Posted on: February 07, 2020
WI 358 | Bouncing Back From Setbacks


For two tenacious rhinos, the journey from fear to faith has not been easy. However, the monetary rewards and the valuable lessons they learned along the way has made the journey truly worth it.

Rashad Green and Jon Sandhu are two rockstar rhinos from Fort Worth, Texas. While the two business partners have finally gotten their first ever deal, it took them 5 months to make it happen! Fortunately, while they encountered challenges and setbacks along the way, Rashad and Jon had the right mentality and chose to keep pushing forward.

In today’s episode, discover the step-by-step guide they used to find their first deal. More importantly, get an insight into their mentality so that you, too, can move forward in faith!

First Deal – How Two Determined Rhinos Went from Fear to Faith

Episode Transcription

I am super excited to be with you guys as I am every single episode because this is where we break down wholesaling. For those of you that are new to the show, first of all, I want to welcome each one of you to the show and what we are going to be talking about is wholesaling. Wholesaling is simply the art of finding a deeply discounted property that you can then turn for a huge profit.

There are so many ways to do that. There are so many times you can do a simple assignment. You could maybe fix and flip it yourself. You can keep it as a rental. Really the exit is your choice, but if you can simply locate those deeply discounted properties in your area, which they do exist, you can make a good amount of money in real estate.

That is what we are going to be talking about, and I have two rock stars that just did their first deal in Fort Worth, Texas. They are going to be sharing step-by-step what it is that they did to get this deal. What I want from each of you, Rhino Nation and all of our readers is to get out a pen, a piece of paper, and get ready to jot down some actionable items.

Jot down the gold nuggets that they are going to share with you because they are going to share with you step-by-step how they did this deal. I have Rashad Green and Jonathan Sandhu. They are rocking it out. They are at the point where they did their first deal, and now you are going to see this snowball where it is going to get into multiple deals. Rashad and Jonathan, how in the heck are the two of you doing?

I am doing good.

I am super excited to be here. Thank you so much for having us.

You are so welcome. Gentlemen, this has been awesome. You have been in the tribe for months?

Yes. Since July 2019.

Let’s talk about maybe right out of the gates. First of all, what were the backgrounds of each of you? Each of you could take a minute to share your background of what you were doing before you got into wholesaling and maybe share what you guys are doing. Is this full-time or are you doing this part-time and let’s get to know the two of you.

Before we got together, me and Jonathan, I have a background a little bit in wholesaling. I was a real estate agent for about seven months but I did not like it. I worked for a wholesale brokerage where I learned the business for about two years. I left there because I did not quite get the commission splits and things like that.

Talking with a friend one summer as I was working for the State of Texas as an investigator, I realized that I could probably try to venture out on this on my own. Although I did not know enough, there are some little pieces I did not know. A year later, my parents were moving. They came to me, so I wholesale their house.

I did it on my own and delve in there not knowing everything I was doing. I am calling a lot of people that were still in the business and asking them questions. During that same time, I had lunch with Jonathan and we were talking about wholesaling. Through the series of events and during the summer, we got together and then jumped into the Rhino Nation.

Jonathan, tell us a little bit of background on you.

I have been a mortgage loan officer for years. I have high sales and am building rapport with people. I have a little bit of education in real estate from the side of financial standpoint. I got interested in wholesaling by looking at different ways to invest. It is the same story that a lot of people have. I am watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts.

I am trying to find another source of income. As Rashad said, I knew that he had some background in it so we set up a lunch and he was in the middle of his deal with his parents. He gave me a book to read and I started reading it. I still tried to watch a lot of YouTube videos, listen to a lot of podcasts, and try to find as much information as I could online.

A few months later, we found Wholesaling Inc and digest as many podcasts as I possibly could. At one point, I was listening to a different one every day to catch up to real-time with you guys. As far as getting into wholesaling with Wholesaling Inc., I am the person who likes to do all the research and I get stuck there. You guys call it paralysis analysis. I always have been afraid to step out and do something before I knew everything about it. It was a step of faith in joining the Rhino Nation and getting into wholesaling. That is what I did.

Do the two of you do this full-time or part-time?

Part-time. I still have the mortgage job that I do during the day.

I work full-time in Adam Ministry then I am also in Bible College. I do this part-time as well.

Doing this part-time, what does that look like? There are plenty on here that probably have the same background in the sense of not exactly what it is, a mortgage officer or in the ministry, but they have a background where they are working a 9:00 to 5:00 and they are trying to figure this out part-time doing it something on the side.

