Episode 388: The Uncomfortable Action that Led to a Rhino’s First Deal

WI 388 | Uncomfortable Action


What are you willing to do to get your first wholesale deal? Today’s rockstar rhino chose not to hold back—he went into wholesaling full-time, stepped out of his comfort zone, invested in expert help, and took massive imperfect actions. Of course, his hard work and tenacity paid off big time!

Jay Mancuso is a new rhino from Omaha, Nebraska. While he had no prior wholesaling experience, he invested in expert help, failed his way forward, and gave the venture all he’s got. And the rest they say is history.

If you’re a new wholesaler who has yet to find your first-ever deal, this episode is for you. You’ll not only learn a few effective techniques, but you’ll also discover the mentality that has helped Jay win in the competitive world of wholesaling!

The Uncomfortable Action That Led To A Rhino’s First Deal With Jay Mancuso

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