Posted on: January 23, 2020
WI 347 | Cash Buyers


What is the primary ingredient of a very successful and highly lucrative wholesaling business? If you answered a massive and robust cash buyers list, then you’re right!

The importance of a massive cash buyers list is no longer up for debate, which prompts us to ask the question: how should one go about building a huge and solid buyers list? Today’s awesome guest will show you how!

Billy Bell is Brent Daniels’ very own dispositions manager. Brent credits Billy as the rockstar responsible for building his buyers list to around 4, 000 people. Not only that, Billy also single-handedly increased the average of each deal from $12,000 to a whopping $27,000!

If you’re still in the process of building your buyers list, consider listening to this episode a must. You will not only learn how to effectively build your buyers list, you’ll also discover one very crucial skill—how to create healthy tension among your sellers. Truly one of those episodes you can’t afford to miss!


Building A Massive Cash Buyers List With Billy Bell

Episode Transcription

In this episode, we have an absolute special guest and this is years in the making to get this guest on here. This is my company’s disposition manager, and we are going to be talking about how to build the most robust cash buyer database on the planet. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Billy Bell to the show. Billy, welcome.

Good to finally be here. Longtime overdue.

This is an interesting thing. We’ll go through your backstory here. He’s used to live in Phoenix and decided he was going to move to San Diego. He sells all of our deals. Every disposition deal that we have, he sells out of San Diego from the beach. You got to tell everybody. How did you get into real estate?

I was working what I thought was my dream job for a while but it didn’t pay what I had dreamt it to pay. I started listening to books and podcasts from my desk job that I had.

What was your job?

I was a draftsman at a high-end custom residential architecture firm. It was fun and great, but making $29,000 a year with the cap being not much further above. That wasn’t enough and being stuck behind the desk and 9 to 10 hours a day making $14 an hour. It drove me crazy. I started going in. I went to a networking event. I met a guy that was flipping houses. The guy, the wholesaler, that I buy some of my deals from, he’s doing wholesale and he’s looking for people. I go in and meet this guy on a Saturday back when we were doing Super Saturdays.

Let’s set the scene for a second. Every other Saturday, what I would do is to train other people, find good people for the business, or to get free deals. I would set up a couple of different Mojo dialers and I would be making the calls. People would see me making the calls and hear the conversations. This would be on speaker phone so everybody could hear.

Train and understand that when you ask somebody if they would consider an offer in their property, there are only six responses. If you’ve read this show, you know that they are yes, no, maybe, how much will you give me, how did you get my number, and who are you. When you call somebody up, if you are going to phone prospects somebody or call out a list of distressed property owners, that’s the only six things that you’d get. That’s what I was training during that time and Billy was one of the people that was proactive, wanting to get deals, and came in to make cold calls, not getting paid for the experience.

He might have paid us $20 to show up to get us something, like pizza or something like that. He gave us that rundown right there. That was it and we listened to him on a couple of calls and then it was trial by fire. Get on the dialer and go. It was the second Saturday that I went in there. I was making my calls around speaker. He was sitting at the other end of the table. When they’d come up with something like an objection or something like that. I only know yes, no, or maybe type stuff. He’d be writing on a pad like, “Say this.” I’d be looking over him. I’m nervous, palm sweating. Second Saturday had someone who said, “I want to sell my house. Come on down. Check it out.

If you remember this, she was an attorney. She was getting rid of a probate property.

She was an attorney that worked for the city or something like that, and she was getting transferred to Casa Grande. She took a job there, working for the city again or something like that. She had to relocate she was already moved halfway out of her house. She’s like, “Come on down. Here’s what I want for the property.” I had no idea what values were. $160,000 I think it was that we bought it for. I look at him and he knows the area. It was a good area. I look at him at $160,000. He’s like, “Yeah.” That gets my adrenaline rolling again just remember that first deal and how that felt. It’s awesome.

From that one call, we made $12,000.

Yeah. That one call and there was a second Saturday. Not even eight hours total of calling. I remember looking back and doing the math. I made 20% or 30% of it. I forget what we made at that time, but it was $4,000 which was huge to me from what my hourly wage was at my job. I worked it back and I made a couple of thousand dollars per hour or something like that every day or a couple of hundreds.

It was literally your second true hour of calling. You got that. The first Saturday, you spent about an hour there. You got some good conversations. The second Saturday, you came in.

Don’t do wholesaling on your own with no budget and no training.  You’ll go nowhere.

