Episode 383: First Deal Review – The Crucial Thing You Need To Know To Get Your First Deal With Brendan Harvey

WI 383 | First Deal


The first wholesaling deal of today’s hardworking rhino didn’t come easy. For starters, it took him 10 months before he found it. Not only that, he had to employ different strategies before he was able to finally close it. Bottom line? Finding and closing his first deal has been challenging. Was it worth all the trouble? Definitely! In fact, he netted $14,000 just from that one deal alone! Brendan Harvey is an ingenious new rhino from Brooksville, Florida. While he already had a job that paid well, he knew wholesaling can give him so much more in terms of revenue.

So after wholesaling part-time for a few months, Brendan decided to venture into it full-time and the rest they say is history. If you’re new to wholesaling or if you’ve been wholesaling for some time but have yet to find your first deal, today’s episode is for you. You’ll not only learn several effective techniques, you can also find a few action items that can help you find and close that first ever deal!


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First Deal Review – The Crucial Thing You Need To Know To Get Your First Deal With Brendan Harvey

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