Posted on: March 17, 2020
WI 385 | TTP Call


In the wholesaling world, even a single call can change your life for the better. Case in point: today’s incredible rhino earned $38, 000 just from one TTP call alone!

Brandy Pollack is no stranger to real estate. In fact, he’s been doing it since 2006. However, it was only in 2018 that he discovered wholesaling. While his journey has not been easy, everything changed when he joined the TTP program.

If you want to know how Brandy dominated the wholesaling world (read: he earned a whopping $840,000 in a year alone!), you can’t miss today’s episode. You’ll not only learn about the successful techniques he used, you’ll also discover how his relentless dedication and proactiveness has helped him get ahead!



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One Phone Call Can Change Your Life With Brandy Pollack

Episode Transcription

It is my absolute pleasure to bring all the way from Miami, Mr. Brandy Pollack, to the show.

Hey, there.

We’ve known each other for a long time. We’ve been doing a lot of work together. You’ve come to Phoenix. You’ve spent some time with me and my team. I’ve seen an explosion in your business over the past several months. You were on fire. Not only that, but you also bring incredible energy and personality to the wholesaling business. It’s exciting to be interviewing you on the show and also picking your brain and seeing what makes you tick, what makes you so special, and how you can share some of the trials and successes with everybody. First of all, who is Brandy Pollack?

Brandy Pollack is a real estate investor. I’ve been doing this since 2006. I like to say I got my PhD in the school of hard knocks. I was a late adopter so I got in at the wrong time. I’ve probably lost $1 million before I earned a cent in real estate. I cut my teeth fixing and flipping when it was time to sell and not the time to buy. As a lot of people have, they took many months and picked myself up from the bootstraps and started.

When you got into real estate, you got in under the passion of flipping.

I got in under the passion of following somebody who was going to lead me down a rabbit hole, not understanding what it was. Unfortunately, I lost a ton and then I had to restart as a mortgage broker. This was in 2008 and 2009 when we were doing loan modifications. I’m in a niche market here in South Florida. I went with a realtor who had lost more money than I had. He was getting listings and I was doing mortgages for guys who had just started doing the fix and flips. This was probably 2009 and 2010.

You talk about losing a ton in this business before you started producing a ton of income. Talk to me about that. What happened? Give us this tale of caution.

You know what they say, “Crawl then walk.” Instead of getting involved and starting slow, I thought it was time to go into a full blast run. Instead of buying lower-priced homes and cutting my teeth, I had a mentor at the time who said, “Let’s go to luxury.” We’re buying houses on the water that were $750,000. At the time we thought we were going to resell them for $1 million to $1.3 million. Unfortunately, it was at the end of 2006 going into 2007. All we could do is spend money on rehabs and not ever sell. I did more foreclosures than I did sales.

You got caught in the downturn.

I was buying at the worst time that anybody could ever look to buy. The first seven deals that I did all ended up in foreclosures.

What’s going through your mind then? How do you pull yourself out of such a hole?

When you have a family, a wife and two young children, there is no quitting. There is no, “Woe is me.” It’s a matter of, “Let’s get resourceful and figure out what needs to be done one step at a time.” I’ve got my mortgage license on December 30th, 2006, going right into the worst time you could ever be involved in real estate. Let me back up a little. I was involved in a family business. I did children’s wear manufacturing from 1994 to 2005. I was in a completely unrelated business. I had been doing business in Central and South America. I had my own business at the time in Columbia in 2005. I got held at a gunpoint. From that point where I got held at a gunpoint in 2005, I went back to the factory and told them, “Take me to the airport.” I left my business and completely had to start my life over again at $30. I then got into real estate.

How did you find wholesaling? Did you already know about it?

Get resourceful and figure out what needs to be done.

I was cutting my teeth as a mortgage broker. The realtor who I was involved with decided that we were going to do some fix and flips ourselves. All along, I had a mentor who I learned a ton from. He was wholesaling but I didn’t see myself as a wholesaler. I was getting the lists and the emails but I felt that my lane was doing the fix and flips. Fast forward to the end of 2017, I had spent no money on marketing up until that time. Everything was a referral from an REO broker. I had relationships. In 2017, I was like, “Things are driving up. Prices on the MLS don’t work. I need to branch out and figure out how to create my own deal flow.” In 2018 January I started my wholesaling journey.

