Posted on: February 27, 2020

Ever wondered what happens when you invest heavily in your wholesaling business and go all in? For today’s phenomenal guest, it meant netting $1,000,000 in just 18 months!

For 16 years, Corey Geary has been working nights as a Blackjack dealer. While the job allows him to earn a 6-figure income annually, he knew he wanted more from life. Heeding the call of his heart, Corey decided to take a leap of faith. Eighteen months in, it was evident it was one of the best decisions he has ever made!

If you’re curious how Corey made magic in just 18 months, don’t miss today’s episode. You’ll not only be amazed by the level of dedication he poured into his business, you’ll also be impressed by the level of commitment he invested into making himself better!

Key Takeaways

  • How he balanced working full-time and doing real estate
  • The programs he invested in and the mentors he worked with
  • Approximate amount he spent for programs, masterminds, and mentorships
  • The importance of being around and having access to the right people/mentors
  • Why it’s crucial (and recommended) to invest in yourself
  • What went through his head while he worked full-time and did wholesaling on the side
  • How real estate has helped change his perspective (and life) for the better
  • Breakdown of the most lucrative deal he has done to date
  • List where he found the seller
  • What his follow-up process is like
  • Number of times his team makes a follow-up
  • How much he netted from the deal
  • How much he’s paying his cold callers
  • Where he intends to invest in next
  • Advice he’ll give to someone who’s still starting out and just doing wholesaling on the side
  • How people can get in touch with him


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