Episode 354: Referrals – How One Simple Question Turned into a $13,300 Deal

While there is no shortage of things that makes wholesaling phenomenal, one amazing thing stands out: if you operate from a place of wanting to serve and help others, deals will often find their way to you. This is something today’s rockstar rhino can definitely attest to.

Joel Kadlec is an exceptional wholesaler from Oklahoma. While he only wholesales on the side, Joel is still earning big money because he makes serving and helping distressed homeowners a priority.

Undoubtedly, this type of approach has been a game-changer for him. In fact, asking homeowners how he can help and serve them has led to a deal that has made him $13,300 richer!

If you’d like to use the same approach Joel is using, you’d surely find today’s episode helpful. What’s even better is you’ll not only learn how he makes things work, you’ll also discover how he manages his time effectively and how he finds deals even if he only wholesales part-time!

Key Takeaways

  • How he balances wholesaling and having a full-time job
  • The system he has set up to manage the calls that come in
  • What prompted him to try wholesaling
  • Marketing channels he has chosen to work with
  • Why he recommends going out and seeing as many prospects as possible
  • How his first deal went and what’s unique about it
  • How much he earned from his first deal
  • One of the best lists to send mails to
  • A recent deal he did and how much he made from it
  • Where he invests his revenue from wholesaling
  • What his marketing bread and butter is
  • The quality of leads he gets from online marketing
  • His advice for those would like to give wholesaling a try


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