Episode 359: Building a 7-Figure Business Driving for Dollars

Let us crush a common misconception: driving for dollars is not a dependable marketing channel. Definitely not true! In fact, today’s guest netted more than a million dollars in just 26 months using this effective, profitable, and highly reliable system!

Just like most people, Zack Boothe struggled with consistency when he first started out. As a result, finding deals was also a constant struggle for him. However, rather than feel discouraged, he used the challenge to device a mind-blowing system that has helped him dominate the market and build a 7-figure business.

In this episode, Zack gave an overview of the driving for dollars technique he has created and how he used it to consistently find lucrative deals. Not only that, he also gave information on an upcoming driving for dollars webinar you can join so you’ll learn all there is to know about this phenomenal system!

Key Takeaways

  • What “driving for dollars” means
  • What makes his driving for dollars technique unique
  • What makes his technique so effective
  • Things he looks for when driving for dollars
  • What makes his driving for dollars technique different from the conventional one
  • The frustrations and challenges he encountered while building his system and how he resolved them
  • One of the most profitable systems available in the wholesaling world
  • How long it will take to get the system up and running
  • How having the right mentors helped him find deals consistently
  • What his Florida adventure is all about


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