Episode 348: Becoming Who You Need to Be to Find Success in Wholesaling

WI 348 | Finding Success


While the formula to succeed in wholesaling can be an enigma for many, for Joe Darger, it’s simple: become who you need to be and success is sure to follow.

Joe is Cody’s high-performing acquisitions manager. Thanks to his selling prowess, determination, and positive mindset, he has been able to consistently close one deal after the other. What’s even more impressive? He has successfully raised the average assignment per deal to a whopping $37,000!

In today’s episode, the A-player shared many of the techniques that has helped him dominate the wholesaling world. Not only that, ever the go-giver, Joe also gave everyone an insight into the mindset that has helped him succeed.

Plenty of wholesaling gold nuggets and practical wisdom to take note of in this episode, so make sure you tune in!



Becoming Who You Need To Be To Find Success In Wholesaling With Joe Darger

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