Posted on: February 27, 2020
WI 372 | Real Estate Investment


Ever wondered what happens when you invest heavily in your wholesaling business and go all in? For today’s phenomenal guest, it meant netting $1,000,000 in just 18 months!

For 16 years, Corey Geary has been working nights as a Blackjack dealer. While the job allows him to earn a 6-figure income annually, he knew he wanted more from life. Heeding the call of his heart, Corey decided to take a leap of faith. Eighteen months in, it was evident it was one of the best decisions he has ever made!

If you’re curious how Corey made magic in just 18 months, don’t miss today’s episode. You’ll not only be amazed by the level of dedication he poured into his business, you’ll also be impressed by the level of commitment he invested into making himself better!

18 Months To $1,000,000 With Corey Geary

Episode Transcription

If this is your first time finding this show, it is America’s number one show when it comes to giving you the instruction, the actual step-by-step that you need to be successful at real estate wholesaling. What is real estate wholesaling? Real estate wholesaling is simply finding discounted properties. It is sourcing real estate opportunities.

If you are one of our loyal readers, thank you so much for coming back time and time again. You guys are the best. We get comments all the time on how much success you are having reading this show because not only do we bring on the absolute superstars of our industry, but we bring on people that are getting through their first deals, and we get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to do a wholesale transaction.

Remember, this business comes down to three things. Lead generation, conversion, and disposition or selling your deal. Don’t get confused. Don’t make this bigger than it is. Focus on those three things and you will grow your business. You’ll be a superstar in this industry. Speaking of absolute superstar in the industry, it is my pleasure to bring on a local. One of my neighbors here in Phoenix, Mr. Corey Geary. Corey, say hello.

Hello. How are you doing, Brent?

I’m doing awesome.

Thanks for having me.

This has been an incredible year?

A little bit less than that. A few years.

To give everybody a background here, Corey had been around. You had been at the meetups. You had found wholesaling. You’d always been interested in real estate investing, but what was your job previously?

I was a blackjack dealer at the casino. Working nights. Dabbling with the real estate by day. I started by fixing a flipping. I was doing some fixing and flips, stuff like that. Running contractors go into that headache and it was a headache. I still do some once in a while, but only when I’m forced to. I was working nights at the casino dealing blackjack and did that for several years.

What made the transition? Was it just you found some time in your schedule during the day that you were like, “I need to do something. I need to get out of play?” You can make decent money being a blackjack dealer.

It’s almost six figures a year. Especially here in Arizona because you keep your own tips.

Why get out of it?

I wanted more. I had that yearning inside, that desire to want more in life. I called it have a tap and I decided to go after it, and real estate has always been a little bit of a passion. My dad was in real estate. He was a landlord. I grew up as a kid painting houses and his houses, of course. It was all free labor. Helping him work on little small apartment buildings that he owns. I have always been around a little bit of real estate and I used to watch the HGTV Channel Flip or Flop. I watch people flipping houses and I sit with my girlfriend one day. She was a realtor, and she’s like, “Why don’t you do that?” Then I did. First flip, took me six months. I made only $8,000. Yes. I made money on it. From there, it escalated in. Then I was buying from wholesalers and eventually I was like, “I want to know how they get their deals. How do they do it?” That’s how I transitioned into it and it scaled up from there.

Talk to everybody that’s reading and has a full-time job. They have a 9:00 to 5:00 or whatever. Yours was 10:00 to 6:00 at night or whatever it is. They have a full-time job. They are making decent money. They have that desire that’s like, “If I have to do this the rest of my life, it’s going to affect my happiness. This is going to affect everything. It’s going to affect the way that I feel like, ‘Did I regret things in life?’ Did I have the freedom and opportunities that I wanted?” All these things go through our head. Everybody reading this is like, “0.00001% of the population,” or whatever it is. There are very specific people reading this that have that desire already. You are speaking to them, but a lot of them have jobs. How do you balance both?

