Posted on: January 24, 2020
WI 348 | Finding Success


While the formula to succeed in wholesaling can be an enigma for many, for Joe Darger, it’s simple: become who you need to be and success is sure to follow.

Joe is Cody’s high-performing acquisitions manager. Thanks to his selling prowess, determination, and positive mindset, he has been able to consistently close one deal after the other. What’s even more impressive? He has successfully raised the average assignment per deal to a whopping $37,000!

In today’s episode, the A-player shared many of the techniques that has helped him dominate the wholesaling world. Not only that, ever the go-giver, Joe also gave everyone an insight into the mindset that has helped him succeed.

Plenty of wholesaling gold nuggets and practical wisdom to take note of in this episode, so make sure you tune in!



Becoming Who You Need To Be To Find Success In Wholesaling With Joe Darger

Episode Transcription

I’m super excited because this is someone that I get to see on a daily basis. This is one of my killer acquisition managers, who is an amazing go-giver, has a heart of gold, and is always out there trying to serve people. You guys get to meet him right here on this show. He’s going to share gold nuggets of how he has record-breaking month after month, meaning he gets out there, finding deals, putting these deals under contract, and doing a ton of them. He’s going to be sharing some gold nuggets.

For those of you that are here with us for the first time, I want to welcome you. For those of you that are new to the show, I want you to know we’re going to be talking about wholesaling. It is simply the art of finding a deeply discounted property and then turning it for profits. What can you do? There are many different exit strategies. Whether you choose the fix and flip, keep it for a rental, or whether you do what we’re going to talk about, and that’s simply wholesaling where you just assign it or either close on it and then sell it on the market afterward.

We’re going to talk about a little bit of that more in-depth on this show. I want you to get a paper and pen out and get ready to jot down some notes because we have Joe Darger, one of my acquisition managers, who is a solid team player and an A player. He’s going to be sharing some incredible wisdom. For you that are in the acquisition side of things or you’re trying to find new ways to get your own acquisition managers out there producing, get ready. This episode is for you. Joe, how are you doing?

I’m doing fantastic, Cody. Thanks for having me on.

Help them understand who Joe is and why Joe is a stud.

I’ve been in sales for many years. I did door-to-door sales for eight years, and that molded me.

What was the product you were doing door-to-door?

We all have gifts and talents, and when we serve within our gifts and talents, we’re creating an impact.

I was selling first home security systems, home automation, and home alarms, and then I sold residential solar. It taught me a lot about life, myself, sales, communication, people, psychology, and how to meet somebody in 30 seconds, get what you want, give them what they want, connect with them, and all that. It’s been quite the journey.

This is solid. We have interviewed Selver, who is also an acquisition manager here at Utah Sell Now. If you can notice a background between the two of them that are parallel, they were both door to door doing solar sales, as well as you’ve got some in-home alarm security systems. What door-to-door teaches are some very crucial principles. There are a lot of things that I love about you and Selver. It is the fact that no does not scare you.

No just means approaching it from a different angle, and you find ways to get things done. You’re not afraid to follow up with people like, “Is this going to bug the person?” All these good principles I see in you guys come from this door-to-door mentality. What did door-to-door teach you that was like, “I’m grateful for it?”

I appreciate you asking because what I got from door-to-door more than anything is determination. I believe if you have enough determination for anything, you can accomplish anything. It’s determination and resilience. In our society, no means a lot of things to a lot of people, whether we hear no, we’re afraid of a no, or we don’t want to tell people no. That stops us a lot. What door-to-door taught you is you’ll have times that you’re embarrassed, you’re in nice areas, people are looking down on you, and they’re like, “What’s this guy?” Whatever judgments you see, you have to embrace that and say, “Why am I doing this? What’s my purpose?”

You have to develop that muscle over time. What I got was determination. I remember my first summer, and I was just out of high school. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I experienced myself as a failure for the first time. I was looking for anything and motivated. My manager, the one that took me under his wing and mentored me, said, “There’s going to be times you’re going to go out this summer. You’re to want to quit. You’re going to cry.”

He set you up in a good way. He set up the expectation. He’s like, “You’re going to make a lot of money. You’re going to be filthy rich. It’s going to be amazing.” He set up the true expectations so that when you faced it, you also knew you were on the right path.