It boils down to the decision that you are going to make it work no matter what. Rashad and I were talking about this earlier. In basketball, there is a thing I hear commentators say like, “That guy stuck his head down and decided to make a play.” That is the mindset you have to have if you are going to work full-time and try to fit wholesaling in part-time.

That was about 12 to 15 hours per week between the two of us. We worked 6 or 7 hours a week for each of us so we were able to split a lot of the tasks and all the instruction that we were getting from Wholesaling Inc. That made it a little bit easier. At the end of the day, we are trying to find an extra two hours a day. It can be a little bit difficult when you got a whole other job that you are working on.

Elaborate on this because I feel like this is where the rubber meets the road. There are individuals everywhere that want to do this. They want the hopes of it that it could work for them. They could Wholesale their first deal or get involved in real estate. Maybe build this to a point where they could do it full-time but there are big decisions that the two of you made of getting involved in this in the first place.

Second of all, taking the action that it takes to do it. This is not easy. I do not want to pitch this ever in the sense that, “You gentlemen, was this the easiest thing in the world? Was it not so easy?” I know you guys sitting there laughing like, “No, it is not.” Here you are doing this for five months to get your first deal. It takes time, energy, and action. Rashad, you probably said it best, “It is work.” Tell me some of the common frustrations you faced early on.

We would rely on each other a lot, especially in some of those first few months. We had a couple of deals that did not work out, the contract fell through, we could not find a buyer, and things were not looking great. Different time restraints on each one of us for different reasons. We are keeping each other encouraged.

We would have weekly meetings and one thing we keyed in on probably what three months in, Jonathan, correct me if I am wrong, we started to turn things around as far as not working practically and continuing with what we know you guys are telling us to do. We also applying not just our faith but also praying over where we wanted to be and go. Things started to change and we started to get deals and it was more promising all the way to when we finally got one close.

Don’t be afraid to step out and do something before you know everything about it.

That is a true story of faith right there. I love hearing that. The fact that you involve prayer in it. I think you can never go wrong involving someone that probably knows the whole plan. This is a masterful plan that the two of you are creating. You go out there, you go through some of the struggles that entrepreneurship in general brings, but you go forward with faith.

You keep pushing forward and taking the necessary actions. We have a background of what this looks like. Let’s go through and break it down for our readers about this deal that you did that closed. Let’s talk about right from the beginning. What was the lead channel that you use to find this lead? However the two of you want to split this up so that you guys can share the story would be perfect.

I will take the front end because that is what my role is here. I am doing the marketing and then meeting with sellers. We had picked the unknown equity lists from ListSource. That seemed to be what spoke to us the most and was the quickest way. There are a lot of other lists that you can get from the county and you can track them down yourself, but ListSource seemed to be the quickest and most efficient way for us to start getting mailers out.

I wanted to get mailers out as soon as possible. I do not want to try to track down a VA and a data mine is always in different lists. I wanted to get them out as quickly as possible. We started right away when we were instructed by you guys at Wholesaling Inc. I got the whole unknown equity list. I started doing the mailers. I have got them on a weekly rotation. I had dozens of calls coming in. Some of them were viable leads. Some of them were not. Unfortunately, we did get under contract with one house and it fell through because we could not find a cash buyer for it and it was a big learning lesson for me.

What do you feel like that was when you say we could not find a cash buyer? Before you even get to that lesson, do you feel like it was not enough cash buyers or it was not under contract at the right price? What did you feel led to that?

It is about knowing our market. We still have not fully learned everything we need to know about our market. You guys have a motto, “Progress, not perfection.” That was the prime example of it. If we had been too afraid to get under contract, we would not have known that this specific house in this area is on the outskirts of Fort Worth. It had a little bit of land.

In Fort Worth, if you are inside the city limits, a lot of the houses are standard 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, and a normal neighborhood, but this one was a little bit outside of that area. There are a lot of areas around us that have acreage and maybe a medium-sized house or a smaller house but have acreage so this one did.

Once we did get under contract and we noticed that there was not as much interest, the investors here in Fort Worth did not want to pay what we thought was a normal percentage depending on the ARV with what our built-in process was supposed to be. It should have been priced way lower because it had acreage and it was a little bit further outside of the city. For me, it was about knowing the market. That is the lesson I learned there.

