Episode 371: Building Passive Income Using Other People’s Money

WI 371 | Building Passive Income


Let’s face it, the idea of creating passive income without using money from your own pocket can seem too good to be true. However, it is possible! In fact, today’s awesome guests were able to pull off a feat as impressive.

Zach and Jessica Morgan is a phenomenal young couple who’s in the process of building their passive income stream. Zach is the relationship manager at Fox Cities Home Buyers while his wife Jess is the director of operations in the same company.

In this episode, Zach and Jess shared the amazing tips and life-changing strategies that have helped them create a rental portfolio and earn passive income. In addition, they also shared the valuable tools that have helped make their journey a lot easier.

Hosted by rockstar rhino Corey Reyment, this episode is filled with beneficial wisdom and gold nuggets for those who would like to build passive income and create equity out of thin air!

Building Passive Income Using Other People’s Money With Zach And Jessica Morgan

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