He told me all the upsides too. He set up that expectation. I had a lot of fears. I wasn’t super confident that I’d be successful or anything like that. In fact, growing up until I was in fifth grade, I was homeschooled. I was always very shy. That was one of the most terrifying things. I never thought I’d be good at sales. I saw something in myself and my life, and I was motivated that I was like, “I’m not coming home. I have no choice. I have no money.” I remember my dad saying, “It’s a scam. My buddy’s son did it. He just had to buy him a plane home ride from Dallas.”

WI 348 | Finding Success

Finding Success: When doing door to door, you’ll have times that you’re embarrassed. People will look down on you. Whatever judgments you see, you have to embrace. Really ask youself, “Why am I doing this?”


Everyone has tried it. They’d never succeeded.

People hadn’t succeeded. I didn’t necessarily have support from my family and friends, but in my mind, I said, “I have to do this.” I made up my mind. What set me apart that year was being the top rookie rep in our office or one of the top, but that success throughout my career was just the determination. That’s what I learned that set me up powerfully for gaining some of the tools that then led to working with you guys.

Generally, it’s having a determination of what you want to do, especially in sales, because a lot of it has ups and downs. You’re dealing with a lot of things with people, so you have to be clear as far as what your goals are, what you want to accomplish, and how you want to serve people. You want to be clear on that. Determination was a big part of that.

Let’s get into what makes you so good. Here’s one more piece because this is also crucial. There are a lot of individuals who are reading this. There are some that are at the beginning stages, but there are some at the stage where they’re like, “I wish I had a Joe on my team. I want a Joe in my team.” This is almost a hard question for me to ask because I’m not asking for any compliments, and I’m not searching for compliments. You had an incredible offer on the table to make more money than you’re making here moving out of state, but what allowed you to make the decision where you are like, “I want to do this,” and it may have cost you to where you’re making less money?

I don’t know the full details behind it, but my whole point is, what was it about Utah Sell Now? There are individuals that are like, “How do I find these individuals?” I don’t know if you just find A player because if there’s something that doesn’t exist that you want in the company, you’re not going to come. What was it you saw in the company so they can say, “I better have this in place so I can find Joe Darger out there?”

What it comes down to was everything told me that I was supposed to be going to do that other job. Logically, the title, a bunch of different things, ownership on the table with a massive solar company, doing millions of dollars of revenue, one of the largest commercial solar companies, and growing very rapidly with residential. There are so many opportunities that way. Everything logically said that I should go with them and go take that opportunity. What I’ve learned is it’s important to trust your gut and instinct and make sure you’re in the right fit for you and the right environment.

I didn’t know at the time. Selver is the one that introduced me to you guys. He was the reason that I was here. I trusted him. There’s something to be said for every relationship. Everything you do has an impact on how you treat people because it might be the person you hire that knows that A player. It’s the impact that you have, the confidence they have within you, the belief, and everything. I was wavering, and I was telling Selver that I should go there. I’m going to make it three times. He’s like, “We’re selling each other.” It was this epic sales battle. He called me back, and he was like, “You should join us, and here’s why.”

If you have enough determination for anything, you can accomplish anything.

He took the stand for me. It meant a lot to me, and I know that Mark took a stand for him in that way to give him confidence. There are ripple effects, and these small steps that you do that build over time for a team. As I’ve reflected more on being around the company, the culture, and everything that you guys are doing, it’s the leadership that you guys have, the influence, and the company culture of continually growing, truly caring, having integrity and doing what you say you’ll do. Also, trying to do more.

I’ve never before worked with a company where I had the complete respect of the people in a leadership position, that I felt like everything they’d asked me to do, they would do themselves. They would handle any breakdown, failure, or anything in a way that had integrity and served the client as much as themselves. That’s what I experienced here. That’s why I’m still here every day looking at any feedback and advice that you or Mark give me. I’m all ears because I see that from you guys. To answer your question, it’s a company culture that you have established for yourselves that is attracting people into that. A lot of people are saying they want a magic bullet or silver bullet.

I want to go, “Are you doing those same things in your life? Are you being that type of person? Are you providing that opportunity for other people?” The difference for me is I was at a point in my life where I realized that it wasn’t necessarily about the money or anything else. It was about the best fit for me, doing the right thing for other people and me. That’s why I love being here because I feel like I’m growing so much. I get to contribute to people and truly make a difference. The biggest thing more than money or anything else is the opportunity to grow and the core values that you guys have that I like.