That was life-changing money. I was trying to do wholesaling on my own with a limited budget. I sent out 2,000 mailers. I had no idea what I was doing. No training. It went nowhere, but it was that proof of concept and a check for $4,000 that came 30 days later was life-changing. That was the tipping point.

That’s when I started trying to pull you in as an acquisition man. Billy came in. He was one of the only people that survived multiple times coming into the Super Saturday. If you are out there and it’s interesting or if you have a company and you are looking to hire some people, hire an acquisition manager, disposition manager, or hire people in your company.

You are at that point where you are expanding. It’s a good idea to put them through the filter of are these people proactive? Do they have that pile of light inside of them that they love real estate that you have to do it? This wasn’t like you wanted to do it. You wanted to do a little bit of real estate. You wanted to learn how to wholesale. No. It was a must for you. I must learn this, show up, and do it. You had a good job. You loved where you worked. You loved what you did.

It was all good but I had my idea. My dreams were up here. You got to need your dreams. You got to get there.

It’s huge and I think it’s an interesting point because a lot of people stop at that little bit of dip that they go through where they get excited. They start taking action, but then a deal falls through. They don’t sell it. They don’t know what they are doing with the valuations or with what exit strategy to use or whatever. They are thinking too much. They go through that dip and that’s when they stop. You went through it. You put out the mailers. You got a deal and it didn’t go through but you kept going.

The first one almost didn’t go through, but I kept going. There are so many people out there that are trying to get started now. You want to own your own business, start your own business and do all of that, but the best advice was to do what I did. Get tied in with a killer or a rockstar in your market. That amount of learning you’ll get, the repetition factor, and all of that from someone that already has it figured out, go work for them for a year or something like that. As long as it takes whatever, you’ll learn so much faster than if you are trying to all out there on your own scrambling trying to figure it out piece by piece.

We met in 2016. That’s when we started doing it. You became an acquisition manager, you got out of the job, and you did acquisitions. You liked it. It was good. You learned a lot. You made money, but then your true talents lie in disposition. If you are reading this, this is the first time we are shooting this in the TTP studio.

You’ve got to check this out on Brent Daniels – Real Estate on YouTube. You got a talent for having ice water in your veins, which I did not. I was doing disposition and we were averaging about $12,000 to $14,000 because I had friends that I would sell the deals to. That was a classic cash buyer employee. I wanted to get the deal done. I didn’t want to cause too much tension. You were like, “Let me have a shot at this,” and then it took off. Just for everybody to know, Billy took us from $12,000 to $20,000 and then $20,000 to now $27,000 a deal this dispo-ing. Walk us through. How do you do this? What’s your magic?

First off, when we started, I inherited a buyers list. That was decently strong of maybe 300 or 400 from Brent. We were cash buyer employees, especially when Brent is doing everything on his own. When you are trying to do everything on your own, you want the deal sold. If it’s an easy sale to your buddy and you can move on to the next deal. That’s great, but it’s important to have someone that can focus on building the buyers list and not taking the easy way out on the cash buyer employees. It’s the perfect way to put it.

Inheriting that list, I didn’t know any of these buyers. I didn’t know anyone. They were all the same to me. I choose them all equal and basically who would pay more. You learn that it’s not all about that. After a while, you can judge it and that’s how I did. I had no way to know without doing it. From starting fresh, I had to figure out a way and it was paying attention to the way that the buyers communicate with you.

That’s the field to the job. It’s not all about the numbers and all of that. It helps when people offer the most, but if you have some guy that’s offering the most, but being an A-hole or we are not communicating well efficiently smart, and all of that. If you pay attention to that, you can tell how competent someone is as well. That right there as you feel them out in the conversation.

I think that the most important thing is can they get the deal done? That’s number one. If they are responding to you, they are not going to respond to you and start this dialogue if they are nowhere near the price. You are putting it out, but now you have multiple people that want this deal because we were in a competitive market. You’ve got people that are pretty close on price with each other. People are all willing to put $5,000 non-refundable down. You make the decision on who to select based on the way that they are communicating.

The communication style and ability basically.

If you are reading this and you are one of those guys that are buying a lot of these deals, take the hint.

WI 347 | Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers: Get a good deal and the buyers will flock. If you have no buyers, you got to go to your meetups and meet face-to-face and good buyer that you can trust.


Make it easy and be professional, straightforward, and know your stuff. If you are going to make an offer, then know that that’s your offer, be consistent, and communicate well. I have had guys that wouldn’t be sure off the bat or be over the top. It’s all balanced.

