Episode 353: A Day in the Life of Cody’s Acquisition Manager

WI 353 | Consistency On Work


Utah Sell Now, LLC is an amazing company with exceptional culture. The brainchild of rockstar real estate investors and wholesalers Mark Stubler and Cody Hofhine, Utah Sell Now, LLC has helped thousands of homeowners move their lives forward in a positive way. While several key factors have contributed to the company’s success, a huge part of it can be credited to the company’s brilliant and dedicated team.

In today’s show, you’ll get to know one of the company’s top assets—their acquisition manager, Selver Zalic. Selver did sales for almost 8 years but he knew nothing about real estate and wholesaling when he first started. However, while he lacked the knowledge and experience at first, he was kind, patient, and passionate about helping people.

In today’s episode, you’ll not only learn how Selver performs consistently and stays on top of his game, you’ll also discover how small shifts and striving to be better each can make a world of difference!


A Day in the Life of Cody’s Acquisition Manager

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