Let’s break down some principles. What makes you produce at a high level? Everyone is looking to produce themselves at a high level, “How do I get out there as a solopreneur?” If they have a team, “How do we work at a high level?” You are a high-level acquisition manager. You’re at a high level with your friendships, relationships, follow-up, and everything you do. Let’s break down some principles that allow them to understand what high-level activities look like. What is it that you do that allows you to win often?

I appreciate you saying that, and it has been incredible to see the growth and be part of it. The biggest thing I go back to is determination, and I feel like I have a vision for what I want to create in my life. Every person has that vision inside of them. A lot of times, people lack motivation because they don’t know what their vision is for themselves, or they don’t believe that they have the skills and tools to do it. With you guys, what’s great about Utah Sell Now and what we do is every person inside this company is encouraged to master their life and pursue that vision.

Even if it’s like, “If you’re getting on the call or you’re cold contacting, doing whatever, you’re doing it with your vision of mastering yourself serving the customer at a high level.” It’s created as something so much bigger than just a daily call or a monotonous thing. It’s like, “I’m very clear that this is helping me accelerate towards my future and my vision.” It’s satisfying and fulfilling. The determination and the vision are the key things I have developed. When I started this job and there were new challenges and those things, I was determined. I dive in and do whatever. Even if it wasn’t the most effective action, I would work harder.

I knew my determination would get me to the point. Now I feel like I’ve started the transition to a point where I’ve started to gain more effectiveness in understanding everything within the industry and what we’re doing. Now, it’s shifted to who I am being every day that’s going to cause the results. We talk about everybody wants the one tip or thing that they can do. For me, if you’re looking at what I would say allows me to be successful, it’s checking in and saying, “Who am I being today? Who am I being for this customer that I’m meeting with? How do I want to show up for them? In what way do I want to serve them?”

WI 348 | Finding Success

Finding Success: It’s a company culture that you established for yourself that is attracting people into that. Are you doing those same things in your life? Are you providing that opportunity for other people?


This is crucial. You’re sharing some tips here, and I won’t even slow you down because this is good. Guys, write this down. Think of what he’s saying here. Never once was he saying, “I have to look at it and say, ‘I want to make $200,000 this year, and so I start mapping out how I’m going to make $200,000 grand.’” None of this conversation is about himself and what he wants. He’s putting the customer first. He’s putting the mindset, “Who do I need to be for this? How do I need to show up to this conversation for this individual to have the best experience that they’ve experienced?” I love determination, but there’s more to it that we’re going to get to.

I go back to 2010 when I started insurance, I had more motivation and determination than anyone on this planet, so I told myself, “I’d go out there and outwork anyone.” The issue was I wasn’t working on the right things. I never got the results that I was looking for. Determination is great, but there are things that specifically you do with your determination that is key.

When you pick up a phone, what’s going through your mindset? How are you going to differentiate yourself? Everyone’s out there saying the same thing. “We can close quickly. We can buy as-is. There are no real estate fees. there are no commissions.” Everyone can say that. What are you doing to differentiate yourself when you’re talking to those motivated sellers?

It’s going to sound crazy or backward, but it’s a paradox for me. It’s been a shift even lately because I’ve been doing a lot of personal development in my life, and I truly believe you can invest in yourself, the personal development, and looking at how I can be more effective. As I’ve had time to invest in thinking about myself and looking at what I want to create, who I want to be, and how I want to show up in life, there has been a shift for me. It’s going to sound crazy, but I’ll get on the phone with a customer, and if nothing else, I’m going to have fun with them.

This conversation is going to be fun for them. It’s going to make their day. We’re going to laugh. I don’t care where it goes and the results of whatever’s meant to happen if I can serve them or can’t. It will work itself out for me if I’m more fun than anyone they talk to. If I’m more playful and connected to them, that will have an impact on whether I’d buy their house or not for the rest of their life. That’s who I get to be.

There’s nothing you can map out to have fun. There are not any one of your conversations that are the same. What are you doing to have fun? Are you trying to make them laugh? What does fun look like so that people understand? Let’s break the mold here. Let’s quit being a robot and saying the same thing. How do we have fun?

You did a training with a great guy that impacted me. He broke down. He said, “How can I stand out and not be predictable and boring? I don’t want to be predictable and boring. I want to add more value than anyone else.” With that in mind, I want to have fun and be connected. I want them to feel connected to me and heard and understood. I want to play and have fun with them in that conversation and let them know, “I’m looking for a mutual relationship. Business can be fun if it’s a win-win.”

