weeks, this is your manual. This is what you do. Take action on it. None of this matters unless you’re taking action. So, get going today. Check it out. I love you. Until next time, get them. Talk to people.

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