Posted on: January 30, 2020
WI 352 | Asking The Right Question


Many months ago, Earon Bevans painted houses and sold mobile homes to make ends meet. Seeing his potential, his wife challenged (and encouraged) him to do more, and Earon gracefully rose to the challenge. Fast forward 16 months later and he’s now one of wholesaling’s top superstars, sometimes earning a whopping $100,000 each month!

Just like most people, Earon’s wholesaling journey has not been easy. Fortunately, with faith, hard work, and the help of the right mentors, he was able to transition from earning just $750 to as much as $75,000 per deal. Talk about impressive!

If you want to know how to go from being down on your luck to earning six figures monthly, this episode is for you. Earon not only shared his inspirational wholesaling journey, he also dished out insights and wisdom that will help you stay on top of your game. You owe it to yourself not to miss this one!


From ZERO To $100,000 A Month With Earon Bevans

Episode Transcription

I am here with one of the biggest and brightest stars out of San Antonio. I’d like to introduce you to the show and to the Rhino Tribe, Mr. Earon Bevans.

What’s going on world? How are you doing, Mr. Brent?

It’s good to have you in here. Earon is here in the TTP Studios here in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m excited to have you in here and let everybody know your story. You’re a special dude. You’re on social media a lot. You’ve got a team of people. You’re a leader, but you want to provide a ton of value to our industry. You just naturally do. Since our first conversation, you were like, “I want to kill it so that I can help other people kill it.”

Yes. That’s the goal.

Where does that come from?

I’ve always naturally aspired towards teaching and helping other people. When I was little, the neighborhood or area that we grew up in wasn’t the best, but I recall my dad making us stand up in front of all of our toys and he would force us to read the Bible. I hated it. It was the worst but I feel like having that upbringing from my dad, put me in the mindset of education, not when it comes to higher education. I dropped out of high school. When it came to being different and helping others, that was planted in me at an early age.

Why do you think he did that? Why did your dad have you stand and read your Bible to your toys, and how old are you?

I was probably by 7 or 8. He had us doing this regularly. The Bible was always something that was important in our household growing up, but in addition to that, he wanted us to be different. He was a writer growing up. That’s not what he did for occupation but he was always going to poetry readings. One of the things I saw at an early age was the ability of my father to cast a spell on an audience and to be able to capture people’s attention.

I remember being 4 or 5 years old and looking in the audience and watching everybody fixated on my dad as he read a poem or he recited something. I always thought that was pretty cool, but I know he wanted to instill that in us because communication is key. If you can’t communicate properly, no matter what you aspire to, it’s going to be difficult for you. He saw the value in that, so he implanted that in us. That’s where it stems from.

How did you find real estate? To set the tone, just so we can grab you and you can get some credibility on what Earon is going to be talking about or his process, you’ve been doing the several months and you just had your first $100,000 month.

I just did.

If you’re reading this, he’s going to give you the exact steps that he took to get to a six-figure month. This is bananas. This is crazy.

I’ve been in the business for several months. I hit my first six-figure month a month or two after joining TTP. It was my 13th month.

If you can’t communicate properly, no matter what you aspire to be, it’s going to be difficult for you.

Start us on day one of this journey. How do you find wholesaling property?

I was broke. I dropped out of high school. I don’t have any inherent skills and no official skills. I was married and I had a slap-in-the-face moment. We had only been married for about a few years or something like that and my wife says, “I want to talk to you.” I said, “Let’s talk.” She says, “I don’t like the way I’m starting to feel about you.” I’m like, “Holy moly.” A year and a half in the marriage, as a guy, you don’t want to hear that. I’m like, “What are you talking about?” I feel like the relationship is great. The energy is good.

My wife has always been an entrepreneur. From the time she was 17 or 18, she already had a hair salon and it was growing and progressing. She said, “I feel like I’m growing and progressing.” At that time, I was a house painter. I was painting cabinets and stuff. I don’t want to paint my wife in a bad picture. She was not materialistic. This was what she said. “I would hate for you to stay in a situation where you could die tomorrow and be replaced like that when you have so much more potential for the same amount of time that you’re doing this, you could be growing as a person.”

My wife is a small petite woman, but she was like a street fighter. I needed that because it woke me up and I said, “I don’t have any skills or traits.” We found out that there was going to be a seminar coming to a hotel near us called The Legacy, Rich Dad, Poor Dad Seminar. It was a pitch on, “You can do real estate too.” They were upselling while they were there. It was a 45-minute presentation.