Some people try to big dog you.

That was a big thing. The guy, especially inheriting it from Brent, all the guys that were buddy with Brent and this has expected us to give them a deal. $6,000 or $10,000 under what we should because they are buddies or whatever. They try to, “Who are you? Give me the deal.”

I’d get the texts. “What’s wrong with this Billy kid? Does he know who I am?” All these other things and I’m out on the other side. I think that’s an interesting transition. If you are going from selling your deals to the same people and you are looking to get more per deal, then you got to go through that transition. You’ve got to go through that fire a little bit that says, “I can’t give you these deals at these same prices anymore. I got to make more on these. There’s more meat on this bone if you want them.” What we found out was we still sold to the same people. They paid more.

That happened a lot. They got used to the more realistic prices. It would be one of those things that I’d push the value because I could an extra $5,000 or whatever, and those guys still wanted the deal because it’s still a good deal. They would always do the buddy discount of $5,000 off or whatever, something like that. I’d be like, “I think I can get this much. I’m pretty sure I can. I have got some other interest or whatever, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s yours. I got you in my back pocket. You are my buddy, but I got to do what’s best for me,” and they understand that. If they don’t then fire them. We fired a couple of our buyers because they didn’t understand that, but most of them did and they knew that we like, “I got to do what’s best for me. If not, cheers.”

You can have that position if you have enough buyers. If you don’t have enough buyers, you are stuck.

It’s the only asset in this business is your buyers’ list.

Here’s the thing. We went from $300 and you got us up to $8,000 in six weeks. It was quick and that was all built on you communicating with some guys in town here and trading up the list. I talk about this a lot. Some people get it. Some people don’t. Some people are like, “I can’t ask somebody for their buyers’ list. It’s sacred.”

Offer some value back. I had helped one of the guys in town because we were the only cold callers back in the day. I helped a buddy get his operation cold calling. It was that and without expecting anything in return and this was while I was still cold calling and acquisitions and all of that. When I stepped into dispositions, it is like, “Here you go. Let me hook you up.”

I traded with a couple of other people and it’s exponential when you double your list. Say you have 300 buyers, someone else has, and it doesn’t matter how much they have. They can have 1,000 or 10,000 buyers like, “Give me your top 300 and I will give you all my 300 or whatever. Do you like that?” You doubled your list in one second. Now you have 600. You can go to the next guy, “Let me get your top 600. You have 1,200.” In literally the same day, you can quadruple your list.

There are not some secret master buyer lists that one person has then nobody else has. These buyers are not exclusive to you. They are going out everywhere talking to everybody. Don’t think that somebody is not willing to trade. Some people won’t trade their list. I totally get it. You were saying it’s a big asset. Some people don’t want to do it because they have spent a lot of money building up that asset, which is fine but find people that are in the area that you are.

Go networking. Make buddies. Work your way in. Offer them something else. Do what it takes. That’s the most important thing.

What about realtors?

Realtors are tough because they are slow. They can be great buyers or their clients can be great buyers because they can pay more. However, a lot of their buyers are trying to go conventional and need all of that. It’s a good way if it’s a solid realtor that has a solid client or maybe some of them have cash clients then great. That’s even better.

In disposition, you really need to pay attention to the way that buyers communicate with you.

People do have great luck with them. Maybe it’s market-specific. I don’t know. I haven’t had the best luck with them because I have bought realtor lists or whatever and blasted out. They are a lot slower. Especially now that I have thousands of buyers on my list, I have got guys that are feeding frenzy. I don’t need to wait for a realtor, unfortunately. That’s my take on realtors. I’m not saying that they don’t bring value. They can be awesome and they can have buyers that pay a lot more than your cash buyers. Keep that in mind.

You got to educate them a little.

That’s the huge key.

Some of the biggest deals that we have done together have been to realtors that you educated. They have a cash buyer and it went but you had to basically do their job for them.

It’s because they don’t know. It’s a totally different side of the business they are not used to.

Isn’t that crazy? How do realtors not know?

It’s part of their business and it’s the best easiest, could be the most lucrative niche. It’s not the standard wide path that everyone takes. That’s all it is.

I interviewed Templeton Walker, who’s done 300 deals from realtors and it’s referrals because they don’t know what to do with them. It’s incredible.

It’s all education. It is building relationships and educating them. That’s how it goes there.

