Posted on: February 24, 2020

Imagine this: you give a prospective seller a number. You expect seller to negotiate and give you a number in return. However, seller just shrugs things off and never really say much. Which brings us to the million dollar question: how do you move the conversation forward?

If you are experiencing the same dilemma, you will find this episode of tremendous value. After all, you will not only get expert advise and insights from Tom Krol’s superstar acquisition manager Dan Toback, you’ll also get some priceless clarity and wisdom from Tom himself!

If you want to know the number one secret that can help you become the best wholesaler in your market, consider this episode a must hear. Apart from knowing how to effectively move the conversation forward, you’ll also learn how to effortlessly build rapport and trust—two key things that can make you a total rockstar in your market!

Key Takeaways

  • What to do when the seller does not negotiate
  • What one of your goals should be on your first call with the seller
  • Various ways you can make sellers provide a number first
  • Key things you should find out on your first call
  • Why it’s recommended to ask sellers first if they are prepared to do business prior to setting an appointment
  • What a mobile notary is and why it’s a game-changer
  • Why sellers need to understand that your primary intention is to help rather than close a deal
  • Why you should reject the seller’s first offer no matter what
  • Why convincing people to sell will never work
  • Why it pays to pull away
  • Why you’ll never win on price
  • What the best way to build rapport is
  • How having an abundant mindset can help you win the wholesaling game
  • Why it’s ideal to maintain a confident position from start to finish
  • How eliminating yourself as an option can work to your advantage


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