The guy started talking about how he got a property under contract and then he sold his interest in the property via contract to somebody else for $10,000 and made $10,000 in two weeks. I’m like, “Is this real?” He says, “For one payment of $500, we’ll give you a two-day course where we’ll walk you through how to flip, how to wholesale, how to do a subject to, and all these things.” I was like, “We got to do this.” I didn’t have any money by the way. I counted checks and I’m like, “We may not be able to go out to eat for the next month or so, but that this is important.” My wife supported it and we paid for that seminar.

This is interesting because it’s a commonality among a lot of high performers, but you almost have to be at rock bottom to get going. Having that conversation with your wife makes you feel like, “This is a rough thing to hear.” Having less than $500, which by the way, 68% of America have less than $500 in their checking account. That $500 was a significant investment, but the beautiful thing is when you’re in that position, you want a return. You are starving and hungry.

I love putting it in these terms. People write this and put it in front of them all the time, “It’s not that you want to be great at wholesaling or you want to be a great investor. You must get a deal.” This is a must situation. If you don’t, there’s no other backup plan or other things. You make it a must as opposed to a want, that’s the position where real change happens.

It came in two parts. It came from the practical side that legitimately, if I don’t make a deal from this initial investment, I’m not going to have any money, and then the second part of it is I could not stand to go home each day without a paycheck and see the look of disappointment in my wife’s eyes. For me, that is the real driving force, even more than the money itself was. It was a must.

They give you the tools and idea of what you need to do a deal, is that right?

Can I be honest?


I didn’t learn anything per se except that it could happen and it could take place. I’m not speaking bad about anybody. More power to them for doing what they do. Maybe, it’s just me being dumb. I did not know what my next step was. I knew that you could sell a contract and sell your interest in a property and wholesale it. We did the whole two-day course. They spent an hour on wholesaling and simply went over the concept and a bunch of case studies and checks that people have made. It started on Saturday. We ended Sunday evening.

I go home but I don’t know what my next step is so I go to YouTube and Google. There were only a handful of people that were doing it, but I found Wholesaling Inc. I started following some of their content and some of the instructional steps on what to do next. They talked about letters. I’m sending out mailers. I had spent all my money on the initial investment, the $500, so I had no money. I didn’t have any budget. What I did was we hand-wrote letters for a while and then whenever we could save up a couple of hundred dollars, we invested in some mailers.

WI 352 | Asking The Right Question

Asking The Right Question: It’s not that you want to be great at wholesaling or you want to be a great investor. You must get a deal.


We finally got a call back that I followed up on that lead. Long story short, I made $750. The contract and the paperwork were so messed up. The buyer went back and contracted it himself. I wouldn’t advise anybody to let that happen. He asked me if he could do that. I said, “Sure.” He said, “I’ll pay you outside of closing.” I wouldn’t recommend anybody to do that, but I was new and I was hungry. I made $750 and I made it cash. The guy gave me $750 cash. He probably screwed me out of my mind so bad, but in my heart, I was like, “This works. This is real.” I felt like Goku powering up and Super Saiyan. That was the beginning. That was over several months.

Once that becomes a fact that you can make money or income from your efforts by literally finding real estate opportunities, everything changes. Now, it’s not just you believe or a faith type of thing. This is a fact that you can do it. I don’t care if it’s $100, $750, or $100,000. It’s that first step and first check you get that’s real, and you’re like, “I can do this again and again.”

It gets you through that tough period when your optimism, enthusiasm, and energy are wearing low because you’ve got other responsibilities like kids and a wife, another job, paying up bills, and all these other things that you got going on. When all of that is low and you get that shot from one thing that closed that you made money on, all of a sudden, it changes everything.

That’s why I love this show and the YouTube channel. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in watching this, go to Brent Daniels – Real Estate on YouTube. It’s incredible because people are using this. People are going to YouTube, the show, and reading this. They’re understanding what you’re going through. They’re going through it right now. I went through it. I was in so much debt. It was silly.

You’re in that position mentally where you still have a pilot light that says, “I know that I am a winner.” Your wife knew that you are a winner. She wanted more out of you. She pulled it out. God bless and you married a wonderful woman. If you have that pilot light inside you, that’s like, “I can do this. I know I can succeed and it can be successful,” and you keep feeding it. You bust through and then all of a sudden, you’re off and running. Thirteen months later, you’re at a six-figure a month business. It’s bananas.

