Episode 399: Is Now Still a Good Time to Get Into Wholesaling?

What risks are you willing to take to be financially free? Today’s rockstar rhino believes in wholesaling so much that he took two massive risks: quit his job to wholesale full-time and go into debt to invest in expert mentorship!

Jens Kuetemeyer is a new rhino who’s currently crushing it in the wholesaling market. Just like most people, he got into wholesaling without any prior experience. However, he didn’t let his lack of experience get in his way. Totally committed and willing to fail his way forward, Jens has already done 5 deals and has a few more in the pipeline.

In this episode, Jens talked about the techniques that has helped him achieve success in the wholesaling world. Not only that, he also shared the mindset that has helped him find and close deals in just a few months. In short, this episode provides a good dose of motivation and inspiration, so don’t miss it!


Key Takeaways

  • The marketing channel he used to find the deal
  • List he targeted
  • The apps he uses while driving for dollars
  • What the notice of default list is all about
  • Key phrases he looks for when looking for seller motivation over the phone
  • How his meeting with the seller went
  • What his exact strategy was
  • What his life was like prior to wholesaling
  • His advice for those who are just starting out
  • Why he believes having the right mentor is key


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