Posted on: April 30, 2020

It’s time for another installment of the 90-day action plan for unstoppable results! If you’ve been religiously following this awesome series, then you’re most likely talking to leads now and creating a robust foundation.

However, if you missed days 1 – 14, go back and listen to them first. You have to keep in mind that the action steps provided will build on each other so it’s crucial that you follow them accordingly.

In today’s episode, successful real estate entrepreneur, rockstar wholesaler, and Mr. TTP himself shared another set of invaluable tips you can easily implement to move your wholesaling business forward!

Remember, now’s not the time to pause. On the contrary, now’s the perfect time to take action and implement new strategies so you’ll still thrive even during these trying times!

Key Takeaways

  1. Find 3 private money lenders
  2. Zoom walkthroughs with sellers
  3. Read the book of the week, “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
  4. Continue consistently pre-qualifying and following up with leads
  5. Drive for dollars at least an hour each day


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 1:
We’re already two weeks into the 90 day action plan during the coronavirus. On this podcast, we’re going to break down days 15 through 19. I hope you are taking action on the first two weeks of the 90 day action plan. If you haven’t, stop this podcast, go back to day one and start it right now. These all build on each other. People are taking action. I’m getting DMs, I’m getting texts, I’m getting people reaching out saying that they’re implementing this plan and it is working. It works if you do it. That was the first week’s little saying that we put on our little pad every single day. This week’s is different.
This week is I want you to write at the top of your notepad, extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make the focus. Guys, we need to narrow our focus. We need to get a deal every single week. Every single week. That is our focus. We talked about it in week two, and now we’re building up to week three. So narrow your focus and make sure that every lead that you have coming in, you are following up, that you have enthusiasm, that you’re mirroring and matching the tone and the speech patterns of the people that you are speaking with. If they’re older, slow it down. If they’re more excitable or if they have more energy in their voice, make sure that you match it. You don’t want to just blow somebody out by being too enthusiastic and you don’t want to be all down and sad and have a terrible tone because you’re not going to get these sellers, these distressed property owners to open up to you, okay?
So here is the first homework of this week, and that is you need to find three hard money lenders, three private money lenders in your market that are still lending right now. So what I want you to do is just Google it. A couple of different things, Google private money lending in your city or hard money lending in your city, and start calling through that list until you talk to three that are actively lending. Not only that, but what I want you to ask them is what are your guidelines? How much do people have to put down? What is your interest rates? What is the cost for the loan? These are really important to know so that you can communicate and you can direct your cash buyers towards people that are still lending money. Some people are tightening up and some people aren’t lending at all. So you need to work with the people that are lending. There are people in your market that are lending right now. So it’s your job to find them and make sure that you’re matching them up with your cash buyers.
It should never be the excuse of your cash buyer that they can’t get funding. That’s on you to go find it. We haven’t had to do it. We’ve been able to be lazy in the past. We’ve assumed that people always had cash, but it’s different now. Make sure that you’re connecting the people that are lending money with the people that are buying your properties. That is absolutely critical. Find three of them. You can also post to Instagram or Facebook and find those lenders, find the groups of real estate investors or flippers or wholesalers or whatever. Put a post up there and ask who is lending right now and see, and make sure that you pick up the phone and you talk to them. Don’t just assume that you understand the loan programs that they’re putting out right now. Pick up the phone, get somebody directly that you can put in touch with your cash buyers. It is critical right now.
Second thing is I want you to get familiar with Zoom. I’m sure everybody’s familiar with Zoom now that everything is virtual and everything is video, but this is a huge tip that I got from Chris Arnold from REI Radio, one of the Wholesaling Inc coaches. He has his sellers get Zoom on their phone and walk around the house as he’s live with them and directing them where to go so that he can get everything that he needs, all of the video that he needs on the properties that he’s selling virtually without having to go into the house. Some cash buyers don’t want to go into stranger’s houses because they’re afraid of the coronavirus. Some sellers don’t want people coming into their house because of the fear of the coronavirus. This is a real threat. This is a real anxiety or a real stress to have. So we need to adjust.
Imagine this. Imagine if with every property that you’re blessing out, you’ve got a five to seven minute video of the seller walking through the house showing exactly what’s going on and the condition, and they can put together their estimated costs that it’ll take for them to fix it up, okay? So that’s two. That’s a really important over these next four days to do those two things. Get those lenders and make sure that you get familiar with Zoom so that you can get your sellers to get on there and show you what you need so that you can sell the property.
Next, we need to focus. We need to focus, focus, focus. This book’s going to help you do it, The ONE Thing. That’s where this comment came from. The week’s comment came from The ONE Thing. This is going to help you narrow it down so that you’re absolutely focused on getting one deal per week. One deal per week, one deal per week, one deal per week. Focus, read this book. This is the book of the week, okay? One to three hours of calls. We got to stay consistent with our proactive activities. We got to keep filling up the pipeline. So we need to still make calls every single day. We need to be consistent. We need to still have those conversations with our family that says these are the times that I’m going to be making calls. I need it to be quiet. I need to go somewhere. I need to be in this room. I need to lock the door. I need to be absolutely focused on hunting for opportunities. So make sure that you’re continuing to make your calls, make sure that you are pre-qualifying every single lead every single time.
And the last thing is you need to make sure you’re driving for dollars one hour every single day. We touched on it on week one, we touched on it a little bit week two, but we got to keep building up our driving for dollars list. 80% of the first deals from my TTP family, from the TTP Program, people in my mentorship come from the driving for dollars list. That is real facts. This isn’t just a guesswork. You need to get the DealMachine app, use the code TTP. You get nine bucks off it’s 40 bucks a month and virtually drive for dollars for one hour every day. You can do it in your underwear on your couch, you could do it in the middle of the night, you can do it first thing in the morning. Whatever it is, make sure that you are doing one hour a day of virtual driving for dollars building up your list.
That is it. That is it guys. That is days 15 through 19. Take these steps. Make sure that you’re talking to the private lenders, make sure you’re getting familiar with Zoom, make sure that you’re making your calls, make sure that you read The ONE Thing, make sure that you’re virtually driving for dollars one hour every single day. We are building this up. We are building this up. We are building this up. We are building this up. We will not stop during this time. We will not pause during this time. We are going to make more money during this situation than ever before because people are asleep, people are fearful, people are not taking action, but you are. Make sure you take action on these items. You want to take it to the next level. Make sure you check out the TTP Program at, Check it out. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. Other than that,, all the free resources you could possibly need. Check it out. I love you. Until next time. Get them. Talk to People.

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