Episode 403: Wholesaling Houses Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

WI 403 | Wholesaling Houses


Many people can attest that while wholesaling can have a few challenges, the compensation you get is always well worth the effort. Case in point: today’s rockstar guest earned $12,087 on a deal he spent just a total of 5 hours on! If we do the math, that’s equivalent to getting paid $2,417.40 per hour!

Greg Berney is a phenomenal rhino from Greensboro, North Carolina. The husband and doting dad of 3 has been wholesaling for over 2 years now and has done over 40 deals. In this episode, he shared how the universe helped him with his desire to venture into wholesaling full-time.

Join Greg and Cody as they break down one of the most recent deals he did—the challenges he encountered and how he resolved them, the marketing channel he used, and other tips and techniques he swears by. So many gold nuggets in today’s episode, so don’t miss it!

Wholesaling Houses Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

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