Episode 419: The Proven Method to TRIPLE Your Assignment Fees Right Now

Ever wondered what some of the most enticing benefits successful wholesalers are enjoying? For today’s rockstar guests, wholesaling gave them the luxury to be debt-free, go on a vacation for a week (or two!), and be in total control of their time!

Jeremy and Michelle Beland are a husband and wife team from New Hampshire. The couple are living the “pinch me” lifestyle—they are debt-free, can go on vacations whenever they want to, and has a substantial balance in their bank account. And they owe it all to their ability to generate massive assignment fees!

In this episode, the rockstar couple not only provided effective tips that can help you triple your assignment fees, they also shared how they’re consistently finding lucrative deals, what their game plan is, and their advice for those who would like to give wholesaling a try.

If you’re ready to live the “pinch me” lifestyle, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

Key Takeaways

  • How they got started in real estate
  • How the business has given them financial freedom
  • How they’re finding lucrative deals
  • Tricks and techniques that has helped them generate massive assignment fees
  • Where they found a specific deal they did
  • Two ways that allowed them to sell properties without spending money
  • Some of the reasons sellers don’t go the traditional real estate agent route
  • Their game plan in terms of the income they are generating
  • Advice they’d give to those who would like to try wholesaling


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