For everybody, Brandy mentioned REO. That means Real Estate Owned. The banks own the properties during the downturn. It’s a little bit sprinkled throughout the market. You’re going to see the term REO. It means that it’s bank-owned. Somebody gave the property back through foreclosure. That’s a little bit of clarification there. It’s January 2018. You have real estate experience. You have some big lumps that you’ve taken. At this point, 2018, do you have a robust savings account? Do you have income coming in that’s going to help feed and support your wholesaling business?

Yes. I’m doing 20 to 25 fix and flips a year. From 2016 to 2017 going into 2018, I had quite a bit of good deals that were still in my pipeline that allowed me to start the wholesaling journey. 2018 was my year to figure things out. I got associated with a partner. He was my best friend at the time. I have a story about that as well. We started our business. We ended up doing a mailer. I didn’t know anything about cold calling. Everything was new to me. I had no involvement in masterminds the whole time going up to 2018. We did a mailer and we fought the phones. We send out postcards and they explode and blow up. Little did we know, that was not the case. We get a call. We sent out a mailer in the middle of January. Middle of February, we get our first deal. The first deal was a $65,000 wholesale.

Let’s back up. When you said you sent out your first mailers, how many did you send out?

Twenty-five thousand.

Who’d you send it to? What list?

It was a niche list from a company out of Seattle.

Was that Audantic?


We don’t mention it here a lot because it is an expensive list to get. It’s something like $15,000 a year to get quarterly updates for this list from Audantic, but they are a data scientist. They send you a list of the most likely properties to sell at a discount and then you go after them and you try to get them. It’s a fantastic company., you can check it out.

That was our first deal. We got a deal. It was an older woman. It was a second home. We got into the house. We had to work for four weeks helping her take the items that she wanted out of the house. We were there every weekend for four weeks. We purchased the property for $95,000. We wholesaled the property for $165,000. The guy who we wholesaled it to went and wholesaled it to somebody else for $179,000.

Did you assign it or are you double closing it?

WI 385 | TTP Call

TTP Call: We’re sending out a lot of mail. We’re getting minimal deals but the deals we were getting, were big deals.


We double close it. The numbers were too big. This was our first deal. We were intimidated about the whole assignment thing. We figured we don’t want people knowing what we’re making. We didn’t want her to know. We were novices at the wholesaling game.

It’s interesting. A lot of people ask me that question, Brandy. I’m sure you get it a lot in your market or people that find out how successful you are. They say, “At what point do you assign it? At what point do you double close it or double escrow it because it was so big of a spread, $35,000?” My answer is always my cash buyers know that I get big deals. They expect to see that we negotiated strongly, that we did a good job, and that these are pretty big deals. We assigned most of our deals. Some of them, we want to close and either put on the market. We want to close to make it smooth if there are a lot of family members involved. They want to see us closing the deal and they have an attorney involved.

That’s fine. That’s not a problem, but most of the time we assign it. If this is your first time here or if this is your first few episodes, don’t let this intimidate you. There are a couple of different routes that you can take when you get these massive over $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 and $60,000 deals that you can take. I would highly suggest you talk to the title company and see what they’re comfortable doing. Not all title companies do double escrows or closing attorneys or assignments. Make sure that you focus on the title companies and closing attorneys in your market that are familiar, that are doing them every day, and that can help walk you through the process. You doubled escrowed that and ended up with $65,000, which is incredible. You must be like, “Wholesaling is the best thing ever.”

We figure, “Let’s get the phones to keep on ringing.” We send out another mailer. We’re sending out a lot of mail and we’re getting minimal deals, but the deals that we were getting were big deals. That was a good thing. Let’s fast forward. Let’s go through the summer. I found out about this thing called the Wholesaling Inc Summit. Before that, I had been listening to the podcast. I had found out about Tom. I have heard about you. I said to myself, “I got to go to Asheville to meet this guy.” I went to Asheville and met you. I got involved in the TTP program and I was like, “Let’s go,” and hit the ground running.

It goes back to your original story of crawl, walk and run. You were like on a motorcycle when you hit the TTP program. You went full bore and went crazy. All of a sudden, you started popping deals and sending me texts and pictures of these checks. It was phenomenal. Talk to me about your team now. Talk to me about your strategy now and your different marketing steps. Let me pull back. Business 2019, how did that end up grossing for you?

I looked at 2019 as my breaking-in year. I did $840,000 in revenue.

