Episode 413: How To Adapt And Grow In The Face Of Adversity

WI 413 | Adversity


In times of adversity, it’s easy to get lost in your worries, anxiety, and fears. On the flip side however, today’s trying times is the perfect opportunity for you to exercise both your resiliency and creative muscles. Our rockstar guests today chose to do the latter and they’re $54,000 richer for it!

Vamsi and Vijah Boddu are two ingenious wholesalers from Columbus, Ohio. The two are brothers and business partners at the same time. Together, they have done several deals in two different markets and in this episode, they shared a recent deal they did and how they made it happen.

They say unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and these two brothers definitely know how to rise up to the challenge! In this episode, you’ll not only learn how to think outside the box, you’ll also discover how building rapport can make a world of difference. So much wisdom and inspiration in today’s episode, so don’t miss it!

How To Adapt And Grow In The Face Of Adversity With Vamsi And Vijah Boddu

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