We talked about building the cash buyers and making sure how you get it out. How do you communicate? It’s different in every market. When we started out, we were like, “We are going to do text blast, email, or call everybody. We are going to get it going.” What’s your process like now? How big is the buyer database? I don’t even know.

At one point, I had gotten a list of up to 17,000. I was trying to blast them and then I got flagged for spam. I had to trim it all back and I went through that and that’s sucks. Don’t buy lists and blast them or spam them. Don’t do that. Build it legit. We have 4,000 buyers now and that’s been trimmed out of the people that open the emails. Those are active and hungry buyers and people like that. Communicate back and forth, respond, and open your emails. It’s good to track all that and not spam again.

What do you do? Do you email, text, or call them? What’s the process?

I mainly just email them. I started out texting and that was great, but now that I have a list built up to where it is, my buyers are trained. I’m lazy. Maybe I could text them but I email them to get the deal sold.

We saw a big change with people not even responding to the texts because they were getting way too many texts from everybody. It was like quick little texts and gave you info, but not really. It was a weird way to communicate.

WI 347 | Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers: Get tied with a rockstar in your market and learn from them. The amount of learning and repetition you’ll get from someone that has already figured it out is huge.


I think the authorities have gotten turned on to texting a little bit too. The carriers will flag it as spam. If you send out mass and obviously the people are doing it at huge, ridiculous multitudes volumes. I ran into that issue where they weren’t getting delivered or they are maybe getting flooded with texts. Their response has dropped for me.

I didn’t mean to stop it. I was like, “That’s not working anymore. Let me find a new platform like we are using Skipio. Let me find something else that worked.” I never got around to it because I didn’t need to because the list had been built up enough. My buyers have been trained enough to be Johnny on the spot on the emails and all of that. I have a website that I will do a listing to in the email. I l have a link to the website listing which has all the details and the photo album. It’s a little bit redundant to the email blast. I don’t do that every time because it’s a little more time-consuming but on the good deals, I do.

We get good deals and get the best deals.

We get good deals. Sometimes when you get good deals, you don’t need to go above and beyond and blast it all over the place and try to go everywhere. If you get a good deal. It makes it easy to sell. It makes my job real easy. The website is nice to have. You have a presence and it shows the deals you do. It shows that you do get good deals. It has a signup form for a new buyer, so it’s easy, “Go to Sign up there. You’re automatically on the list.” That streamlines more buyers and gives you a little bit of a reputation if you have that up there.

You’re just mainly emailing. You’ve got 4,000 that are solid people. Do you know how many people percentage open them?

Anywhere between 23 on the low end to 31% open rate.

That’s a solid list, but you trimmed it back because you were looking at people that had never opened emails and you got rid of all those people. Just to explain the relationship for everybody reading, in the company is when we get a lead, we cold call or we text blast. We get a lead in, and then it goes into our InvestorFuse podio. Once it gets the acquisition managers, we’ll follow up with it to the point where they need to get a price or they have a price, and then they send it to you. They put a task for you, you look at it, and you comp it. You make sure that we’re not crazy. You give them a price and then that’s what we go after. That’s the process that we use. Billy’s day truly is a lot of comping.

Transaction coordination and selling. A lot of it is 60% comping.

You’re a master in Maricopa County of knowing what things will sell for, and here’s the thing. The acquisition managers truly get a little bit frustrated because Billy loves huge deals. He’s always going to anchor super low. It’s always a little bit of a balancing act knowing what we can offer and what truly is the MAO, the Max Allowable Offer. You always anchor low so that we get really big deals.

To let you guys know, if you are in the Phoenix area and you need some help either comping your properties or selling them, people can reach out to you. This is not an exclusive relationship. Billy is a business in himself. We’ve been working together really strongly over the years. You’ve got the opportunity and you can sell properties. You’re ready to sell properties and you work with a lot of the TTP family members that are in Phoenix.

I regularly wholesale for about five guys in the Phoenix market, whether they’re TTP family members or previous acquisitions managers that have started their own business and are killing it. I love it and they’re doing consistent deals. Shout out to Natasha.

The problem with my business is they come into my business and then I hire superstars.

Your twin sister Allie too, sometimes.

Superstars go out and do their thing. Entrepreneurs at heart, which is outstanding. That goes to anybody that’s like, “I’m going to have my people sign our business prenup, which is a non-compete.” It’s silly, right? I mean there’s just no reason. If you want to have really great people in your company and in the culture of your business, then let’s not set off the relationship with a little bit of negativity and scarcity. Let’s go with abundance and let’s collaborate, not compete. How can people reach out to you if they want to work with you here in Phoenix, or just ask you about disposition? There are going to be a lot of people that maybe have some other questions.