It’s been an exciting journey.

You got that first deal. Now, you’re charging along. Did you stop painting right off the bat or did you stop painting after a couple of more deals? Where did that go?

There was a little bit of a transitionary period because I was in a little suburb of Chicago called Bolingbrook. I stopped painting a few months after that conversation. I got into sales. I was doing mobile home sales 10 to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, similar to a car salesman. From that seminar learning about wholesaling to doing my first deal, there was about a five-month gap. When I say, I’ve been in the business for sixteen months, I’m talking from my first deal.

I started doing mobile home sales and doing my first deal. I’m building my wholesaling pipeline while I’m doing my mobile home sales in my little office. I get a couple of other deals under my belt and I build up a little war chest of cash. I have about $6,000 or $7,000. Up to this point, I’ve been following Wholesaling, Inc but I did not pull the trigger on it yet. In-between time, I spent $5,000 on another education course, which helped me and that left me with about $2,000 in my bank for marketing.

What I said was, “I got about $7,000 in my bank. I’ve already made a solid amount of money while I’m working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.” I believe in myself. What if I quit this job right now, invest this money, and go full-time? What could I do in 3 to 6 months? That’s what I did. I gave them the courtesy of a two-week notice, but it’s a sales position and these guys were shady. I had a sexy pipeline that was going to be coming in. They said, “No worries. Go ahead and turn in your key. You’re done.” I wanted to cash out on that and make some more money, but they said, “No, you’re done,” which put my back against the wall again. All I had was this little $7,000 in my account.

Now, I have more experience and a proof of concept that’s been validated 4 or 5 times. I dumped that money into education and my marketing. Within about 30 days, I closed my first deal full-time and that was $28,000. The following one was a $14,000 deal and then another $30,000 deal with Analise, who you met. Within the first three months, I had more money come in than I had ever experienced.

It’s incredible. Tell everybody, is this not a cash machine?

It is a cash machine. It’s insanely so. I have never experienced anything like that.

You almost have to be at rock bottom to really get going.

This is what happens. This is crazy. People come into the TTP program and watch these videos with a small amount of money in the savings that they’re making. They get $10,000, $15,000, or 20,000, and then I talked to them 6 months, 8 months, or 1 year later and they go, “I only made $9,500 on this deal. I’m so disappointed.” I’m like, “$9,500 is great.”

I’m sure there are massive deals and I want to encourage everybody to get massive deals, but it’s crazy how quick your mind can change once you start succeeding in these big ways. Once you start seeing these big checks, getting it into your account, paying off debts that you never thought you could pay off in years, and start a down payment on properties, assets, investments, buying a house, or whatever it is. It’s the most incredible business of all time, in my opinion. I love it. I love your enthusiasm for it as well.

It’s important to note this. You kept income coming in while you were building up your experience. I love that because you can do deals on your lunch break, on the weekend, after work, and when you have time off. We work with a lot of people. A lot of people in the TTP family are active military or they’re firefighters. They have crazy schedules, but then when they’re off, they’re rocking and rolling.

You can continue to do it until you get to the point where you make the choice to do this full-time based on actual results. Not just hope. People get trapped sometimes when they go, “I’m going to go for it. I’m going to go on a hope and a prayer,” and then they’re back at their job. Wholesaling and finding deals that work for them, and now they have to start all over again or they’re out of it.

It got to the point where I had done enough deals to know the basics of the process. I was by no means an expert. I still don’t consider myself an expert, but I figured to myself, “If I can do this much while I’m working part-time on my wholesaling business, what could I do if I was full-time?” Even with the little bit of money that I had, I knew I had enough street smart to know that if I put in more effort in other tedious ways, I could be resourceful and make deals come out with no marketing money. That’s what happened.

To get to six figures a month, what are your marketing channels?

I have three marketing channels that we stick to and it’s because they’re inexpensive and they work so good for us, which is cold calling. That’s our bread and butter. Text message blasting, that’s our secondary, and then we supplement with ringless voicemails.

You have a massive deal that you did.

I do.

Let’s get everybody excited. You started off and your first deal was $750. Let’s talk about a deal that you did that was a little bit more than that because I’m excited for you to ring this bell. Let’s break it down.

This deal came from the high equity list. This came after I joined the TTP group. We got some discounts and we went to ListSource. We pulled some high-equity leads. These were absentee owner high equity leads.