You balance both, even if you sacrifice something. It’s going to be time somewhere or if you have money, then you can use money to help utilize other people’s time. For me, a lot of sleep was sacrificed. I would work all night long, get off from the casino at 4:00 in the morning. I would go to bed and wake up at about 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning and then start doing real estate stuff.

It took a sacrifice for a long time, and then I was doing that for a year before I quit the casino because I had to make sure I felt comfortable to quit. That’s the other thing. You are never going to feel comfortable enough to quit. You are going to eventually one day take the plunge. To balance it in the beginning, it was always some times somewhere you could find. Are you watching TV from 8:00 to 10:00 at night? That could have been time that you are getting marketing ready, pulling lists, and figuring things out. There is always some time you can find, you can utilize, and implement.

The interesting thing with you is you went in and you were like, “People have already figured this out.” You found a lot of different mentors, persistence, and programs. You invested heavily and initially. I know a few of them, but what are the programs that you did?

My first mentor was Justin Colby. The Science Of Flipping. I did that for a little while with him. I was also a mastermind in Boardroom, REWW Boardroom. I was in that for a while. I also coach under Joe Dillon in his mentorship, and then TTP. That blew up the cold calling for us. On the call floor, it was like night and day.

Give me an idea so that people know, because you are making six figures but you are like, “I want to skip to the front of the line.” That’s been your mentality. First time we talked, you are like, “I want you to come into and talk to my people. I want you to come in. I want to have access to you. I want to be around.” How much do you think you’ve invested totally in programs, mentorship, all of them?

Well over $100,000.

What do you think? Worth it?

Real estate can change and save your life.

100% worth it. I’m not going to ever stop investing in mentorship or at least masterminds or something. I want to always be around other like-minded people now. People who at least think the same thought process as me. It’s huge.

I joined Wholesaling Inc through this show that we are on right now because I wanted to be around Tom Krol and Cody Hofhine. I did. I wanted some avenue, some way to get in there and now everything’s blown up from there. You seek out people that are doing more than you and it raises your boat. It raises you up as well. He’s talking about other coaching programs or other platforms. We have no problem with it. I want everybody to get the right fit that’s good for them and feels good in their gut. The point is, invest in yourself. This is to give some perspective. How many deals are you doing a month right now?

Within 10 to 15.

10 to 15 deals a month in 18 months. This is important. This wasn’t a ten-year process for you. There are people that I know that have been in this business for 6, 7, or 8 years that aren’t doing the amount of volume and income that you are doing. You didn’t go in with ego. You didn’t go in with, “I’m the best.” You went in with, “I’m going to take this. I’m going to plug it in here. I have this full. I’m going to fill this.”

That’s it. Copy and paste. That’s all I look for and someone has done it better than me. Somebody has done a better me in everything in life. Find out who has done it better than you. Go and seek their guidance.

You are dealing blackjack. I’m not hilarious, but this is interesting. Cory set up in his living room, in his house a call center. A call center with local people making calls. You invested a ton of money in skip tracing, data, and people. It was like you were tooth and nail. You were still dealing and you had this whole team that would be in your house at 9:00 or 10:00 AM every day. Making calls in cubicles in his living room. This is what I’m talking about. I went in there. We did a great training session. You went for it and you invested heavily in this business and it paid off. How long did you have to deal blackjack before the income started rolling in and you could get out of doing that job while doing this full-time?

I started probably about 8 or 9 months before that when I started pursuing the business of wholesaling. I was flipping before there. Pursuing like, “I got to figure this out. I need to invest in this. I need to learn how to do this to make this work.” I was like, “I have to quit because the only way I’m going to level up now is quit because that was holding me back.” The not sleeping. I was still making money at the job. Don’t get me wrong, but it was not nearly what the potential was from wholesaling. It was by 8 or 9 months.

What’s going through your brain as you are going to work and you are thinking about all these deals?