It’s really important to trust your gut and your instinct. Make sure that you’re the right fit for you and your environment.

I’ll have that stuff running in my mind, and I’m like, “I know I’m going to have more fun and be productive. I know it’s going to make the difference for me regardless if I get 5 sales that day or 0. I’m going to have fun with them. I know when I’m having fun, they get to have fun. It opens that space for them.” It’s not every conversation. I’ll just hear something from them.

Part of my gift is I can hear and see people. We all have these unique gifts. It’s having somebody that’s on your acquisition and somebody meeting with customers. It’s being able to develop that muscle. Even if it’s not natural, develop that to where you take time to see people in here and listen for things. You don’t have to ask and drill them with these questions. You can have fun with them, and they’ll tell you everything you need to know. They’ll share it with you.

People let their guard down. I’ve done it so many times. You’re asking the why, “Why are you selling the house?” It’s not about the price that’s attached to the house. We don’t care about real estate. We don’t care about the price. We want to know why. Many times, we get caught up in those same questions like, “It looks like a beautiful house. Why are we selling it?” You’ll take it to a further level and have fun with them. When you do that, your results are showing exactly what you’re saying, which means that we are having record-breaking months. You have fun with these individuals. Because of that, they let down their guard and start to reveal the truth about why they’re calling you.

You’re still doing all the little trips and asking the right questions, the technical side of it. To me, the technical side comes after establishing who you are going to be for them, what your relationship is, what your intention, what your purpose is, and how you can serve them. All the rest will come out of that. It might sound woo-woo. I’ve seen this shift when I said, “I’m going to have more fun connecting with them.” I’ve just created that before everything else. Our average assignment fee was very small when I started. It’s all been this correlation where we’ve had this exponential growth up to $37,000.00 average assignment for the quarter.

With these people, I’m not having to fight or wrestle with them. I’m having fun with them, and these people are coming to me. It’s been a different experience for people wanting to work, letting their guard down, trusting you, knowing that you’re there to take care of them, and having fun while you’re doing it. That’s been the biggest difference for me. It looks different for me than Selver. Showing up different, building that trust, and looking at how you’re going to serve them is different for everyone.

With Selver, he might go the extra mile of going and get them groceries or something. Not everyone would be the same. If I did that, it might not be authentic to me. It’s about them feeling authentic and connected to you and that they can trust you, and that they’re confident that you’ll provide the best solution. For me, that looks like, if nothing else, I’m going to joke with them and make them laugh. I’m going to make them feel like, “This guy gets me, and he can make light of this situation, and help me see the light on the situation.” In the meantime, we’ll buy your house and provide the best solution, but we’re going to have a fun time doing it, and you’re going to like working with us.

There are key things here that have not probably been said but go without saying, but I want to mention them. Write this down. It’s, “People do business with people they trust.” Joe and Selver both have a very good strong capability of building and establishing that relationship of trust. They’re able to get in there and speak with and connect with these individuals in a way that allows individuals to feel like, “I can trust what Joe or Selver’s saying.” That is a unique characteristic that every one of us needs to learn.

WI 348 | Finding Success

Finding Success: Who am I being every day because that’s going to cause success. Ask yourself, who am I being for this customer that I’m meeting with? How do I want to show up for them? How will I serve them?


If you want to dominate your market and you want to be the one that’s out there serving the most at the highest capacity and closing the most deals because you’re serving the most, it’s how you simply connect at a level where you can build that trust because people do business with people they trust. You’ve got to get in there and be different. With that trust, there are multiple times when Joe will go out on an appointment. Someone’s X amount of dollars is higher, and he gets it lower.

That’s a particular one that I know is fresh in my head. Someone was at $305,000, and we got it for $270,000. It’s $35,000.00 difference. We were less, but they went with us. Why? Because people do business with people they trust. Even if you’re not the highest price, you could probably share multiple where you’re not the highest bid. It’s not about the money. Many times, we make it about the money, but you go further than that. It’s, “How do I genuinely serve these people, help these individuals at a very high level, connect with them, and build that trust?” and follow it through to the end.

