Episode 362: How to Wholesale with a Young Family

WI 362 | Wholesaling Business


Is it possible to run a thriving wholesaling business and still get to spend quality time with the family? For Recia and Drew Davis, the answer is a resounding YES!

Recia and Drew is a phenomenal couple from Phoenix, Arizona. Aside from building a really good real estate portfolio, the doting parents were able to pull off something quite impressive—they were able to build a successful business without sacrificing family time.

In today’s episode, Recia and Drew not only shared how they worked together and made things happen, they also talked about an interesting niche that’s making them a lot of money. As if not enough, they also candidly shared some of the amazing life hacks they have learned along the way.

If you intend to get into wholesaling with a partner or you would like to know how to effectively strike the right balance between running a business and raising a family, today’s episode is for you!

How To Wholesale With A Young Family With Recia And Drew Davis

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