It consumed me.

You are obsessed. You are still obsessed.

I’m still obsessed.

Do you think that’s a good thing?

It’s great. It’s been life-changing. Real estate has saved my life. Not even as so much money, but my spiritual self too. As I got into real estate, I dove into all of these self-help books. It’s spirituality. One of my favorite books is Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul and I have gotten deep into meditation and stuff. It has completely changed my perspective of life 100%. Real estate has changed and saved my life.

It is what happens when you have the freedom to read books, think about things, and have the moments to meditate. That’s a freedom of schedule. I don’t think that we are too bogged down with we have too many things going on in our life that we can’t do that. Mentally, we are worried about so many other stresses, whether it be, “Can I pay the bills this month? Can I get a new car? Can I go on vacation? Will my kid go to the best place?” All these stresses that come on block out our ability to have that time to meditate and free up our minds to think about exciting things, or think about how lucky and grateful we are. It’s amazing what happens when you have financial freedom to the point where you get to that.

I have three hours devoted every morning. I call it MBS. Mind, Body, and Soul, that’s for me. I don’t even look on my phone until 9:00. I get up at 6:00 and I do a gratitude letter, meditation, affirmations, and I go to the gym. That’s my morning. At 9:00 is work time. I wouldn’t be able to do that before. There’s no way I could fit that into my life. It’s been incredible. It’s been a journey.

Let’s talk about a deal. On this show, we love breaking down deals because we want to show step-by-step how you got something through. Let’s talk about a good and big deal. Do you have a big deal you want to talk about?

I have a few of them. I had one and this is our biggest. It was $42,000, and this one was a cold call. The homeowners are in distress. They needed to move because I remember one of the family members had passed away. I think it was Oregon. They had to get in there quickly. What we did is we closed them over the phone.

What list?

That particular list, I do believe was a high equity list.

High equity absentee or high equity owner?

It was owner. The skip tracing we are doing now was such in a bulk. RBMs, texts, the cold calling. Lots went to the speaker will be fifteen cold callers. In this list, we can’t hit those any more as much. We hit the big bulk, high equity list, and that’s where this one came from. I’m sure they might be on a niche list, but they are also on the high equity. Can we hit them? I guess.

I remember there was a passing family. I don’t remember all the details because now from the cold call that goes to my acquisitions. My acquisitions take care of the whole pain, figuring the problem now. Picture-perfect and going through the process. They even wrote us a great review in the BBB. It was awesome and it was $42,000. It was closed right over the phone. It was probably one of the simplest deals we did.

WI 372 | Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment: Spend time in trying to figure out what their problem is and how you can fix it.


Did you go out to that appointment?

We did not go. That was completely over the phone. Ninety-five percent are over the phone. I’m not going to go out. If the homeowner is like, “No. I’m not signing unless we were to be in person,” then we are going to go out. If they don’t have an email and their phone got shut off, I’m like, “We are going to door knock this.” Now the distress got that much and we contracted it, and we did contract this. There are times we do go out but 95% of the time, no. You can negotiate right over the phone, close them and get it all done through email.

Do the deals get a little bit wigglier because you are not face to face that they don’t know you, or you are doing enough on the phone to where that they are comfortable knowing that they can trust you?

We are doing enough on the phone as far as the rapport building and getting comfortable with them because we are spending time and trying to figure out what is their problem and how can we fix it? Do we need to get you a moving van? It’s because we will. What is the situation that’s going on?

What if they don’t answer the phone?

After we get the contract?

Before, when you are doing your lead follow-up. When you are talking to these people and they aren’t answering. They are not returning texts or voicemails. What’s your follow-up process?

It’s a pretty intensive follow-up process. It’s going to go into our CRM, which is Podio. They are going to go into a drip system which is automated right through Podio. They are going to get hammered on the phone. If the acquisition cannot get them back live again, it’s going to get transferred to my next acquisition.

