Episode 364: The Cost Effective Way to the HOTTEST Deals

If you’re looking for a super affordable marketing medium to find the hottest deals, you can never go wrong with pay-per-click (PPC). However, while PPC is highly effective, you can end up wasting a lot of money if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Fortunately, today’s amazing guest will provide the much-needed guidance so you can use this superb marketing medium to your full advantage!

Tim Oppelt is the owner of Opp Real Estate and the brains behind Wholesaling PPC. In 2015, he left a lucrative job as a digital marketer and went into wholesaling full-time. To get ahead of the pack, he applied his digital marketing knowledge to find the hottest deals. Over the years, he has perfected his system and has used it to find ALL of his deals!

If you want to try using PPC or if you have been using PPC but you’re not getting the results you are looking for, you can’t miss this episode. Apart from sharing all the basics of PPC, Tim also shared many resources and tips so you can make PPC work for you!

Key Takeaways

  • What CBE means
  • How PPC works
  • Tips and tricks for those who would like to try PPC
  • How Google determines who gets the top ads spot
  • What quality score is
  • Top 3 things to keep in mind when doing PPC
  • 3 keywords to focus on when you’re still starting out
  • The importance of having a good website when doing PPC
  • Why you need to customise your website and make it stand out
  • Why a fast reply time is crucial
  • Resources he’d recommend to those who would like to do PPC
  • How people can get in touch and work with him


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