It’s like, “What’s your position statement? Who are you going to be for them?” and then you turn the focus onto them, “This is who I am. This is who we are as a company.” You establish that. They’re clear that you’re the authority. This is your reputation. This is who you are. Even before that, it starts with you being clear on that like, “This is who I am for them.” You tell them that, and then they understand, feel and connect with that, and then you turn the focus to them. It’s all about them.

Do you feel like from day one when you were here, you were working within your talents and your strengths, or do you feel like, over time, you started to recognize, “When I work within my talents and my strengths, that’s what I’m doing the most deals. That’s what I’m connecting most. That’s when I’m helping individuals at a high level?” Do you feel like you’ve had this for a while? What you said is crucial. It recognizes first and foremost who you’re going to be and then go do it.

Every one of us has gifts and talents that we’ve been blessed with. You’re saying it’s perfect that I have to repeat what everyone needs to be writing down. We all have gifts and talents. We need to be using our gifts and talents because when we serve within our gifts and talents, we’re now going to create an impact. We’re now going to make an impact on these people’s lives. Were you always this way? Have you piece by piece, knowing that when you do something like, “This works so much better when I’m serving within my talents?”

At first, I didn’t know. It was just pure determination. I saw something for myself. That’s how it starts for a lot of people. That’s where the determination comes in. You’re going to have the ups and downs, struggles, and the, “All this person I thought was going to be a great team player.” He quit, it didn’t work out, or, “This customer I thought was going to make a ton of money but fell through and lost to somebody.” You’re going to have all that. The resolve, the determination, and understanding of your vision was key and is key. Over time, it’s understanding more fully, “These are my gifts. This is my area where I can give that person. Let me focus and direct my energy into that.” Have confidence in that.

Do you ever find you have to always remind yourself daily to act in that? Do you ever feel like it’s a point where it’s like, “This is now a muscle, and I serve in this within every day?” Is this something that you have to make a cautious effort every day to do?

Business can be fun if it’s a win-win.

It’s a daily effort. I’ll notice if I don’t get up as early as I want to and take that time. It’s easy to fall into the practice of, “I got to get this list done. I have to do this. I have to get back to this customer.” That’s the natural thing to do. It’s been a continual process over time, and it’s been a practice. The biggest thing that’s made a difference for me is checking in with myself and saying, “Who am I going to show up for these people? Who am I going to show up for myself?” It’s starting within and working myself my way out there.

I call it my way of being, “Am I being a fun person? Am I being connected? Am I being serving? Am I being powerful? What are some of my default ways of being?” Some in the past or when I experienced failures or growing up that I’ve had to overcome is very fear-based, worrying about things, overthinking, or getting overwhelmed where I don’t take action. That’s always there, but it’s a continual process of taking time, checking in, working, and putting in structures and a process of getting to where you have to take time. Whether it be in the morning, lunch, or night, you get to sit and be like, “Okay.”

Even before each call, maybe it’s a sticky note saying like, “I’m connected, I’m playful and fun.” It’s whatever it is that allows you to create powerfully to what outcome you want with each client and for your business and the people. The culture that you guys have created as a business is huge because it pulls people inside of that. It’s the culture of customer minded. You guys are very clearly, “We’re customer-minded.”

I tell a lot of our customers our mission statement like, “This is who we are.” I’ll answer the phone and say, “We’re Utah Sell Now. We buy X amount of properties a month more than anyone in Utah. We have the experience and the expertise.” It’s not that we’re better than anyone. Our mission statement is to improve lives by providing creative real estate solutions.

I feel that we work harder than anyone. We’re customer-minded, and I’ll let them know that. I truly believe that’s our company culture. You and Mark have created that as far as mastering other things. As much as it is me, it’s things that you guys have cultivated within yourself that have attracted other people. If you’re looking to attract, whether it be customers, acquisitions, or any team member, just checking in is what you know.

Rhino Nation, write down the notes. Notice nothing is out there saying the close tactics like, “A, B, C, Always Be Closing and get out there and follow up.” Notice this whole entire show has all been about him becoming someone better. When he works on himself, that’s when he, in turn, is able to work within his gifts and his own talents and serve at his highest potential and capacity. Ultimately, the byproduct is he’s able to get a lot of contracts that allow us to purchase homes.