To help everybody out really quick. In ListSource, they have a good tool that you can pull people. They estimate how much equity they have based on what they think they owe or the value of the property. You can get it from $100 equity to 70%, 30%, or 50%. Where were you at, 30%, 50%, or more equity?

This was 40% or more.

WI 352 | Asking The Right Question

Asking The Right Question: Before you get off the phone with a person, you always ask, “Do you happen to have any other property you’re interested in selling?”


Equity means that if the house is worth $100,000, they would only owe $60,000, so $40,000 of that would be their equity or what the owners have if you’re not familiar with the term. It’s the minimum and up from there. It’s going to give people that have them own free and clear and everything. These are what you want to go after because these are the people that have the opportunity to sell at a discount. They don’t owe more than it’s worth. Absentee means that it was a rental for them, vacant, or they don’t live in that property.

That was the list that we targeted. For this list, we were doing ringless voicemails.

I want to break this down. How do you get the phone numbers?

By Batch Skip Tracing.

That’s Use TTP as the code. You’ll get a discount. You upload an Excel file to them that you got from ListSource and they send it back with the phone numbers attached to those addresses.


What do you do with that Excel file?

We take that Excel file that has all of the numbers for each one of these leads that we’ve skip traced. I use Slybroadcast. I uploaded the list to Slybroadcast and then we immediately blasted out the ringless voicemail campaign. For those of you that don’t know, it means you sent a voicemail to people without ringing their phones.

You pick up your phone and you look at it. You’re like, “It’s a voicemail. I must’ve been in a weird service area. It didn’t even ring. I didn’t even hear it.”

Our message says something like, “This is Earon. We were calling to see if you had any property you’re interested in selling. If so, feel free to call us back whenever you get a chance. Our number is 12345.”

You go straight generic. You don’t go, “We’re calling about your house in San Antonio.”

The reason why we don’t do that with ringless voicemails is that the person who’s designated to answer all these incoming calls from the ringless voicemail campaign, the person says, “You were calling about my property, how much do you offer it?” This person doesn’t even know what property they’re calling about. If we make it generic, we can refer back to the voicemail and say, “We were calling to see if you have any property you are interested in selling. Mr. Seller, I don’t know if you have any property. Do you have any that you’re interested in selling?”

It was interesting. On this particular day, the person who was supposed to be handling these incoming calls wasn’t available. It came directly to me. This was the basic story. It was a fun situation. The gentleman was a retired dentist. He owned this commercial property. The property that we had initially uploaded into the spreadsheet that was attached to his name, he had already sold it. We train everybody on our team, before you get off the phone with a person you always ask, “Do you happen to have any other property you’re interested in selling?” We’ve made a lot of money asking that question.

If a deal falls out, follow up to see what’s going on.

This is key. It’s a great clickbait type of thing. How to get a yes out of every no? “No, I don’t want to sell that house that was on the list that you had left a voicemail about.”

He says, “I have another one, but you probably won’t want it. It’s a commercial property. It’s a dump.” We’ve never done a commercial deal. We said, “We’d like to take a look at it.” The fact that he says it’s a dump, my heart is racing. I’m excited. This may be something exciting. We set up an appointment right then and there for the following day. We go walk the property. I don’t know anything about commercial property. I’m not a realtor. I have no experience. All I know is that the guy said it was a dump, so this must be an opportunity. We walk to the property. It’s a two-story commercial dentist’s office.

The gentleman’s story was that he retired from dentistry. He is 70-something years old. He’s already made his millions because in addition to his own dental practice, he has this commercial property, and it has a bunch of dentist’s suites that he rented out to other practitioners. This was the issue because prior to going there, we looked up the appraisal district, and the property was tax appraised for about $400,000. Here’s the issue though. The foundation was completely rocked. The roof was leaking. He knows that no commercial loan is going to be given out on this deal.

You got to sell it for cash. Even though it’s appraised for $400,000, he knows it’s not going to be anywhere near that. I don’t know what to offer on this thing. I do $0.65 on the dollar because I want to shoot super low. I take the $400,000. I do $0.64 on the dollar, and then I took a whole bunch of money out of it. I said, “We can offer $104,000.” By the way, this is after building a rapport and talking with him. We had walked the property for about 45 minutes to 1 hour just talking with him before we even started talking numbers.