Rashad, is there anything you want to add to that you felt like you guys learned from? What is crucial that everyone understands is our mistakes and our failures lead us and guide us to become better and savvier individuals, and better entrepreneurs. It is not our wins that teach us our best moments. It is our losses that teach us our best moments. Elaborate what were some of the things that you learned from this?

I agree with Jonathan. This dealer showed me some things that have not done a few deals before and saw how it works. Jumping into this, we were so ready to get one done. In doing it and seeing how it worked and how it panned out towards the end, some things did not line up in the feedback we got from it. It was a learning experience for both of us. They prepared us for the closing of the one deal we did. We knew what to look for, what we needed to make sure the numbers arrived, and what we needed as far as cash buyer list. Our cash buyer list at that time, we were probably under $100,000.

It was probably around $60,000 or $70,000 at that time.

We did not have a lot yet. We are still working on that. All those kinds of factors have let us know when it ended. We were like, “Let’s not stop here. Let’s get over it as quickly as we can. Let’s keep moving and keep working towards our goals.”

Even though you had some early hiccups, you did not allow them to take you down. You kept moving forward, which is crucial because we are all going to face those challenges. Every one of us faces our own challenges or unique struggles. They are not there to take us down. They are not happening to us. They are happening for us to make us stronger and better individuals. You are sending out direct mail and to the unknown equity. About how far into this did you come upon this lead that we are going to be talking about for the deal you closed?

That seller called several months after we had started selling it sending the direct mail. During that time, I do not want to give anybody the wrong impression. It was a cakewalk that we went on a lot of appointments. We went to a bunch of people’s houses. I have sent a dozen contracts that have offers. It was not like we were sitting around waiting for the mailers to call us. We were going out marketing, doing all those things, and putting in offers on houses. This one came in from the unknown equity list, and immediately, he had texted me on a Saturday and I called him the next day.

He was not willing. He lived out in the outskirts of Fort Worth and this one was in Fort Worth. I went through the scripting and the questions about rapport over the phone. He did not want to meet me at the house whenever I wanted to set an appointment. He is like, “I do not want to drive. That is over 10 miles from my house.”

I started laughing. I was like, “I guess I will drive by.” He is like, “You can look through the window.” I drove by. I got out of the car. I looked in the windows. What had happened was he had been renting it to his sister and brother-in-law and he had bought the house several years ago. They had been renting it for almost that whole time. His sister passed away and his brother-in-law was living in the house.

If you have never been through that experience, I have been through a similar experience, and so I was able to build a little bit of rapport with him having a family member that passed away in a house. It is an emotional thing because not only do you have memories of that person in that house, but now you have to go through selling it and get rid of it.

His motivation was very high because of that. He called me on a Saturday. The brother-in-law had moved out two days before. It was an emotional thing for everybody involved. I drove by the house and looked at it. It was completely stacked full of garbage and clothing. It was packed out. The couple there had been a pack grab but I can’t speak to what emotional state the brother-in-law was in when he packed up and left.

You can tell the house had been run down. It was in poor condition. He basically is going to need to be rebuilt from the ground up. I went and looked at it on a Monday. I called him that afternoon. He was not available. This is how important a high sense of urgency is in what you guys talk about. I call him back at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning and I said, “I would like to buy your house.” We discussed the numbers. I built a little bit more rapport. We talked about the numbers again. He wanted $50,000 for it. I offered him $35,000. We went back and forth for a little bit. We end up settling on $40,000.

At that moment, were you already thinking, “This is a deal,” or because of the condition where you also thinking, “I hope it is a deal.”

We were both pretty confident. Rashad and I had run numbers during the day that day on Monday. We were pretty confident that we were going to be able to turn it over for profit.

Rashad, it sounds like you have even with the experience that you have had in real estate in general, you were probably pretty sure about the numbers and everything. Are you guys talking to each other often saying, “We could do this deal,” or is it something on the spot where you are like, “This is going to work and let’s do it?”

WI 358 | Bouncing Back From Setbacks

Bouncing Back From Setbacks: Don’t allow the hiccups to bring you down. Keep moving forward, which is crucial because we will all face challenges.


We run anything by each other. Jonathan will call me or I will call him or we are texting, “Do you have a minute to talk about this deal?” We will jump on it together and look at it. When he ran the numbers by me, I literally heard the numbers, ARV, repairs, and the price point we are getting at. I said, “That is a deal.”

You are already ready. You are like, “Let’s do this.” You get the home under contract. From there, what did you do? You said you had about 50 to 60 cash buyers. What was the process to start getting over this contract to people to start to see?

