Posted on: February 20, 2020
WI 367 | Closing More Deals


Today’s determined and enthusiastic rhino has only been wholesaling for two months. However, he has already closed his first deal—a deal that took him from a place of faith to a place of fact.

Keith Rucker is a powerhouse wholesaler who also runs a thriving Airbnb business. What’s really impressive is the go-getter from Anaheim, California operates in a very competitive market, yet he’s still able to make things work.

In this episode, discover the techniques Keith used to find his first deal and get an insight into his relentless drive and winning mindset, two of the components that have contributed largely to his success. If you’re ready to close your first deal or add many more to your pipeline, this episode is for you!

Closing Even MORE Deals On The Phone With Keith Rucker

Episode Transcription

I am excited because wholesaling real estate is the most amazing business of all time. I am going to start with a lot of energy in this episode because I have got a phenomenal guest that is going to bring the energy as well, but I think it is important in our daily life. I want to challenge you all. If you are reading, for now and the rest of the week, I want you to have a minimum energy and enthusiasm level of an 8 out of 10.

It is because I do not think the level of energy and enthusiasm is talked about enough in the wholesaling industry. If we could sit behind, have dark rooms and unenthusiastic thoughts or the way that we go about our day but if we change our state, you will quadruple your business instantly. Because the state of mind, energy, enthusiasm, and passion you have for this business is going to come through, help all of these distressed property owners, and shine through with your cash buyers.

I have got a perfect example of it here on the show. I am challenging everybody, with a minimum of 8 out of 10 energy and enthusiasm for the rest of the week. That is number one. Number two is if you have any problem or struggles with that, remember, it is easy to be enthusiastic and energetic when you love what you do when you fall in love with this business every single day. A person that is in love with this business is going to bring so much energy to this show and it is my pleasure to introduce, from Anaheim, California, Mr. Keith Rucker.

Keith, say hello.

Hello, everyone. How’s it going? Let’s get it.

Keith, you are in California. Right off the bat, everybody says that California is really hard and competitive, especially Anaheim considering these bigger markets. It is not even worth trying and difficult to get your foothold. Tell me about that thought, what got you into wholesaling, and how you keep your energy so high to go out and succeed every single day.

There are a couple of points. As far as Anaheim and Southern California being competitive, it is. There is no doubt about it. There are a lot of people out there that are very ambitious about wholesaling and putting in a lot of good work. I got into wholesaling just like 99.9% of the people that get on this show and YouTube. When I was on YouTube, I think it was Max Maxwell.

I first heard the word wholesaling on YouTube University. I started getting into the research thing. I found BiggerPockets first and then I found you guys and the rest was history. I have an Airbnb business out here that I own and it is doing good. I started to have a lot of free time because that business was starting to run autonomously. I wanted to make more money.

I wanted to find a place to put my money into. It was either buy a Ferrari or put my money into a business. I decided to go ahead and put my money into the business and try things out so here I am. I looked into it. It was definitely something that I was interested in. I love the platform and the model. I can see how you are able to build things from there. I am excited about it.

Did you grow up in California? Did you have family in real estate?

I am originally from the Bay Area, San Jose, California. I have been here in Southern California for a few years. No one in my family is in real estate. Still to this day, I do not know how these things turn out, the terminology, words, and phrases that people tell me. When I am talking to people about buying their house and they gave me these acronyms, I am like, “Do you want to sell your property?” Again, to answer the question directly, no one is in real estate. I am getting an education by fire as I get out there and talk to people every day. Even though I know wholesaling has a whole lot to do with real estate, I did not know anyone that had anything to do with real estate prior to me joining TTP.

You said that you had run Airbnb. I think this is popular. I bought an Airbnb. Do you own these properties or are you doing the management of these Airbnbs?

Neither one. A lot of people use the term Airbnb or rental arbitrage or such. I have a company that goes out and they rent properties to people but instead of us living in the property, we turn the property into an Airbnb. I have fourteen of them out here in Orange County right now.

That got you going, your feet wet and comfortable, but over the last three years, you have been working on your wholesaling business.

No. I have been wholesaling for just a few months.

That is what I wanted to get to. You are fresh and just into it. In two months, you have already done a deal. It is so incredible but what is your daily schedule look like? How are you making sure that you are taking care of your responsibilities from your Airbnb side, but also growing your business? How does that work out in your life?

It’s hard to chase something if you don’t know the direction you’re going.