From that, what were your marketing techniques to get to that point?

I was doing direct mail. As the year progressed, I got out and I did less direct mail. I was doing TTP and I was watching you on one of these videos and you’re like, “This texting is bananas. If anybody here has the means to do it, you got to get involved in texting.” You mentioned this service called Sherpa. I jumped right into Sherpa and we did our first deal. I got into Sherpa in May of 2019. The first deal that we got, we closed at the beginning of July and it was a $35,000 assignment.

Right now, you call and text. Do you do any mail?

I don’t do much mail at all now. I can’t because I just sent a niche. I do staffing lists. I had nine staff lists. Anybody who was on those nine separate lists, I sent that 10,000 some odd postcards and I got one deal. It’s not for me anymore. I can’t throw the money. In December, I was listening to a Facebook live. One of your guys in Arizona, Carlos Reyes, was doing a Facebook live. He was answering questions for people. He was talking about leveraging and about, “Are you getting to the potential that you see in yourself?” I said to myself, “I have this means, TTP and Sherpa, but I don’t know if I’m getting as much as I could.” At that point, I said, “It’s time to leverage.” Right now, if the business is calling and texting, I have a team of four texters. We’re sending out 10,000 outbound messages a day, and we’re getting deals.

You’re in a couple of different markets.

I’m in Miami-Dade Broward and Palm Beach. I have boots on the ground. I have a good friend of mine who’s in Texas. We’re in Austin and San Antonio doing minimal deals there. In texting, you can only get so much data in one certain market, so we’re texting in Tampa and Orlando as well.

Wholesaling is a beautiful business, especially when you cut your teeth and get really involved.

Where are you getting your data from?

You did another video and you were talking about this company, PropStream. I went deep into PropStream. I’m not working with Audantic anymore. I’m doing more PropStream and ListSource.

Where are you getting your phone numbers from?

I was doing it with Batch and then got out. I was doing it with Sherpa, and now I’m back with Batch Skip Tracing.

I hear that a lot. Batch Skip Tracing, if you use the TTP code, you get $0.18, just a little coupon there. You are going crazy. You’re sending out a ton of messages and calls. There are a ton of proactive activities. You sent it to me. I’ve got it here in the office. Can you tell them the four D’s that you’ve got on your wall and spin it around? Guys, you can watch us also at Brent Daniels Real Estate on YouTube. You can also go to It’s the hub for everything.

Right after I saw you in Asheville, I flew out and came to you on the 1st of December. You were talking to me about this guy, Dan Sullivan, and about all the way he was thinking and a book that you had read. We discussed the four C’s, Commitment, Courage, Competence and Confidence. It made such a mark on me that I decided to make posters of it and I put them on my wall.

The beautiful thing there is the whole idea between those four C’s is progressive. You’ve got to have the commitment first. Dan Sullivan breaks it down. He’s a master at business planning. You’ve got to have the courage and then the competence and then the confidence. It’s all those things. You look at a goal and you say, “Do I want to achieve this goal? Yes, I’m committed.” Now you’re committed. You’re taking the action. The action is the courage part. Because of the action, you’re getting educated and that’s the competence part. Now you’ve got the competence that now you’ve got the confidence. It’s a filter. It’s a funnel of getting to your goal. It’s so brilliant. I love that you sent me that big one and you got it on your wall there. Let’s break down a deal. I got this bell. It is hot. It wants to ring. Let’s talk about a deal you want to talk about.

It was based on the list from PropStream, multifamily and owner out of state. We reached this guy in New York. He had property here 2 miles from my office. We originally got to him through one of our callers. We have three callers in the Philippines who are calling eight hours a day each. I know four hours is the number. I agree with it because people lose their stamina after four hours. Don’t go against what Brent tells you. He knows his stuff. We got this lead. From that point, my acquisitions guy jumped in. I broke into the market in the Haitian community. He was Haitian American. He lived in New York. He hadn’t been down here in years. When you’re dealing over the phone, you don’t know exactly what it is. On public records, it showed that it was a two-bedroom, one-bath.

I was giving him offers based on the two-bedroom, one-bath after I got involved and I spoke to him more. It was two living units and it was legal. There were two electrical meters. I went over to the house. It was a two-bedroom, one-bath and efficiency, and a separate one-bedroom, one-bath in the back. The number that I was giving him was based on the two and one. At the end of the day, the cost of acquisition was $145,000. It had an open permit. I got the permit closed because I wanted to be able to sell it to my end buyer with a clean title. We assigned the deal for $185,000.