Before we dive into that, I want to say one thing because it is so important for people that are reading to understand how important a high sense of urgency is. I have heard Tom say this before in another show. He said, “Everybody is sending postcards and putting bandit signs but the people that are making the most money and doing business are the ones that have a high sense of urgency.” In any industry, whether it is real estate or home depot or whoever it is, if that person that you want to do business with, if they are not calling you back, being proactive, and taking active steps to reach out to you, that customer is going to go and find somebody else.

This is a perfect example of this. I call the seller back at 9:30 in the morning. I said, “We worked out the numbers.” We set up a time for us to meet together. They did not have internet, computer, or anything so I had to meet with them to sign the contract plus I wanted to meet him face-to-face and give him the option and all that stuff.

We set up a time at 1:00 a couple of miles from his house. I wanted to do it where it was super convenient for them. I drove about 35 minutes from where they live to a diner. We meet at this diner at 1:00, they are drinking coffee, I get out the paperwork, and we chit-chat for a minute. I start going through the paperwork and sign the contract with them.

As we are signing the contract, another wholesaler calls them. Apparently, the seller put out fillers to different investors and maybe another wholesaler got ahold of it and called him. As we were signing paperwork, the wife picks up the phone and says, “I am sorry. We are here with another real estate investor. He is buying our house from us. We are signing the paperwork right now.”

I guess whatever he says, he tries to backtrack and say, “How much are they going to pay?” She looks at her husband and her husband shakes his head and says, “No way.” He starts waving his hands. “We are already working with this guy,” and he points at me. That was such a huge lesson for me. If we are not calling people back, if we are not taking a proactive approach, if we had not set that appointment up at 1:00, if I set it up for 1:30, I do not even know if we would have had this deal. I had to say that before we go on.

Thank you for taking the time. That detail is huge. That is the difference between literally closing a deal and not closing the deal. Furthermore, it prolongs that faith-promoting moment where you are like, “Is this going to work for us? Is wholesaling even going to work for us? Is it going to be something we can even do? Can we even get a deal?” Now, you do not go out at the right time and that journey takes longer to accomplish. That moment of getting the deal takes longer.

Every day that goes by starts to make you question yourself a little bit more and there is no need to question. The fact that you went out there and act and the speed of implementation, how fast are you going to execute? You need to get out there because speed is of the essence. That is something that absolutely needed to be shared and everyone reading is now a better wholesaler or going to be a better wholesaler after learning that because too many times we do sit too long. Thank you for sharing that.

My pleasure.

You get the contract. You have a guy call right during the time and try to take the deal from you guys like, “No. We are not doing it. We are going for these individuals.” How are you marketing this out to cash buyers? What was the timeframe to close? Let’s tell a little bit of details there.

After that, Jonathan called me to let me know this is going to wrap some things up. Once he got back home and I was ready to go. At that point, he passed it to me. I then got the marketing out to all our cash buyer lists that we had. I had built up to right around $120,000 something and we sent that out to those folks. We got an immediate response. People started calling Jonathan pretty quickly.

He is reaching out to me. I was calling some other folks I knew that might be interested so we set up a showing later that week. Jonathan said he had about nine folks show up to the showing. We will call it an inspection day. We knew we had a deal because of the amount of response we were getting. A lot of people are calling and texting.

We knew the number was pretty right on for what people were paying for the area we got the house in. From that point on, it was pretty much all downhill. Once we got the deal going, we had about three people in the pot as far as those who gave a good offer. We took the highest offer and the highest offer was from a gentleman who won out and offered us $53,500 if I am not mistaken.

He was using a hard money lender, which we did not ask the question of, and going in if he was paying cash and/or hard money, which was another learning experience for us. It is because we were so excited about getting the deal and titles working and everything is moving along. We got that far and then from there, we were pretty much getting ready to close. Jonathan, you can pick me up from there.

We are about a week out and supposed to be closing. The cash buyer, like what Rashad was saying, ends up backing out because the hard money lender did not like the deal. We had to go back to the drawing board and go back to our cash buyer list and find out if those people I originally made an offer with us still be interested in it.

We went back and forth with a couple of different ones and we wound up landing on one of them that wanted to buy it for $48,000. We were still going to come out with a good profit getting under contract for $40,000. From that point, it was pretty simple. It was a matter of coordinating with the title and moving everything over.

I want to add a little more perspective to it. When that individual backed out, what were the thoughts going through your head at this time? Were you thinking yet again, “Is this ever going to happen?” Did it start to wear and tear on you at that moment?