Not time management but priority management. That is pretty much it. The cool thing about Airbnb and the model is real similar to wholesaling as far as once you set up the structure and the system. I have an Airbnb business, not an Airbnb job. It works without me being part of it every single day, which is great because it gives me cashflow and I do not have to put a lot of time into making that. It gives me the freedom to be able to try to build a wholesaling business. I just want to copy that and do the exact same thing as far as the wholesaling goes.

I wake up usually about 6:30. I hit the gym. I know a lot of people say they hit the gym but I am not sure they are all hitting it. I get back to the house and I take care of any admin stuff that I have to do between 8:00 or 9:00 AM. I am on power dialer call from 9:00 to 12:00. I try to eat some lunch or do whatever I need to do. I hopped in the car and drive for some dollars from about 1:00 to 4:00. I get home, try to eat some dinner, do whatever I need to do, and then I am on the power dialer again from 5:00 to 8:00. That is my schedule from Monday through Friday. I try to call a little bit on the weekends. I drive on Saturday mornings as well usually from 10:00 to about 1:00.

If you are not familiar, he is saying the power dialer. That is the dialer that is in the Mojo Sells Dialing Systems. It is at You can check it out. The power dialer is calling numbers so that you do not have to pick up the phone and keep calling. It makes it super-efficient so then you are just talking to a lot of people throughout the 1 hour, 15 or 30 minutes over 3 hours or 6 hours that Keith does. How do you keep it up? Were you able to do hours at a time from day one? Did you build it up? How did that work for you?

Even to this day, after an hour and a half, I may stand up and stretch my leg or something for five minutes or so. I sit back down and I keep calling. It is not that hard because I am very serious about going into this business and I want to go fast. I want to get it to where I can have the systems in place to be able to build this thing out to where I know I want it to be. That is what I do. I get on the phone every single day. I get my leads. I get on there because I am extremely serious about making it happen as fast as possible.

The thing is you are going to get those deals that other people are not because you are putting in so much. Anybody reading this understands that if you talk to enough people, you are going to get a deal. If you talk to a lot of people, you are going to get a lot of deals. If you talk to the right people, you are going to get massive deals. It is all about putting in the effort. It is a simple philosophy just like the TTP logo or the TTP name or whatever it is. It is talking to people every single day and it is awesome.

One of the huge benefits that I appreciate with you, Keith, is you live close so you can drive to my office in Phoenix and spend some time, which you did with a couple of other guys in the TTP Program from California. If you are in Arizona or California or anywhere in the country, Fridays are open to my office. If you have ever seen my Instagram, YouTube, or anything, I have the who’s who in my office here. Doors are wide open. Keith, tell us about the experience you had with me here?

I was a little bit conflicted at first if I even wanted to go because I felt like my business was not sufficient enough. That was my thought but I ultimately wanted to go because I realized that in order to get my business to where I want it to be on the level that you are on, I wanted to see exactly what that looked like. It is hard to chase something if you do not know the directions that you are going. I can create exactly what that looks like. I can see it and it is tangible.

I have seen exactly how the operation works. It is a lot easier to be able to anyway. I went out there and it was great. All you guys are great. The office was great. The energy is amazing I am sure as everyone can imagine, but just the insight. Honestly, to be able to speak to Chase is awesome. Everybody in that office was unbelievable. They are go-givers as far as going out providing information that they have and being willing to share. It was a great experience. I would suggest anybody that is able to do it to do so.

My team only comes into the office on Fridays. The rest of the time, they work from home. We have got all the systems in place to be able to do that. Everything runs efficiently. It is beautiful, but on Fridays, it was great because Eric, one of my callers/texters, called a pre-foreclosure. He got her on the phone and brought her into Pace. He went and set an appointment here because it was a subject to opportunity.

That is not my background and my expertise so I have pushed that to Pace then he gets it. It takes you guys to the appointment that afternoon and he locks it up later. From start to finish, you see being proactive and the steps that it takes to get it done. I thought that that was excellent for you guys to see it in real life. Let’s talk about your deals. You have been in the thing two months and you have already closed the deal. Let’s break this thing down. Tell me, where did you find it? How did you first come in contact with them? What resources did you use? Most importantly, what did you made?

It was a code enforcement lead and I got a TTP. I got on the phone and I picked it up. I called the homeowner. I spoke to the husband that the property was in his and his wife’s name. I ended up speaking to the wife. I spoke to him maybe 2 or 3 times during follow-up. The first conversation was like, “We are interested in selling. We will talk about it.” I call them back probably 3 or 4 days later. He was like, “We still have not talked about it.” I got them on the phone the third time and they said, “Come take a look at it.”

