Episode 398: Using Online Marketing to Grow Your Wholesaling Business

WI 398 | Online Marketing


Did you know that while considered an underutilized channel, online marketing is deemed one of the most effective in terms of generating high quality leads? This is something today’s guest can attest to and will discuss in detail in this episode.

Brandon Bateman is a digital advertising expert and the genius behind Bateman Collective, a company that offers a vast array of professionally-executed services designed to help clients find, engage, and convert customers.

However, while undeniably one of the most profitable lead sources available, online marketing is not for everyone. In this episode, Brandon shared all you need to know about this powerful marketing channel—who it is for, key things to take into account, what to expect in terms of ROI, and many others.

If you’re considering giving online marketing a try, this is one episode you can’t miss!

Using Online Marketing To Grow Your Wholesaling Business With Brandon Bateman

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