Finally, we get into numbers and we asked him, “What do you need in order to make this deal work because we’re interested?” He says, “I’ll be honest with you. I have no idea, but I do know that it needs a whole lot of work and there’s nobody that’s going to be able to get a loan on it. It’s got to be cash.” My heart is racing. My palms are sweaty. My armpits are sweating out my deodorant. I said, “What if we could offer $140,000 cash? Is that something that you might be interested in?”

He had somebody else that was courting him on this deal. That person was another broker. Automatically, that person had more credibility than me. I’m coming in as some guy saying, “I’m going to buy your house cash,” and they were offering more. He told me, “I’m not going to do a bid war. I’m not interested in that. I want to be one and done with this property. Give me your highest and best. I’m comparing it to their highest and best. Whoever the highest and best is, I’m going with them. I’m not even going to come back and give you an opportunity, so I want your highest and best right now.”

It puts you in a pickle. There’s no negotiation here. I have to offer something that doesn’t insult him, but at the same time allows me to make money. I said, “$140,000. That’s the offer.” The other broker had offered significantly higher. He calls back and preps the call by saying, “I am not going to accept another offer. I told you I wasn’t going to play around and BS with you. I’m accepting the other offer. They offered more.” I was like, “Will you allow me to bid against him?” He was like, “No, I don’t want to do that.” This guy has made his millions. He just wants to be one and done.

Before he gets off the phone, I said, “Mr. Seller, could you do me a favor?” He says, “What’s that?” I said, “If this person doesn’t close, would you do me the courtesy of calling me back right away because I’m very interested.” I’m heartbroken. I’m like, “I feel like this could have been a good deal.” He said, “Sure, why not? I like your energy. You’re very respectful. I’ll do that.”

We lost the deal. Two months go by and on the third month, he calls back out of nowhere. I didn’t even recognize the name when he called back. He reminded me who he is. He talked about the property. He says, “The person backed out,” and my heart is racing. I’m like, “No way.” I’m trying to keep my composure. I said, “Mr. Such and such, how would you like to move forward because I’m still interested?” He says, “Does your offer still stand at $140,000?” I said, “Absolutely, it does.” He says, “I’m ready to go.”

On that same day, I Dotloop him, which is an email signature. He signed it within an hour. Here’s the mistake I did make, though. We sent it over to title. They started clearing title right away. I know I could have made way more money. The first person I shopped the deal out to said, “I don’t need to see it. I want it.” They did go out to see it, but they told us, “Don’t show this to anybody. I want it.” There’s somebody that we’ve done a lot of business with up to this point. I felt like I had to honor it because I was so excited that I said, “Okay.” They walked in and contracted it. If I’m being conservative 48 days afterward, we closed 13 days after contracting that property.

This is the beautiful thing about people that are older, successful, and they’ve got a rundown properties. This is what I love about it. This has been my experience. 1) They’re realistic. 2) If they take an offer and that offer backs out, they will honor your offer. If you build enough of a relationship, they’ll come back to you. Most of the time they’re coming back at the number that you gave them. It’s not even about the money. It’s about getting the job done.

You were there. You did enough to build that relationship. You gave him the number. You must have been certain and likable with that number because he called you back. The thing is if a deal falls out, follow up to see what’s going on. You didn’t even have to. He followed up with you. You were off in million different directions doing other deals. You got it for $140,000. What did you sell it for?

I sold it for $215,000.

WI 352 | Asking The Right Question

Asking The Right Question: When feelings of uncertainty come up, know that most of us still have those feelings and they’re probably not 100% going to go away.


What did you net on that?

It was $75,000.

Ring that bell. Imagine this, it is whatever day, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoon, you get this call from the guy. An hour later, after that call, he signs a contract. Thirteen days, not even two weeks later, you have $75,000 wired into your account.

We ended up double closing that one and we got a hookup from our title company. It ended up being $74,600.

How did that feel coming from a guy that was painting houses a year before?

The best way I can describe it to those who are new and learning, what you imagine that would feel like times 100.

I got goosebumps the first time I got a $40,000 check. My eyes were tearing up. I was in my kitchen with my wife. I was all nervous. I was like, “Can I do this again? Can I make too much money? What’s going on?” The chemicals in your brain change forever. Now, do you doubt that you could do it again?

No, not at all.

Do you now think that you could do a $100,000 deal?