This property is probably about three hours away from where I am. I pre-qualified them over the phone. Motivation was the most important thing that I focused on and why do they want to sell. It was a lower-priced property. The property had a lot of distress in it. It had been burned down. There is fire damage. It was disgusting, which is the perfect and best property for us. I was extremely static about that.

I went out there. I sat down and spoke with them. Once I got there, there was not too much resistance. I got it locked up in probably about an hour. I did not talk about the property or even walk to the property. The whole house was burnt down. I saw the front of the house and how dilapidated it was. I asked him, “Is the rest of the house like this?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “I do not need to see anymore.”

WI 367 | Closing More Deals

Closing More Deals: Anything that you’re successful in is not about what you’re doing. It’s how you’re doing it and how much effort you’re putting into it.


I understood what the property looked like. I met with them at their personal house. They obviously did not live at the property that I bought. I sat down with them at the kitchen table and we spoke. I built rapport for about an hour. I got it locked up at one price. I went and they told me that they were not looking to get everything closed for about another week. I told them that we were looking to get it done now. If you guys needed a week, I can probably get you that but we are going to need to try to work on that part. We got it down to $5,000 cheaper. I got it closed.

Was this a rental property for them?

Yeah. They have multiple. They had a portfolio of maybe 25 to 30 properties. It was one that was a thorn in their side. As I said, it had burnt down. It was on a pretty big lot. It was 1/3 of an acre. He was thinking about putting some multifamily on there but he never got around to it. The property had been sitting idle and desolate for a couple of years. I called him up and he said he had not even really thought about selling it. Since you called me up, it sparked the conversation. Ultimately, I got it locked up with him.

Not only that. The nice thing is they own multiple properties so there could be an opportunity for you to go back and get more deals from this one call. You went in and I think it is so important to sit down with them, have that conversation and build a relationship because if you look at the core elements of every seller, one of them is they want to sell to them. The second part is that they trust you to get the job done.

You got in there and you built a relationship. They are feeling great about you and you were able to get them to make a decision, which is huge. From there, you have got a property three hours away. I hear people already thinking in their heads or at least I was when you were saying, “Do you have buyers three hours away? Where do you find the cash buyers to sell this property if it is not in your own backyard?”

No, I did not have any buyers three hours away to answer that question. When I got this deal, I had only been in the business for 25 days. I did not have a cash buyers list at all to be completely transparent. When I say no, I mean, zero. Shout out to Charles Stevens too and the whole TTP family we got going out here. They were very instrumental in helping me get that thing dispo.

I posted it up on Facebook groups and Craigslist. I think I ended up finding the eventual buyer from the Facebook group but another thing I did was I skipped trace cash buyers out in that area and called them up. That is not how I find the eventual buyer, but I was able to build and then augment my cash buyers list from those activities. That is what I did.

Where did you pull those cash buyers from?

My business is all done from PropertyRadar. I skip traced from there. I have a VA that skip traces them directly from PropertyRadar and uploads them into my Mojo. I get them done that way as well.

PropertyRadar is a great resource. It is only available in a handful of states. It takes a little bit of time to figure out all the filters and functionality of it but they are accurate. It has been outstanding and a phenomenal resource for sure. If it is available in your state, it is $79 a month. Also, they have phone numbers.

Not for every property and not all of them are the best, but they do have some phone numbers and it comes with that price so you might as well call them from that and see if you could get ahold of them. If you can’t, then obviously skip through something like What did you lock it up for and how much did you make?

I locked the property up for $13,000 and I approximately sold it for about $18,000. I have made $5,000 on the property.

Is this that massive deal that we talk about here all the time? No. This is not a $50,000 deal here, but this is that crucial deal at the beginning of your business that takes you across the bridge. That bridge being faith to fact. By having the faith that you can do it, you are going to be able to make something happen, you can be an entrepreneur, and you can be an incredible wholesaler to moving over to that place. That is a fact. When you are holding that check and depositing money into your account, it is real. Am I right?

It’s all about the mindset. You have to declare to yourself that you’re going to be successful and put forth the effort to get what you’re trying to build.

Absolutely. Who has a lot of faith, to be honest? I understand business and this model. I had never wholesaled before. I can’t say I had a whole lot of doubt that people were making money in this industry, but it is human nature. I do not care how positive of a person you are. If you do something every single day and you get told no 99% of the time when you do that and every day goes by, you still have not got a deal, it starts to creep into your mind no matter what.