It comes back to who you are. Don’t overthink this. Don’t think it’s like some silver bullet on how to close people. It’s, “Are you willing every single day to become someone better than you were the day before?” Become 1% better and commit to being 1% better today than you were yesterday. Start to research yourself and say, “Where are my strengths, gifts, and talents?” You can simply start to act within your gifts and talents. That’s what we call living in purpose. That purpose drives us to now create and leave an impact on people’s lives. Joe, in finalizing, we always ask two questions. First of all, what is a great book that you would share with Rhino Nation, our readers, that is game-changing for you?

WI 348 | Finding Success

Finding Success: Don’t fight or wrestle with your clients, just have fun with them. Let their guard down, let them trust you, and just let them know that you’re there to take care of them. And, have fun doing it.


It’s Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 by John Maxwell. I’ll share a quick tidbit, something that hit me. I was always determined and had big goals, but a lot of times in life, we’ll take shortcuts. Each chapter could be its own book. It’s jam-packed. It’s incredible. That book is highly recommended. The biggest thing that had an impact on me as he talked about character. He broke it down as follows, “How do you define character? How can you look at your own life and develop that?” He broke it down to four things, authenticity, self-discipline, humility, and courage. That’s something I think about every day. I look at those four areas. That book is incredible and a must-read.

This is the second one. There are many people that are beginning their wholesaling journey. They’re like, “I want to do my first deal.” Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently, or what could you pass advice by saying, “At the beginning stages, here’s what I’d have done differently,” or what you would’ve done the same?

The biggest thing Mark always talks about is taking imperfect action. Many of us have these ideas in our head that we’re afraid of failure, what other people are going to think, being an imposter, not being enough, not having the skillsets, or whatever it is. That’s one thing that’s been a daily practice for me to learn. I try every day to be fully self-expressed. That’s what I’m trying to do.

The impact of which I experienced my own greatness and other people’s greatness is another way of saying living a life of purpose or believing in yourself and what you’re doing more than your own fears, doubts, and insecurities. It’s being able to be okay with failure and taking action, knowing, “If I give my 100% best, I know good things are going to happen, and I’ll figure it out. I’m going to take more action.”

Do you become someone better when you fail?

Every failure in my life has been the most exponential growth. Most of us are afraid of failure. We’re embarrassed. One thing I’ve been doing is looking at my most embarrassing moments and failures in life, reframing them, and saying, “What did I learn from that? What’s an empowering context into it?” It’s like, “I’m looking for failures.” That’s something that we do in our meeting. Each week we celebrate our biggest win and our biggest failure.

Get out there, take action, fail, win, trust yourself and your vision, know that good things are going to happen, and look for people to support you. It could be a mentor or a team because you don’t have to do it yourself. People have the information you need and the support system. Every person you know in your life has exactly what you need to exceed. If they don’t, they know a person. Get out and talk about it.

Rhino Nation, these are solid gold nuggets. There is no such thing as winning or losing. It’s either you win or learn. Always remember, the only way you can truly lose is if you don’t learn from the mistake you made. Those mistakes you’ll realize are your greatest teaching moments that help you become the individual you’re supposed to be.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Don’t be afraid of taking risks that may lead to failure. There’s no such thing as losing. You’re going to learn your best lessons from those results. Joe, thank you so much for being on the show. I’m grateful that you’re here. I know you’re going to be busy. You’re going out and doing appointments. Thank you so much for taking some time with us.

Thanks for having me, Cody.

Rhino Nation, get over there and reread this over and over again because you’ll realize that there is little golden nuggets pepper throughout this whole entire show. This will serve you no good if you don’t take action on the things you’re reading. Jot down what the action is you’re going to take, and don’t wait until tomorrow. Do it today. Do it imperfectly. Don’t wait for a perfect plan. Perfect plans don’t exist. Get out of your comfort zone and take massive imperfect action. Let that lead you to a result, and let that result lead you to your next question. Until next time, we’ll talk to you on the next episode. Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you soon.


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403Cody Hofhine, a multiple Inc 5000 Business Owner. Co Founder of Wholesaling Inc. the #1 Real Estate coaching program across the nation. Co Founder of Joe Homebuyer the leading Real Estate Franchise. A successful Real Estate investor/mentor and sought after Speaker.

Cody has coached over 3 thousand students on how to successfully Build their Real Estate Business through his real estate training as well as help individuals perform at their highest levels with his one-on-one mentoring.

Cody used his background in sales to quickly build multiple 7 and 8 figure Real Estate Businesses that all start on the foundation of clarity or Vision and Purpose.

Cody loves being with his family and doing crazy tricks behind a boat.


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