It’s funny you say that because we have team meetings now and I feel like we’ve had certain levels of certainty in regards to how we’ve negotiated for deals. When we first started, we lucked on some big deals, and that helped us with our identity and what we believe was possible, but I found that as we’ve grown in the business, our level of certainty for how we negotiate has changed. That’s one of the things that I try to instill on our team, which is, “Don’t be afraid to anchor $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, $60,000, or $70,000 of profit because you have no idea if the person is going to say yes or not.” It’s helped us.

Give some advice. I don’t care if they’re new, have been in this forever, done 1,000 deals, or done no deals, give a couple of thoughts on what you feel you need to do to be successful in this business.

Everybody talks about taking massive action and the reason why everybody talks about this because it’s necessary. Without that, the business is dead. You got to breathe life into your business through consistent and massive action. If there’s anything that I can say, I’m a rookie or a baby in this game, but I’m proud of the success we’ve had thus far. Even now I have feelings of uncertainty, “Can I continue to bring this amount of money? Will this dry up?” Those feelings come up into my head and heart, and I constantly have to slay, suppress, push them to the side, and drown them with continued action.

If you’re new, know it’s freaking possible. You got to keep taking the action. When those feelings of uncertainty come up, know that most of us still have those feelings and they’re probably not 100% going to go away, but you got to drown them out. The reason why that’s resonating so deeply in my mind right now is because, on the flight to Phoenix, I wrapped up for the third time the Think and Grow Rich. In his concluding thoughts, Napoleon Hill says, “The successful people are not people with no negative thoughts. They’re the ones who’ve drowned out negative thoughts through consistent and persistent action.” That’s the advice that I would give. I’m going to borrow from Napoleon Hill.

WI 352 | Asking The Right Question

I absolutely love it. That was perfect. Thank you. This has been incredible. There’s been a lot going on in this conversation, so make sure you read it again. For anybody that’s reading or watching this, how do they reach out to you?

We drop a lot of content on Facebook, lives, and videos.

Do you have a podcast?

In fact, Brent, you were on the podcast. It was an absolute killer podcast talking about the mindset of an entrepreneur, being successful in this business, where you came from, and your rock bottom moment. We do a podcast every Tuesday.

What’s it called?

It’s called the Real Estate of Mind Podcast.

Is that on iTunes?

Not yet.

They can find you on Facebook?

Yes. It’s on the Facebook feed and you can go to Earon Bevans on Facebook. Reach out to us. I’d love to connect with anybody who wants to reach out and make something happen.

You guys reach out. This is a superstar here. Get a part of that. If he has any opportunity to work with him and his company as he grows, get in his ear, get that experience from somebody because he is going only one place, and that is up. He is an incredible human being and an incredible entrepreneur. He’s very serious about this. He takes action every single day.

If you are ready to join the most proactive group in real estate investing, then you got to go to This is the group that Earon told you that he’s a part of. This is the group that I coached personally. It’s the absolute best group in real estate investing. Time and time again, check out that page. You’re going to see a lot of testimonials. You’re going to see what that program is all about. I’d love to work with you personally.

This is not scripted by the way. I just got to say this because this is an honor to be here. This is how appreciative I am. Not only has the TTP course helped me for every new hire I bring onto my business. I have them go through your course. I feel bad that I’m not paying you residually. I have all of my new acquisitions, cold callers, whether they’re in the Philippines or they’re local because we have both. I have them go through the TTP course as well because that’s how rich the guidance is. I’m indebted to you and I appreciate you for that.

You take all the action. You do all the whole hard work. It’s all on you. I’m just the guide. Anyway, check out the website. You are the absolute best. Earon, thanks for being on the show. Until next time. As always, I encourage you to go out there and talk to people. See you.


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WI 352 | Asking The Right QuestionBrent Daniels is a multi-million dollar wholesaler in Phoenix, Arizona… and the creator of “Talk To People” — a simple, low-cost, and incredibly effective telephone marketing program…

Also known as “TTP”… it helps wholesalers do more, bigger, and more profitable deals by replacing traditional paid advertising (postcards, yellow letters, bandit signs, and PPC) with being proactive and taking action every single day!

Brent has personally coached over 1,000 wholesalers enrolled in his “Cold Calling Mastery” training, and helped 10,000’s of others who listen to him host the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, watch his YouTube channel, and attend his live events…

A natural leader, Brent combines his passion for helping others with his high energy, and “don’t-wait-around-for-business” attitude to help you CRUSH your wholesaling goals as quickly and easily as possible!

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