Posted on: April 14, 2020

While COVID-19 has brought the world to an unexpected halt, it does not mean your business has to stop too. The thing is, even if you’re just confined to your home 24/7, now is not the time to just wait for time to pass, go with the flow, or just give up.

On the contrary, consider this time as the consummate opportunity to take your wholesaling game to the next level. To help you out, we have no less than wholesaler extraordinaire and Mr. TTP himself, Brent Daniels!

This episode is the first of a special series where Brent will share the ultimate 90-day plan that will help your business thrive even during these crazy and challenging times. Nothing but pure liquid gold each and every episode, so don’t you dare miss it!


Key Takeaways

  1. Have faith and take action
  2. Time block
  3. Call at least 20 cash buyers
  4. Determine when to call
  5. Get 5 accountability partners


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Episode Transcription

Cody Hofheinz:
Hey guys, welcome to another episode of the Wholesaling Inc Podcast, the number one podcast for all things wholesaling. And today is a very special episode and a very special series. Today’s episode by Brent Daniels is going to blow your mind. This thing is going to blow your mind. I know one of Tom’s favorite phrases is liquid gold and I promise you, this is going to be nothing but pure liquid gold. In this series, Brent Daniels is going to walk you through from zero to hero, from zero to 90 days. He’s going to give you a 90-day plan on what you should be doing right now in this very uncertain time with the coronavirus and social distancing and all that stuff. He’s going to give you a plan. He’s going to give you a plan on how you could build a business in the next 90 days. And he’s going to give you a step-by-step plan for the next 90 days. So this is part one of the series and he’s going to continue.
Now, this podcast is not going to be sequential. What I mean by that is there’s not going to be one podcast every single day for the next 90 days. What’s going to happen is every Tuesday and Thursday, he’s going to be sharing an update on those days and the action steps that you need to be taking on those days, what you should be doing on day one, what you should be doing on days two through five, et cetera, et cetera. And he’s going to give you a complete action plan from A to Z, step by step, Brent is going to take you by the hand and he’s going to bring you to maybe your first deal, or maybe you want to scale and grow your wholesaling business. He’s going to give you the tools. He’s going to arm you with everything that you need to be able to do that.
So be prepared. I want you to take out a pen and paper and follow this, follow this program. It’s a mini program in the form of these podcasts, but this is going to blow your mind and I am really, really excited about this one. So enjoy.

Brent Daniels:
Hey everybody. It is Brent Daniels, Mr. TTP, and I am telling you I’ve put together the perfect 90-day action plan during these crazy times. We’re going to start with day one. Right now, I want you to get a yellow pad of paper or anything, just a pad, something that you can use as a journal, something that you can use to take notes because it’s going to be critical.
Number one, what I want you to write down on this thing is, this will work if I do. This will work if I do. Guys, here’s the thing. Right now, it is an unbelievable time to get opportunities, to have quality conversations with distressed property owners. Never ever has it been this good. I’ve been doing this for over eight years and I’m telling you, we’re having better conversations right now than we ever have, but you need to follow these instructions.
So number one, this will work. You have to have the faith and that faith is going to turn into fact as soon as you are closing deals. You can do this. I don’t care if you’re doing 100 deals right now, or you’ve never done a deal before, follow these steps. Number one, this will work if I do.
Number two, I want you to write down time block. You need to literally look at your schedule, have a conversation today. This is instruction. This isn’t just food, food. This is what I want you to do. Have conversations with your family and figure out what time of the day you can commit to this business. And I want you to write it down on your path. Is it 9:00 to 11:00? Is it 2:00 to 4:00? What are the times that you can commit? Is it all day? Can you time block all day and really explode your business. But you need the step two, this is you need to write the times in your schedule that you can commit. And this has to be sacred time. Nothing interrupts this time. Not texts, not emails, not kids running in, not going out… I mean, you need to be so focused on that time because this is money time. This is the time that’s going to change your financial future.
Number three is you need to get a list. Look through every single buyer, cash buyer you have and you need to call them all today. Now, if you’ve got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, call your top buyers. I want you to make at least 20 calls today, 20 calls today to cash buyers, your top cash buyers and ask them, “How’s things going? Are you still buying? What are you looking to do? Talk to me about what’s going on right now.” You need to have these conversations because we need to cater the list that we’re going after, based on what your cash buyers are buying. There are still buyers out there. They’re looking for deals and they are ready. They don’t want their money in the stock market. They’re afraid of it being in their bank account because they have too much money in there and FDI [inaudible 00:06:18] so much. So talk to your buyers, see what they are buying.
Next, you need to determine when you are going to make your calls. You need to be TT paying at least an hour a day if not three, if not more. Okay, this is day one. This is the instructions for day one. You need to look and say, “Okay, I time blocked this time. How much of that is going to be me hunting for deals, me getting on the phone, picking up the phone and calling.” This isn’t time that you’re sending lists to skip trace. This isn’t time that you’re pulling data. This isn’t time that you’re responding to emails or going on appointments or virtual appointments or whatever. This is the time that you’re going to be proactive. You need to make that time and you need to make sure you know exactly what that looks like in your schedule.
And then the last thing for today… And listen, guys, I’m going to do days two through four tomorrow, and five through seven the next day. So make sure you follow up, but I want to break this up so you actually do the work. This is so important.
The last one. I think this is the most critical one for today. You need to get five people and you need to write down five people that are going to be your accountability partners. Five people that are optimistic, enthusiastic, positive, and proactive. You need to find five people in your life, in this business. I don’t care if it’s virtual, I don’t care if they’re in a different market or a different country or whatever, five people that you can swot up with and support yourself because there’s going to be some times where we’re mentally not there. There’s going to be some times where we’re worried about everything. Everything that’s getting poured into our ears right now about uncertainty is going to affect our daily schedule. You need to have five people. You need to reach out to them today and ask them if they are ready to be your accountability partner, because you’re going to be their foundation. They’re going to be your foundation. They’re going to help you. You are going to help them. This is absolutely critical. You’ve got to find the five people.
Guys, this is day one of 90 days. Make sure that you are locked in and follow the instructions. So get the pad, go through steps one through five, and let’s go because I’m telling you right now, guys, there is so much opportunity out there for the wholesaling business. You are going to win during this time and you’re going to come out and the rest of the year is going to be absolutely fantastic, but it starts today. Start taking action today. I’ll see you tomorrow. See you.

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