Episode 381: How To Make A Fortune From Dead Leads

WI 381 | Dead Leads


Regardless if you’re a new wholesaler or a seasoned one, you’ve probably wondered if you’ve left money on the table at one point or another. Fortunately, today’s brilliant guest can help ensure no leads will ever go to waste again, even the seemingly “dead” ones.

Chris Craddock is a determined, creative, and exceptional real estate agent who has mastered the art of converting retail leads. Chris has been active in real estate since the early 2000s.

Chris started his real estate journey by flipping houses and made 12 times more than he made in year. It’s safe to assume he’s been hooked on real estate since then.

In today’s episode, Chris shared many helpful steps and insights on how you can successfully convert retail leads so you’d never leave money on the table again so make sure you tune in!

How To Make A Fortune From Dead Leads

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