Episode 35: One Question that Led to Three Wholesale Deals!

One Question that Led to Three Wholesale Deals!!

As Wholesalers, we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS need to be thinking outside the box.

There are so many different methods and strategies to land deals, that it’s almost impossible to do it all. Can you imagine asking one single question and getting three deals?

Today, meet Miguel Roman and Pete Russell, who are wholesaling partners who are CRUSHING it in their business!

With their ‘progress not perfection’ attitude, (and massive amounts of “Grit”), they were able to navigate a SUPER difficult, on again, off again, deal!

Despite the long wait and thoughts of this deal being dead in the water, they were able to make it work and even walked away with a nice surprise!

Don’t miss this episode where you will discover what it REALLY takes to make it in this business!


  • How Pete and Miguel took the plunge
  • What their 6 deals looked like
  • Making a partnership work
  • Accountability counts
  • Failing forward and getting in the right mindset
  • Shaping up a motivated seller
  • Details on this particular deal using bandit signs
  • The power of follow-up
  • How one question led to more deals!
  • and so much more…

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