It is like, “I know these guys make money, but maybe I can’t.” I am a pretty confident and positive guy. I would not be honest with you right now if I told you that did not get me that is only after 25 days. After a week, I am like, “I have not gotten one yet. What is taking me so long?” It is because I have that type of belief in myself and I know the effort and energy that I allocate towards trying to be successful at the stage. It crept into my mind but I am now transitioned into fact as opposed to fakes. I was trying to emulate that effort and I know if I continue to do that, I will emulate the results.

Let me ask you this and I think that this is important. What do you think is the hardest part about cold calling or making those calls for you?

It is not hard for me, to be honest. It is not very fun. There are a million other things you can do so I get technical, but it is not that hard.

It is the repetitious boredom.

I watched the majority of your videos and I forgot the guy’s name. He sounds like one of your good friends from way back. You guys worked together. He said he used to play Madden when he does these cold calls.

It is Luke in Tempe, Arizona. He is phenomenal. The best cold caller in the country in my opinion. He played Madden live for four hours every day.

I am not a video game player, but I love sports. What I do is, the night before I call, I get on my TV and I record every single game that is on NBA TV and ESPN. The next day, when I make my phone calls, I turn my TV on, turn the volume down to a minimum, and watched the game. When they picked up, I get on and do my call. If not, I keep my eyes on the TV and I watch the game. I do not mind it at all.

I have to look forward to the calls but I did not watch games before I used to work. I used to always limit or even exclude watching any TV because I had to do other things. I had to work on Airbnb before wholesaling and it was almost like I would not have the time, energy, or effort to watch the games. Now, I get to watch every single game that comes on TV and make money while I do it. It is a win-win for me, for sure.

What are you watching, football or basketball?

All of the above. I am a huge bandwagon Ravens fan but Lamar Jackson is my guy. I have been watching a lot of the Ravens. I am a Warriors fan. I am from the Bay Area. I loved college basketball for a North Carolina guy. I am just watching the games.

I am telling you, you were inspiring so many people. Everybody thinks that this is the hardest thing ever. It is pulling teeth to get on there and being consistent. Find something like that. Find something that makes it fun and exciting. Now, should you be able to be focused, be good, build your skills, and understand personalities, absolutely but I am telling you, once you make enough calls and experience, you are going to know instantly who you are talking to. You are going to understand what personality they are, the way their tone is, and whether or not they are going to work with you in the first 30 to 45 seconds

If they are not, move on. This is not crazy or rocket science. This is only talking to people and you get the opportunity to make thousands of dollars from one phone call. It is incredible. Give some advice to people starting out. This was you in 60 days. Talk about what people should be doing in their first 30, 60, and 90 days once they make that decision. That is number one. You got to make the decision that you are going to take action in this business. Keith, what advice do you have for them?

WI 367 | Closing More Deals

Closing More Deals: When you make that decision, actually make the decision. Allocate the proper effort necessary to make that decision to become a success.


When you make the decision, actually make the decision. That is probably my very first one. You do not say you made the decision, but then do not make the decision to allocate the proper effort that is necessary to make that decision to become a success. That is honestly the best thing that I can honestly say. All the tangible things are in the modules. Everybody knows and sees it as far as what you need to do is tangible. You can find that on a Facebook group and it is on the modules.

I honestly think in this business and in anything for being fully transparent. Anything that you are successful at is not what you are doing. It is how you are doing it, how much you are doing, and how much effort you are putting towards it. I know it is vanilla and I am sure a million people said it, but they are saying it because it is a fact. It is not about what we are doing. It is all about the mindset. You have to make a declaration to yourself that you are going to be successful at this. If you are going to put forth the effort to get what it is that you are trying to build, you are not going to see the results.

You are building your business and new to this. You have got the TTP OC Crew that you are involved with and running.

I already missed my mentor, Charles. TTP OC, we are out here building it and we are working for sure.

Pat texted me that he got a massive deal and locked it up for $25,000 and sold it for $79,000 or something. It was crazy. He is on it. You got a great community there, but how do people get ahold of you?

Email is probably the best. My email address is

If you are in the area or if you are getting started in this business, you want to reach out to somebody that is being proactive. Do you want to be inspired? Do you want to get around Keith? Reach out to him and say hello. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family, it is the TTP program. Go to Scroll down and check it out. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call and I look forward to working with you. Keith, thank you for being around. As always, I encourage you to talk to people. I love you. See you.


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