Posted on: February 07, 2020

For two tenacious rhinos, the journey from fear to faith has not been easy. However, the monetary rewards and the valuable lessons they learned along the way has made the journey truly worth it.

Rashad Green and Jon Sandhu are two rockstar rhinos from Fort Worth, Texas. While the two business partners have finally gotten their first ever deal, it took them 5 months to make it happen!

Fortunately, while they encountered challenges and setbacks along the way, Rashad and Jon had the right mentality and chose to keep pushing forward.

In today’s episode, discover the step-by-step guide they used to find their first deal. More importantly, get an insight into their mentality so that you too can move forward in faith!

Key Takeaways

  • What doing wholesaling on the side looks like
  • Some of the frustrations they experienced the first few months
  • How praying helped them
  • Lead channel they used to find their first deal
  • The quickest and most efficient way for them to get the mailers out
  • Why knowing one’s market is crucial
  • The important lessons they have learned along the way
  • Why having a high sense of urgency is key
  • Why it pays to have a proactive approach
  • How they marketed the deal to their cash buyers
  • How much they made from the deal
  • Game-changing books they’d recommend to the listeners
  • What they’d do differently/the same knowing what they know now


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