My email is My website is if you want to check that out. See some of the deals and how our listings look, how that’s styled out, and the buyer signup. All of that is there. It’s pretty cool. Hit me up on my email. Send me some deals. Let’s sell some deals together. It would be really fun. I love working with new guys because there are a lot of big guys in town that will sell deals and dispo and all of that. I love working with new guys and adding onto a little bit of the coaching on the other side of the business that isn’t coached on as much, at least as openly, walking them through, and getting them set up.

When you get good deals, you don’t need to go above and beyond and email blast it all over the place. A good deal is easy to sell.

I think the toughest thing with people starting out is, “Is this a deal or not a deal? How big of a deal is it?” People can reach out to people like you. Even if they’re in different markets, they can reach out to people that maybe are similar to you in those other markets that know those markets and really get a huge benefit from it.

I always say find somebody that’s just killing it in your market or doing well and wants to split deals with you and do deals with you. We are deal junkies. We’re always going to be wanting to do more. That’s common around the whole country. Reach out to somebody that’s doing a ton of business, and bring the deals to them so that you know if this a deal or not a deal. Nothing that Billy makes from any of these relationships goes to me. This is all to Billy and the relationship between him and anybody here in town that wants to work with him.

It’s your business. You’ve really grown that. You’ve made it. You took it from $300 to $4,000. It is really solid. You took it from $12,000 to $27,000. I literally dispoed millions of dollars in two and a half years. It’s been incredible but you do this all from the beach. You don’t even live in Phoenix. You live in San Diego. You live in paradise.

People chip out when I tell them that. All that we do, especially on the dispo side is all over phone and email anyways. What do I need? I don’t need to go to the properties. I could go to the properties if I had to and maybe do a buyer open house but the guys that I work with, whether it’s your students that I’m selling deals for or whoever, we have trust. We build trust and I’ll send them if they have to let a buyer in or whatever. I don’t need to be there. It’s all technology. It’s amazing.

It’s all TTP. Let’s speak now to anybody reading that has no buyers. They’re passionate. They’re out there. They’re talking to sellers. They’re getting some referrals from friends and family, but they don’t know who to sell these to. Give me a step-by-step real quick on what they need to do right now. How do they find buyers?

Get a good deal is the start of everything and the buyers will flock. If you have no buyers, you got to do it all. You got to go to your meetups and meet face-to-face and get a good buyer you can trust. Maybe you have to be a cash buyer employee to that one or a couple that is solid people at first until you can get a little more money.

Start other campaigns on whether you have a good relationship with your title company that can be a huge asset. They can give you a list or pool a list of cash buyers in your area, and then you can call them or have your VA call them, and then you can get some solid buyers right now, especially if you talk to them and not just buy a list, sign up for a list, or something like that. You can put your deals on Facebook and Craigslist. You get a lot of tire kickers there, but the same thing, give them a call and vet them out.

Get them on the phone, have someone talk to them on your team, or you talk to them. Don’t put the address on Facebook. Put all the details, maybe crossroads. The same thing with Craigslist because you’ll get people knocking on the doors trying to snake your deal. People that don’t know and it’ll throw your sellers off. Don’t do that.

It also makes the people that see it actually inquire what’s the address, and then you can have a list of people that inquired. If someone does show up, you can at least narrow it down to the people that you gave the address to, gave the lockbox code too, or whatever. It then starts a dialogue of, “You can fill them out and have a conversation to see if they’re legit.”

You build and trade. Before we wrap this up, I think your superpower is keeping a healthy tension between our deals and the cash buyers. They respect you. They know that they can’t run you over. They know that you’re not a pushover, but they also like you. How do you do it?

As fair as I can. A lot of people think that from time to time, if you got two people calling at once, then, “You like this guy better than me or why did you pick him or whatever.” It’s the same price. Every once in a while, you’ll get yourself into a pickle where the deal is so hot, you just got people blowing you up and you’re not going to like this. A lot of people are not going to like this, but I don’t put my phone number in the email because it gives me time to just let people reply and see what’s coming in. A lot of people are going to hate me for that and a lot of people already do. Reply to the email, I’ll sit back, and let the replies come in for a little bit and then go through.

