Episode 375: $3,000,000 in 14 Months!

WI 375 | Partnerships


Ever wondered how powerful working with a partner can be? Today’s rockstar rhinos joined forces and earned a staggering $3,000,000 in just 18 short months!

Prince Partridge and Donovan Ruffin are young, passionate, and dedicated rhinos from Dallas, Texas. While they were both successful in each of their fields (Prince as a wholesaler and Donovan as a real estate investor), together, they became unstoppable.

In today’s episode, they shared how they make things work as a team, how they were able to successfully scale their business (they’re now operating in 7 markets!), and what their wholesaling journey has been like so far. In addition, Prince and Donovan also candidly shared many of the invaluable wisdom and insights they’ve learned along the way. If you’re working with a partner or thinking about working with one, consider listening to this episode a must!

$3,000,000 In 14 Months! With Prince Partridge And Donovan Ruffin

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