Episode 347: Building A Massive Cash Buyers List With Billy Bell

WI 347 | Cash Buyers


What is the primary ingredient of a very successful and highly lucrative wholesaling business? If you answered a massive and robust cash buyers list, then you’re right!

The importance of a massive cash buyers list is no longer up for debate, which prompts us to ask the question: how should one go about building a huge and solid buyers list? Today’s awesome guest will show you how!

Billy Bell is Brent Daniels’ very own dispositions manager. Brent credits Billy as the rockstar responsible for building his buyers list to around 4, 000 people. Not only that, Billy also single-handedly increased the average of each deal from $12,000 to a whopping $27,000!

If you’re still in the process of building your buyers list, consider listening to this episode a must. You will not only learn how to effectively build your buyers list, you’ll also discover one very crucial skill—how to create healthy tension among your sellers. Truly one of those episodes you can’t afford to miss!


Building A Massive Cash Buyers List With Billy Bell

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