I have three acquisition agents now. It’s going to get transferred that way, and maybe if they didn’t click with that person, maybe they will click with this person. Sometimes personalities don’t, this person will contract something that this person cannot do this thing. If it comes down to it and I feel like there is an appointment that we need to go to because of that, maybe because it’s the rapport problem.

Being belly to belly is the best, then we will set the appointment. If none of them will set the appointment, then it’s me going on that appointment because I can handle the little amounts of points we do have. I do know how to go out there and discuss the problems with the homeowner, try to figure out the solutions, and understand what the whole situation is and how much I can pay for the house once I get there. I will be training one of my acquisitions to fill that role in the future.

You call them how many times if they are not answering. This is like a hot lead.

They get called at least seven times.

Voicemails or texts seven times?


With your Podio drip, what does that mean? What are they getting? Texts?

Text, RVM, and emailed. Depending on what drip I will put it on. We will have cold drip or one drip.

Is this after your acquisition manager has been calling and leaving messages?

It needs to go on a drip immediately. If they start having good rapport during negotiations then no. If they make contact or if they are even like, “No. I said I wanted to sell but I don’t want to sell.” That’s going on a drip.

Not the ones that are hot.

That were working. Even the one that’s hot I’m working with. If I send you a contract, there’s a drip for that.

What is a drip? You send them a contract.

It’s like, “We sent you the contract. We want to follow and make sure you’ve got that.” It got some verbiage in there. This is an immediate text in the drip after the contract has pushed out because our contracts go off the Podio. We are trying to automate the best we can in our business. Right now, someone is stuck in that and I’m getting that figured out.

Don’t ever stop investing in mentorship or masterminds.

It goes out through Podio and then they get the drip that goes right out. Let’s say they get the contract because of how many times they ghost you if you send a contract. That happens all the time. It’s because they are shopping you. Then they are going to get an RVM maybe a couple of days later and then an email. If we feel it’s a good deal, we might go to the house and door knock it. Let’s say it’s in Glendale. I’m in Chandler. I know a lot of people out there who are boots on the ground. I’m going to give them a call and say, “Do you want to split this? Go knock on the door and see if you can resurrect it. If you resurrected, we’ll split it.”

First of all, we got to ring this bell for that. How much did you make in that deal?

That’s $42,000.

From one phone call?

That was from one phone call.

You said you have fifteen cold callers.

We have ten now. We got five more getting hired.

A call center foreign. Are they local? Back in the day they’re in the other end.

They are all in-house. They are all in my living room and I’m starting to transition away from that. We have five in Hallsville. I have five in Mexico and we are going to put five over in Ecuador. I met with somebody over there and we are going to split test.

What are you spending on the people local, the people in Mexico, and the people in Ecuador?

Local, they are $14 an hour, $200 best. Every deal that closes, they get $200, which is great. It makes them collaborate with a team. On the whiteboard they even have their name on what deal they are on. They come in and they get happy. It makes them part of a team, that’s what I love. For $200, it’s nothing.

Down in Mexico, there’s no best but they get paid $11 an hour. What’s great about those guys is that they can immediately detect on the phone when they speak Spanish. They transitioned right into Spanish, and as we know Arizona, we have a lot of Spanish-speaking homeowners. It is what it is, and I love that. I went down and I trained them personally on TTP stuff. It was great. I trained them on it and when I’m listening, like a third of the time they are going into Spanish, I’m like, this is beautiful.

They speak great English too, because it’s over Rocky Point and it’s very commercial. We all go down there. It’s a beautiful place. They speak good English. That’s what I’m paying them down there, which is great. We have only been doing that for three weeks and we have already got three deals on a whiteboard and they are flooding us with leads right now. It’s great.

Ecuador is something I negotiated. It’s through wholesaling, those guys and they have them out there. They are going to be $8 an hour. We are going to split test it. I’m not sure how well the English is going to be and that’s what always concerns me with cold calling. They do speak Spanish, but let’s try it. Split test it and who knows. I’m going to put those because we are skip tracing the whole city of Tucson. Five of them out there and let’s see what happens. If maybe not, maybe I will get five more of them.