Me and Rashad were talking about this. When you hear everybody else say that they get their first deal, it is under contract, and you go through the process, but there is this little voice in the back of your head saying, “There is no way this is for real. This does not have to happen for people like you. This is for somebody else. You can’t succeed at doing this.” The whole time, it was extremely stressful to be real honest with you. I was very stressed out the entire time. From the time that we signed the contract, all the way up on top until the time that we attached the checks.

Especially in the industry that I am in as a mortgage lender, there are all kinds of things that are out of your control. There are certain aspects of the sale that I can’t control. I was looking at it this way on the wholesaling side there are so many variables that are out of my control. “What if this happens? What if the seller backs out? What if the title finds a lien and the seller did not know about it,” which did not happen.

They wound up clearing it up. Everything that could have gone wrong possibly popped up on this deal. For me, especially when that cash buyer fell out, I was like, “We are out of our option period now. I am going to have to buy this house cash and flip it myself.” I was stressed out about it, but thank God that everything worked out.

Let’s put the numbers to this. You put it under contract it $40,000 and then you sold that for $48,000. Is that correct?

You need to get out there because speed is of the essence.


On that deal, it sounds like a guy fell out. My guess is earnest money was hard so you made some money on that end as well but in total, what did you make on this deal?

We made a total of $9,600 after it is all said and done.

You gentlemen know what is going on. We do this every episode and now it is for you too. There is the victory bell for two incredible rockstar tribe members that went out and got their deal. It took time. I want to make sure that everyone understands this. It does not happen overnight. Yes, it could maybe, but this is a real story right here. Fort Worth, Texas took about five months to get this done.

Moving forward, here is what I do want to ask. You go through these rollercoaster moments of you are excited and then you get depressed, then you get excited and you get depressed again. You have these moments, but now that you have done a deal, what does this do to your spirits? What does this do to your momentum going forward?

Total confidence. There is a scripture in the Bible that says, “Faith is being fully persuaded to what you believe is going to happen.” For me, that is the biggest thing that has happened here. Obviously, you have to have faith to believe in something that you do not see. As you said, it has gone from faith to fact, it is a completely different realm. It is something that is attainable, possible, and reproducible. The way that you guys coach us and train us is basic science. We have to go through the process.

There is a quote that Zig Ziglar used to say that I love and have adapted for myself, “You do not have to be great to start, but you have to start if you want to be great.” For me, a lot of times that paralysis-analysis has stopped me from doing things that I know I can be good at but I do not even want to step out unless I am going to succeed 100% of the time. In reality, even our failures can be, and they are, opportunities for us to learn from. Closing this first deal has been life-changing for me.

Rashad, what do you want to add to that? That is huge, Jonathan.

I agree with Jonathan. I used to play football so for me, it made me think of two-a-days. If you can get past that and key in on the conditioning, workouts, strength training, playbook, and learning what is going on, when you get to the games, you are more well-prepared to do stuff with it and got through there. It strengthens you and if you stick to that same regimen over and over again, you can duplicate that like what Jonathan says. Continue where it does create a snowball effect. It does create an opportunity for you to say, “I can do this.” We can do this and there is more to come.

You, gentlemen, are rockstars. Before ending, we always ask two questions now. Because there are two of you, I want to get both of you to answer each one. Let’s start with the first one. What book have you read that has been game-changing in your life? Rashad, let’s start with you. A book that you would recommend to Rhino Nation and the readers right now.

I am reading a lot of books because I am in Bible College as I said so I have got a lot of things on my plate in that regard. If I had to read one that I would recommend, I do not think it has ever been recommended before, but I handed out to somebody about it. On my mind, it is The Believer’s Authority.

Tell me a little bit about it. Why?

It is by Kenneth E. Hagin and it is about basically knowing your authority, knowing your place, and taking your dominion. I am a Christian. I believe in Christ. I believe in being and discussing like he is as I am. If I know that then I can take that same opportunity into the workplace, business place, and the wholesaling. We will start to see those things manifest because I am taking dominion in my place or in my sphere of influence as you would say.


I am a Christian too. I read a lot of great Christian books, but I am going to throw out a non-Christian book here because it helped me on both sides and in life in general. Rashad and I have a mission statement for our business and that is to serve as many people as we can in this industry. The book I am going to throw out there is called Mr. Shmooze and it is by an author named Richard Abraham.