You made $40,000.

Probably $38,000 because I paid a guy $4,900.

To recap, you got this as an absentee owner list on PropStream. You can get access to PropStream at I know that you’ve got a big account, but you can pull 10,000 addresses from TTP data for $97. It’s powered by PropStream. It’s phenomenal. You cannot beat it. It was an absentee owner list. You cold call them. You got them on the phone. What was the timeline? How fast did it take?

From the moment we made our first initial conversation to close, it was less than 50 days.

WI 385 | TTP Call

TTP Call: You can only get so much data in one certain market.


Day 1 to 50 days, you got $38,000 in your account. Here we go.

I love the victory bell.

That’s incredible. You keep rolling. You keep growing your team and doing the right things.

Right now, we have fifteen deals in escrow, six fix and flips that are in process, and trying to lock up more deals.

It’s a beautiful business.

I love it. Especially when you cut your teeth and you get involved. I took the action to go to Asheville to meet you. Everything that I’ve been able to follow you with and all the information that you’ve given me has been a wealth of absolute knowledge. Watching you on YouTube and your Facebook, it’s incredible. Anybody out there who is not following and not listening to you, they are not understanding that the content that you’re giving them works if you listen.

It only works if you work. That’s the biggest thing. You took it. You were at my office two months later in Phoenix being surrounded and seeing the whole plan. You implemented it and went bananas with it. You’re incredible. $840,000 in a year. The best part is you get to keep most of that because you’re not spending a tremendous amount of money on marketing.

I realized the expense that I was putting into the direct mail. There are a lot of markets out there that it works for. I know that it’s something that Wholesaling Inc pushes because the market said that it works.

I love this question. I give you $500, Brandy. I dropped you in the middle of nowhere, in a market and you have no buyers. You don’t know anything about values. What do you do to get your first deal?

First of all, I’m going to rent a car. I’m going to drive for dollars. I’m going to get into areas and look for houses and see exactly what we need to be able to find out if they’re available. I’m going to go and spend that money. The $500 is going to be spent on gas, rent a car and skip tracing.

Would you use the DealMachine app?

I would use DealMachine, for sure.

WI 385 | TTP Call

TTP Call: As long as you’re talking to people, you’re going to get the information that you need in order to be able to build the rapport.


TTP code there, guys. It’s the biggest discount for the tribe members. It’s $9 off a month. It’s the biggest discount out there. Put in the TTP code there. You’re going to DealMachine. You’re going to get the driving for dollars list and you’re going to call them.

I’m going to call them. I’m going to get a deal or two at least.

That is how you get going. That’s less than $500. You’re rocking and rolling. Because you’re being proactive, you’re going to have the opportunity to have a quality conversation with distressed property owners, which is the name of the game. The only question at the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of the month, at the end of the year that I asked myself and my team is, “Did we have enough quality conversations with distressed property owners to hit our financial goals?” That’s it. Everything else is fluff.

As long as you’re talking to people, you’re jumping into conversations, you’re pulling out their motivations, you’re understanding their reason for selling and what their motivations and timeline are, you’re going to get the information that you need in order to be able to build the rapport that’s necessary and make deals.

Brandy, you are the best. How do people get ahold of you? How do people reach out or if people want to network with you in your markets?

I’m on Facebook as Brandy Pollack, and then I have a small Instagram. It’s @BrandyPollack.

Thank you so much for the interview. Thank you for being on here and sharing so much value. Guys, Brandy went from foreclosures to $840,000. If he can do it, you could do it.

It’s all about taking massive imperfect action.

Don’t just consume this. Use this as your action item list. Use this as an instruction to go out there right now and go find a deal. Listen to me. I am telling you this and I believe this in my heart. There are people in your community and neighborhoods that need your help. They cannot take care of their properties. They don’t know where to turn. They need you to enter their lives and help them. You need to solve their problems. This is the most unbelievable business to be able to solve the big problems out there in the market.

The market needs you. Go out there and talk to people. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing to be around guys like Brandy, to be mentored personally by me, go to Scroll down, check it out and check out the testimonials. If it feels good in your guts, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you. That’s it. Brandy, thank you so much for being on here. Everybody out there, I love you. As always, I encourage you to talk to people. Until next time. I’ll see you.


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