Posted on: February 14, 2020

Today’s rockstar guest is Tom Krol’s favorite rhino of all time and with good reason. For starters, she closed 5 deals (and made a whopping $17,250) just by listening to the Wholesaling Inc. podcast!

Martine Jackson is the founder of Hoover Homes, LLC and the host of the #DoItMovement podcast. She started wholesaling 5 years ago and has closed many lucrative deals since then.

In this episode, Martine shared how she found and closed a profitable deal that made her $20,000 richer. She also talked about some of the factors that have contributed to her success and have made her an unstoppable wholesaling machine!

As an added bonus, you’ll also hear Tom get into coaching mode and share priceless tips and wisdom that can help you go from wealthy to uber wealthy. If you’re ready to make it big, this is one episode you just can’t miss!

Key Takeaways

  • An example of a profitable deal she did and how she found it
  • What a “water shut-off” list is and how she got it
  • What skip tracing means
  • The skip tracing software she uses
  • What a text blast is
  • What she does after the prospective sellers get back to her
  • Why it’s ideal to just follow one mentor
  • The last books she has read
  • Common thread among successful wholesalers
  • How to build a “financial garden”
  • How to create “legacy wealth”
  • How to go from wealthy to uber wealthy


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One Response to “Episode 363: How to Become an Unstoppable Wholesaling Machine”

  1. Melanie

    Thanks for the great podcast! I really enjoyed it and made a lot of notes for myself. The only thing I couldn’t find is the name of the person Tom uses for 1031 exchange that he said he’ll put in notes under the podcast. Where can I find it?


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