Another thing that’s great is that now I have a searchable index of all the people that were interested in that deal because I can search by that email. If I get 20 phone calls within 30 minutes, I can’t keep track of all that. This guy is like, “I want to talk to this next guy. The next guy on the phone or the guy that I answered first is offering full price so I have to take it. He’s my buddy and all that. The next guy that’s calling is offering or I could be offering $5,000 more.” It’s hectic and it’s not necessary.

We’ve dealt with this before, people that back out, want to try to back out at the last minute, or don’t deposit their earnest money in 24 hours, now you’ve got a catalog of people you can go back to and be like, “This deal is still available. Do you want it?” That’s how we usually resell it if people don’t perform with the earnest money or if they start getting a little bit chippy towards the end of it. This happened in Flagstaff. Somebody wanted to get a price reduction of $30,000 a day before closing. You’re like, “No, we’ll take your earnest money. We’ll just close on this ourselves. We don’t care. We’ve got other people.”

He tried to get an appraisal or he did get an appraisal for it. It’s like, “This is wholesale. It doesn’t fly. You did an appraisal for it. You’re $25,000 short. That’s not going to happen.” We ended up taking $3,000 off just to get the deal done the next day and it was easy.

WI 347 | Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers: When doing deals just make it easy. Be professional, straightforward, and knowledgeable. If you’re going to make an offer, be consistent with it and just communicate well.


Do you think your healthy tension is built up from being able to sit back, see what the responses are, and not getting blown up with your texts and calls? Some of the people that already know you get the emails, they’re probably still texting and calling you.

I’ll let him say it. A lot of times, it’s right off the bat like, “I can gauge the interest right away.” I’m not having to answer the call and give it to the first guy that calls. If it’s that easy to call you, “I’ll take it,” and then they don’t come through with the earnest money or whatever. It just gives you time to communicate with them back and forth. It’s not just a, “Quick. I’ll take it.” It gives you that chance to feel them out and if they are legit or not.

Let me put you on the spot with something, and it’s something that we don’t do. Maybe we should do it, but let me get your thoughts on it. A lot of people talk about doing open houses doing get everybody there at the same time, getting the thing bid up, and selling the properties that way. What are your thoughts?

I think I have a strong enough list now that it’s not necessary. I don’t have to blast it out and be here at this time. I have the open house in my inbox, in a way.

Percentage-wise, how many people put their earnest money in sight unseen on these properties?


Is it 90%?

Yeah. That’s a Phoenix thing as well. That can be market-specific but that’s a healthy tension. It’s being honest with your buyers. Our acquisitions managers go take photos. They’ve been in the properties. They know if there’s a hole through the ceiling or whatever. We get the big-ticket items here in Arizona. Houses are simple. The big-ticket items are the roof and AC. There are not a whole lot of things. The pool is another big-ticket item so I try to get that upfront. Those are going to be the things that can sway a deal left or right. We try to get as much of those big stuff out of the way upfront. Communicate that in our blast and I underwrite them knowing that, or at least having a good idea or best idea possible with that.

We know that from the beginning. I have an open house in the inbox more or less on a good deal. If it’s a tighter deal and you’re really trying to do it, then you can say open house. A lot of times, you can get it on the spot. When I have people lining up in the inbox, it’s just, “I’ve got a lot of interest on this. We’re going to make a decision at the end of the day. Let me know your best.” The other thing is I don’t like bidding wars back and forth and playing guys against each other. If I do have a lot of interests where I could start a bidding war, I’ll just be like, “We got a lot of interest. 5:00 PM we’re making a decision, just let me know your best.”

You’re the best and I don’t get him in here because he lives in San Diego and he never wants to come to Phoenix except for when it gets a little bit cooler outside. This is awesome. There is so much value. if you want to reach out to him or if you have some questions about building up your cash buyer database. Especially if you are living here and working here in Phoenix, if you need some help comping properties or dispo-ing your properties, this is the guy.

I love comping. If you get a hot lead that you’re setting up an appointment or whatever, send it over. I’ll help you out. We’ll get it locked in at the right price so we know we can make a big rip on.

Billy started out TTP. He started out making cold calls, phone prospecting, and built his business off of the platform of constantly communicating with people. He’s at a point now where people that he can sit back, look at everything, keep healthy tension, and get us the biggest and best deals. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, go to Check out what the program is about. Check out all of the testimonials. It’s absolutely bananas. That’s it. I love that you’re here.

That was fun. Let’s do it again.

Until next time. You guys are the best and I encourage you all to talk to people. Love you, see you.


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