Do you have any intentions of getting outside of Arizona?

Yes. Las Vegas. I did a little bit of that. I lost my butt. I went in there. I stuck my big toe in there and we got some deals. We couldn’t sell them and I spent some money. Lost some money. We are going to do it again. I don’t give up. I’m going to do it again. I need to do a little more due diligence on where I am going to be starting my marketing and upfront.

I can’t go in there and mass blast like I do here in Phoenix because I know this market so well. When I get a deal, I know what a deal is worth and when I should contract that. In Vegas, I don’t know that. I’m like random numbers. I think has to be concentrated at $0.75 on the dollar. Let’s try. That didn’t work out too well at first, but I’m going to do almost more due diligence, hang around with you guys, and learn how to do that. Going to other markets virtually. We are going to do it.

Speak to somebody that’s starting out in this. Somebody that is doing this part-time. What advice would you give?

The biggest thing is get around people who are doing deals. You don’t have to pay all this money for mentorship like I said. I have gotten around a lot of people here in this market. Chris Simon is one of them. He helped me out a lot in the beginning. Chris was awesome. Randy Guzman is real good. One offer wholesaler that you can learn a lot because he’s a one-man show who does a lot of deals.

You got to get around people and network and a little bit above you. It’s hard to go straight to Brent Daniels when you are doing one deal. I said, “What can I offer?” You got to hang around with like-minded people. Go to your meetups. These events that people are putting on, most of them are free. You got the Real Estate Disruptors here, and then the Phoenix RIA is another one here. I love those events. Even at my level, I’m meeting people there who are doing way more than me there, and it’s still the same when you first start out. Get around like-minded people. That’s the biggest thing.

How do people get ahold of you? Here’s the thing, guys, Corey’s hiring. I don’t know when you are going to read this, but he’s always going to be hiring because he keeps growing. What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with me, you can email me. I will give you my cell phone number. Text me because during Monday through Friday, my phone bleeds. Text me first. Try to arrange a time where we can talk. My phone number is (520) 235-9187. I don’t mind giving it out, but text me first please. Email is the second way which would be

WI 372 | Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment: When you’re first starting out, getting around like-minded people is the biggest thing.


Now at this point, you’ve got a lot of this structure. You’ve got a lot of leads coming in. You’ve got acquisition managers coming in. How do you make sure that you keep this group together? Are there a lot of people that want to be you and your company?

I love meeting. If any people who want to achieve will also be millionaires, who want to achieve and be more. If they want to run their own companies one day I support that 100% in any way.

You don’t make them sign a non-compete.

I do not. I feel that’s a scarcity mindset. If one day they want to go out and leave and they want to start spending $30,000 a month, go through the hiring process, and go through all that it takes to do this, by more power, let them do that. It takes a lot to get there and do it. In the meantime, they are going to grow with me. They are going to learn a lot, which is awesome, but still, if they were to break off, it takes a lot of money, time, and headache at first. A lot of trial and error and they are going to go through that and if they are willing to do it, then more power to them. I want people like that.

I do too. I love it. I have never had a non-compete ever. It starts off on the wrong foot like you said, with a scarcity mindset. It puts you on your back foot a lot and I have done some interviews with some incredible people that are great at hiring people and they say the same. Thanks for coming in.

Thanks for having me.

For anybody that’s looking to join the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP program. Check it out. Check out all of the structure of the program. You get access to me personally and Corey knows, he made sure I came to his office. Check out the testimonials. You are going to have to scroll for a while because nobody has more testimonials than Wholesaling Inc and TTP because we focus on you. That’s what this show is about. That’s what this whole program is about. You are the hero. We are the guide. We love you until next time. I encourage you to talk to people. See you guys.


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