It is an allegory about the top dog salesman of all time going around connecting and serving people. For me, that book has spoken to me in so many ways, because in order to be successful, you got to put in the work and make the decisions but at the end of the day, you got to make the numbers work. If you can’t build rapport with people because you genuinely are interested in them, then you are not going to be successful.

Rashad and I built our business on this principle that we are going to serve. Jesus said, “I came to serve and not be served.” A lot of times, if we had only gotten stuck in that mode of, “How much money are we going to make off this deal? How much money are you spending?” Looking at the numbers or looking at the logistics of it without saying, “Let’s see how many more people we can serve. Are we going to be able to serve this seller? Are we going to be able to help this seller? Are we going to be able to help this cash buyer?” That is one of the books that has helped me called Mr. Shmooze.

For the final question, knowing what you know now looking back what would you do differently or maybe what would you have done the same, either way, you want to answer that.

For me, what I would have done differently is probably if I would have known about what you guys offer as far as the coaching and the training and even teaming up with Jonathan, I would have done that sooner than later.

Meaning would have got into wholesaling sooner or you would have got into a partnership sooner. Expanded a little bit on that.

I think what you guys offer in Wholesaling Inc as far as the curriculum. I also worked at a wholesale brokerage so I knew a little bit about the business. There are some pieces I did not get in working there as a licensed real estate agent. What you guys offer, if I would have known some of those pieces then, because you got to help connect some dots and Jonathan can testify this when we met it, there are some pieces I did not have answers to.

I am glad I did not have that knowledge even in watching some YouTube or reading some books. There are still some pieces I was not getting. What you guys offer and then also with Jonathan’s skillsets, we play off each other in those areas. It is a good mesh to where things are able to flow freely. It is a smooth process. That is my take on it.

WI 358 | Bouncing Back From Setbacks

Bouncing Back From Setbacks: The people making the most money and doing business are the ones that have a high sense of urgency.



I am going to piggyback off that same idea. Tony Robbins has alluded to this. If you can sit down with the best basketball player in the world and learn everything that you can from them, what would you do if you want to be a good basketball player? Would you do that with any person in any specific industry?

Obviously, if you want to be the best at what you are doing, you are going to do that. For me, that quote I said, “You do not have to be great to start but you have to start if you want to be great,” that has helped me so many times because if you are looking at, “I want to be the best at this right now,” that does not necessarily mean you can do that overnight.

You are going to need somebody to teach and train you how to do that. You are going to need a coach. The best basketball player in the world still has a coach. For me, listening to your show has helped me. If somebody out there is reading right now and they are saying, “I am going to do this on my own. I am not going to invest in myself. I am going to listen to this podcast and read this blog.”

Try to piece all the information from all these different sources. Can you do it? Sure, but are you going to be able to do it as quickly as you could as if you had a coach? For me, it is the same thing. I wish we would have signed up and could have gotten together a whole lot sooner because we would be a lot further than we are now.

You guys are awesome. You gave some incredible wisdom right there to end the show. I want to thank the two of you for taking time out of your busy days and schedules to make this happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the two of you.

Thank you, Cody. I appreciate everything you have done for us. This is awesome.

You are very welcome. Rhino Nation, this has been an awesome episode where you can learn from two individuals that are in the trenches right now making deals happen. I hope that you jot down some notes, put some gold nuggets together, and some action. This show will do no good for you if you do not act upon the things that you learn. Make sure that you create a plan, not tomorrow, but now to take action on what you wrote down so that you can get one step closer to your first deal or your next deal.

If you need help building your wholesaling business much like with Rashad and Jonathan, head on over to We would be glad to. You can book a call, talk with us and have a conversation with us, begin to explore to see if it is a good fit, and if it is a good fit, we will invite you to be part of the tribe. Until next time. Thank you so much guys for reading and we will see you in the next episode.


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403Cody Hofhine, a multiple Inc 5000 Business Owner. Co Founder of Wholesaling Inc. the #1 Real Estate coaching program across the nation. Co Founder of Joe Homebuyer the leading Real Estate Franchise. A successful Real Estate investor/mentor and sought after Speaker.

Cody has coached over 3 thousand students on how to successfully Build their Real Estate Business through his real estate training as well as help individuals perform at their highest levels with his one-on-one mentoring.

Cody used his background in sales to quickly build multiple 7 and 8 figure Real Estate Businesses that all start on the foundation of clarity or Vision and Purpose.

Cody loves being with his family and doing crazy tricks behind a boat.


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