Posted on: February 06, 2020

In the wholesaling world, the importance of doing follow-ups cannot be overstated. Today’s determined rhino can attest to the amazing power of doing follow-ups. And he’s got $49,500 to show for it!

Michael Ireland Castanon is a steadfast rockstar who’s now crushing it in the wholesaling world. However, his wholesaling journey has not always been easy. In fact, when he first started out, 4 of his first deals fell through and it took him around 6 months to close his first deal.

Fortunately, Michael does not know how to give up. Rather than letting the setbacks he experienced bring him down, he stayed persistent and just kept going. His efforts paid off big time as he was able to close 21 deals in just a few shorts months. Definitely a far cry from the 5 deals he did in a year when he first started!

If want to hear a wholesaling story that exhibits the impressive power of doing follow-ups, you can’t afford to miss today’s episode. Also, in addition to hearing Michael’s awesome wholesaling journey, you’ll also get an insight into the winning mindset that has helped him earn close to $400,000 in just a year!

Key Takeaways

  • How he found wholesaling
  • Why he chose to get into wholesaling
  • Once of the biggest struggles new wholesalers encounter
  • What his current business structure looks like
  • Difference between a hot lead and a cold lead
  • The marketing channel he’s using
  • The top lists that are working for him
  • The four pillars when pre-qualifying sellers
  • What an unknown equity list means
  • Breakdown of a great deal he did
  • What the whole goal of negotiating is
  • Two things you need to have when making an offer
  • His disposition strategy
  • What the 70 percent rule is
  • Game-changing book he recommends
  • How people can get in touch with him


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